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Update on Baby Dylan (Plus all patterns on sale….proceeds go to Dylan)


I know I’ve already posted today. 


But I wanted to hop on real quick and give you a quick update on little Dylan.  (In case you missed reading about my friend Katie’s little boy and his leg amputation, read more about it here.) 

Because surgery was this morning.  And all went well.  Praise the Heavens.


Here he is right after the surgery this morning, snuggling with his momma.  A little groggy but doing pretty well.



What a fighter this little dude is.  I can’t wait to see him crawling around and using his new leg.  This child has some fire in him…….and this won’t slow him down one bit.  No sir.  In fact, Katie and Bryson (and the surgeons of course) have given him a great gift.  And learning how to use his new leg is going to provide him with so much. 



Anyway, hooray for a successful surgery and again, thank you for showing so much love and support to Katie and her family.  Katie was overcome with so much appreciation for all the love.  Sometimes when things are hard, all it takes is a little love from someone else, and the burden doesn’t seem quite as hard.  So thanks for loving on her.  (Okay, and Bryson too.  I know him really well too and he’s such a softy and just as appreciative to you all!)




And because I know buying a new prosthetic leg once (and sometimes 2 or 3 times) a year while Dylan is growing up is not going to be cheap (even after insurance), so I decided to put all of the patterns in my shop on sale for $3.00 (more than 50% off for most), here


And then 100% of the proceeds will go to Dylan’s leg fund.  All 3 dollars.


I guess I just wish I lived right next door and could help watch kids, make dinner, clean the bathroom, just sit and talk when everything feels overwhelming, etc…….but I’m not.  So maybe getting a “leg fund” started will help.



So check them out here……and enjoy 1 or 2 or well, all 7 patterns for $3.00 each.  (That’s more than 50% off for most patterns.)  Sale ends Friday, 01/13/12, at midnight.


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All of the patterns are PDF files that will be sent directly to your email.  And I have recently added a feature that sends your pattern to your email automatically after payment is received…….no more waiting for a human (me or Nikki!!) to send them out manually. Whew. :)


Each pattern comes with instructions and detailed pictures for every step of the way (similar to my tutorials here on this blog) and pattern pieces that you can cut out.  Maybe you’ve been wanting to try a new pattern to test out your skills but didn’t want to spend too much if you’re still a beginner.  Well, now’s the chance to just give it a try.  And because it’s a computer file, you can save the file and print it out again in a year from now and not worry about losing the pattern.


($3.00 pattern sale ends Friday, 1/13/12, at midnight)



One more thing.


Many of you have also asked if there is any other way you can help. Some have mentioned sending me money that I could then give to Dylan’s family to add to his’ little leg’ fund.  How sweet of you all!  Katie and Bryson are some of the most humble people I know and would never ask for anything.  So the thought of some of you thinking of them and offering some of your heart to them, makes them feel so loved.  You have no idea.  So for those of you who have asked, here is a button below to donate.  The fund is called “Dylan’s Lucky Leg Fund”.  Cute right?  He will have years and years of new prosthetic legs, leg fittings, doctors appts, trips to specialists, etc……so this fund will always be saved for him. 


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. . . . .



Thanks again for the prayers and strength.  The kindness and love sent to them by all of you overwhelms me.  There are so many good people out there in this big world.  And I love you all for loving my friends.  Even though they are complete strangers.  Bless you all.



And in case you’re interested, Katie will continue to update her blog ‘Just Keep Swimming’ with the progress of little Dylan here.  In fact, she shared their moment of making a mold of little Dylan’s foot last night, before going into surgery today.


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Sweet.  And such a treasure to have.



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