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Update on Baby Dylan (Plus all patterns on sale….proceeds go to Dylan)


I know I’ve already posted today. 


But I wanted to hop on real quick and give you a quick update on little Dylan.  (In case you missed reading about my friend Katie’s little boy and his leg amputation, read more about it here.) 

Because surgery was this morning.  And all went well.  Praise the Heavens.


Here he is right after the surgery this morning, snuggling with his momma.  A little groggy but doing pretty well.



What a fighter this little dude is.  I can’t wait to see him crawling around and using his new leg.  This child has some fire in him…….and this won’t slow him down one bit.  No sir.  In fact, Katie and Bryson (and the surgeons of course) have given him a great gift.  And learning how to use his new leg is going to provide him with so much. 



Anyway, hooray for a successful surgery and again, thank you for showing so much love and support to Katie and her family.  Katie was overcome with so much appreciation for all the love.  Sometimes when things are hard, all it takes is a little love from someone else, and the burden doesn’t seem quite as hard.  So thanks for loving on her.  (Okay, and Bryson too.  I know him really well too and he’s such a softy and just as appreciative to you all!)




And because I know buying a new prosthetic leg once (and sometimes 2 or 3 times) a year while Dylan is growing up is not going to be cheap (even after insurance), so I decided to put all of the patterns in my shop on sale for $3.00 (more than 50% off for most), here


And then 100% of the proceeds will go to Dylan’s leg fund.  All 3 dollars.


I guess I just wish I lived right next door and could help watch kids, make dinner, clean the bathroom, just sit and talk when everything feels overwhelming, etc…….but I’m not.  So maybe getting a “leg fund” started will help.



So check them out here……and enjoy 1 or 2 or well, all 7 patterns for $3.00 each.  (That’s more than 50% off for most patterns.)  Sale ends Friday, 01/13/12, at midnight.


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All of the patterns are PDF files that will be sent directly to your email.  And I have recently added a feature that sends your pattern to your email automatically after payment is received…….no more waiting for a human (me or Nikki!!) to send them out manually. Whew. :)


Each pattern comes with instructions and detailed pictures for every step of the way (similar to my tutorials here on this blog) and pattern pieces that you can cut out.  Maybe you’ve been wanting to try a new pattern to test out your skills but didn’t want to spend too much if you’re still a beginner.  Well, now’s the chance to just give it a try.  And because it’s a computer file, you can save the file and print it out again in a year from now and not worry about losing the pattern.


($3.00 pattern sale ends Friday, 1/13/12, at midnight)



One more thing.


Many of you have also asked if there is any other way you can help. Some have mentioned sending me money that I could then give to Dylan’s family to add to his’ little leg’ fund.  How sweet of you all!  Katie and Bryson are some of the most humble people I know and would never ask for anything.  So the thought of some of you thinking of them and offering some of your heart to them, makes them feel so loved.  You have no idea.  So for those of you who have asked, here is a button below to donate.  The fund is called “Dylan’s Lucky Leg Fund”.  Cute right?  He will have years and years of new prosthetic legs, leg fittings, doctors appts, trips to specialists, etc……so this fund will always be saved for him. 


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. . . . .



Thanks again for the prayers and strength.  The kindness and love sent to them by all of you overwhelms me.  There are so many good people out there in this big world.  And I love you all for loving my friends.  Even though they are complete strangers.  Bless you all.



And in case you’re interested, Katie will continue to update her blog ‘Just Keep Swimming’ with the progress of little Dylan here.  In fact, she shared their moment of making a mold of little Dylan’s foot last night, before going into surgery today.


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Sweet.  And such a treasure to have.



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  1. Ellie says:

    Just wondering how little Dylan is now, months after surgery. Maybe a little update post?

  2. Vicki says:

    Just checking in to see how the surgery went, so relieved to see Dylan is well!

  3. Erin says:

    Oh, bummer. I thought this was a great cause, so I was going to pick up two or three patterns and missed the deadline…if you decide to extend the deadline or offer it again, I’d love to take advantage of it.

  4. Kate says:

    Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to donate and get something awesome in return! I’ve been wanting the Lily Skirt pattern and Tie pattern for a long time! I shrunk out of a skirt just like the Lily skirt, and wanted to make myself one, but was a little timid about trying to make up my own pattern. Glad I found yours! It really is a very flattering body, even on a curvy gal like myself!

    I ditto everyone else that’s said that you are a great friend.

  5. Sarah Yerke says:

    Hi Ashley! Guess what, it turns out to be such a small world afterall. I know your friend Katie’s sister Heidi. We were in the same ward in CT when my husband was attending PA school. Anyway, I was thinking about buying the little guy tie pattern anyway but now I have gone ahead and purchased a few others I wasn’t planning on in hopes that actually having the patterns will motivate me to keep on sewing. I think what you’re doing for Katie is so sweet; you’re such a great friend. I know you didn’t know this but you are my new best friend! (I’ve been a little addicted to your site since I found it…so much so that even my husband knows all about it and you!) I can’t help but get choked up reading about the little boy, especially since I’m about to have another baby boy in 2 weeks! I’m glad everything went well. Anyway, thanks for all you do! Good luck with the news years resolution! My suggestion to stay on track is sign up for a race, or other sporting event. It forces you to stay on track and it’s fun!

  6. Kate says:

    Okay, well, now that I’m crying here at work, I thought I may as well say hello! You are such a good and sweet friend, Ashley. I bought the Bradley booties pattern and I can’t wait to use it for my son. All our best to sweet Dylan!

  7. Corra says:

    I came here to thank you for the sewing tips for beginner, and found this blog entry. I bought all 7 of your patterns, though for a total beginner like myself will not be using them anything soon, but I will try to buck up. Thanks for your kindness. Best wishes to Dylan as well.

    Corra @ de Cor’s Handmades

  8. Corra says:

    I came here to thank you for the sewing tips for beginner, and found this blog entry. I bought all 7 of your patterns, though for a total beginner like myself will not be using them anything soon, but I will try to buck up. Thanks for your kindness. Best wishes to Dylan as well.

    Corra @ de Cor’s Handmades

  9. Hilary says:

    What a happy update. My thirteen month old daughter just got some shots today and that was hard to watch. Such a tiny amount of pain for such a huge benefit is uncomfortable for me. I can not imagine how it must feel to watch your child go into surgery. What great parents he has, and great friends to share his story. His family is in my prayers. I would love if you can find the time to continue to update us as he progresses. Looking forward to seeing milestones in this strong little boys life. You filled up my heart and reminded me to dust of my tennis shoes and get outside in your last couple of posts. Thank you. Your blog is good for my heart in multiple ways!

  10. Shelly says:

    I bought one of each pattern to donate to the fund! You are amazing and an insiration for not only your great ideas and beautiful work, but for the service you provide to others!

  11. Alysha says:

    This is the third time I’ve tried to comment! I have followed your blog for a while, as a mom of a busy busy boy (soon to be baby boyS! I’m due in May), I love reading about your crafty and mommy life. I’m so glad you posted about Dylan, I was thinking of them the past few days. Please let them know there are many prayers and so much love headed their way. I’m off to your shop to pick up a pattern- I see it as a win-win situation!

  12. Andrea says:

    I would love to donate my patterns as well, I have simple stuffed animal patterns for a teddy bear/bunny and an elephant in my etsy store creation addiction but I also have patterns for a giraffe and lion and a doll, all of them are designed so that even young sewers can make them.

  13. Teresa says:

    Ashley, I have been reading your blog for a long time now and have really enjoyed it. Your potty training story was a hit and I passed it along to my DIL because she was having trouble potty training her little boy. Your idea did the trick. I also am glad that I can just “donate” to Dylan because I don’t sew. Keep us updated.

  14. Tamara says:

    Just ordered a few patterns to support Dylan! Best of luck to him and his family – their courage and optimism is inspiring!

  15. Dara G says:

    I bought one of your patterns to support Dylan. I wish him and his family the best! He’s a fighter and will be in charge of his new leg very soon! Best of luck!!!

  16. Megan says:

    I stumbled across this article today and thought Dylan’s mom might like it. It is about a woman who was born without fibulae in both legs, and so her legs were amputated below the knees on her first birthday. It’s inspiring for all of us, but I thought it might especially be good for Dylan’s parents if they ever wrestle with whether they made the “right” decision.

  17. Kathy says:

    Hello Ashley. I wanted to let you know how through your blog your family has touched mine.
    I have been reading your blog ever since my now 3 yr old was 15 months old. I did an online search for DIY children’s clothes and you came up. You have been a daily “go-to” posted in my favorites ever since.
    I also have a 3 month old and 3 step-sons. Through your blog I have made many items that not only pleased my kids but nieces and nephews galore. Everyone keeps telling me how talented I am. I tell them I just borrow other talented people’s stuff.
    One night I was reading about the adventure you were having with your son’s pottying. I was at the part where you were describing cleaning up bm AND vomit when the power went out. AHHHH! My husband thought it was hilarious that when the power came back I wanted to reboot the computer just so I could finish reading it. ( Although I know he wanted to know the ending also) :-)
    So today is win-win. I bought 4 of your patterns to continue pleasing my family and others. Now I am able to give back to you and yours for all of the wonderful compliments you unwittingly had sent my way. Much love to you and Dylan’s family. Thank you for touching our lives.

  18. Suzy says:

    What a journey they are all on! They are Blessed to have you to walk with them. Praying for the continued faith and strength for the family and friends, most of all Dylan.

  19. Mia says:

    What a fighter ! He’s so cute !Thanks god everything went well for him

  20. Sami says:

    Lovely to hear the surgery went well. You are a wonderful friend.

  21. Melissa @ twolittleredbobbins says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing, sending lots of love and positive thoughts their way!

  22. heidi s. says:

    I am so happy to know everything went well for that precious boy. I too, am teary after reading this, but tears of joy that he is such a trooper. Continued prayers heading their way!

  23. Vanessa says:

    Oh the little guy! I’m sure they just want to hold him and love on him all day long, what a sweetheart. Send them all my love! …off to donate a little :)

  24. Janie says:

    I totally remember Katie from our Riviera days. Her family is in my prayers! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Kelli says:

    My oldest grandson has this same situation. He was born with 3 toes on each foot. He had his right foot amputated just after his first birthday. He just turned 8 and is doing great. Maybe the mom’s would be interested in talking? Email me if interested. There is lots of sunshine ahead.

    1. Emily Guerra says:

      My son is the same. We knew what was going on before his birth but was surprised when the nurses brought it to our attention that J had three toes on his right foot. They are the cutest three toes ever…well were anyways. Now they look like his dads toes.

  26. Nicole says:

    I just bought a pattern from your store, I wouldn’t have if I had just kept on reading and used the donate button. You have a wonderful heart!

  27. Emily White says:

    I have never commented on your blog before but I have been a big fan for the past year. I am just struck with little Dylan’s story. My cousin is now in his 30’s but had similar problems at birth. His leg was amputated as a child and he has had a prosthetic leg for as long as I can remember. He is a successful Harvard professor and is married with two children. He is someone who always has a great attitude and is very determined and such a hard worker. I just thought I would share his story. It is clear that little Dylan is so loved and the world is his.

  28. Mom says:

    Ashley, you’re the bomb!!! Thanks for always being the wonderful friend you are. Love ya!

  29. Hemma Papp says:

    Just ordered a couple patterns. What a lovely thing for you to do for his family. I send many blessings to them and pray for a speedy recovery. Children are amazingly resilient.

  30. Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum says:

    So glad to hear that surgery went well. It’s never easy having a child in surgery (I’ve done it before and it’s not fun). Hope he heals quickly! What a nice thing to do, starting the fund.

  31. Carolyn says:

    Thank you so much for updating us on Dylan’s day. My own little girl is just a month younger than he is, so thoughts of him have been close to my heart all week. I woke up this morning thinking about/praying for him and am glad to hear that he’s doing great.

    I’ll continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!

  32. Kathleen says:

    I’ve been praying for little Dylan since I read your original post and I so glad to hear that the surgery went well. Boy, seeing that picture of them making a mold of his foot really did me in. I am still in tears. That is just so precious. I will continue to pray as his wound heals and they begin the fittings for his prosthesis. Blessings, Kathleen

  33. Crystal says:

    Hey Ashley–I just ordered 2 of your patterns even though I don’t even own a sewing machine at this point, but hopefully I will soon once Danny gets a job :) I’ve been thinking about your friend & her family & they have been in my prayers as well & I hope things continue to go well for them! Hope school is going well for Steve, that’s crazy that you guys are almost done! Danny takes his boards next week & I’m probably as nervous as he is :)

    1. Krystalyn says:

      Good to see real expertise on diplasy. Your contribution is most welcome.

  34. Jennifer says:

    So glad to know the surgery went went for that sweet adorable little Dylan. Thanks for letting us know!

  35. dannyscotland says:

    I’m so glad to hear the surgery went well. What a strong family. I know he will do well having such a supportive family around him (and friends).

  36. Shirley L says:

    Thank you so much for updating us, I’ve been thinking of him. I am so happy to hear he did so well. I will continue to pray for his recovery!

  37. Nicole says:

    So glad to see your friend’s son’s surgery was a successful! Last year, I graduated a boy who was born with the same condition and what a fine young man he turned out to be. Not having a leg was never an issue. Not only was he a star in the marching band for 4 years, he was also a VARSITY baseball player! I’m sure this little guy will have the same kind of success. God is so good! Thanks for sharing this story!

  38. anne marie says:

    I will go take a look and see what I can afford….would love to help her out that way…but please pass it on to her that I will be saying a Rosary for her son’s complete recovery and strength for her.

    what a good friend you are-
    blessings to you,
    Anne Marie

  39. Liz says:

    Just bought the Darla purse, hope this helps at least slightly

    My brother is severely disabled, I know how much stress this can place on a family, though Dylan seems a lot more easy to look after than my brother. Just remember all the family will need support.

    You are a wonderful friend for helping in such a significant way

  40. Elisa says:

    This post made me teary. What love I feel through this computer. The love you have for your dear friend and her son and the love that I feel for all of you and I don’t even know you! I wish all of you the very best and I’m glad that I could help out by purchasing some patterns. I wanted to venture into the sewing world again anyway and this post was the push I needed to do it!

  41. Olivia says:

    I have been keeping them in my prayers since I read your blog. I bought a pattern and pray that in some small way it will help. You are such a great friend to do this. Prayers will continue to be lifted up for a good recovery.

  42. Connie says:

    So happy to hear of little Dylan’s successful surgery. I’ve been praying for him since you posted his story. And what a wonderful generous thing for you to do. Just went and purchased all the patterns.

  43. Robyn Marchant says:

    You’re an awesome friend :) Thanks for the discount! I just ordered 3 patterns. I hope little Dylan continues to grow and progress well!

  44. EmJay says:

    I strongly encourage Katie to contact Shriner’s Hospital in St. Louis. I have a niece and nephew who require a helper arm and leg and Shriner’s provides those (numerous per year) to them free of charge. They serve children from all over the country.

  45. jess says:

    So great!!! I was thinking about them earlier today. He’s adorable :)

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