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Thinking about a friend of mine…


Some days I sit and laugh when I remember my college days.  I have some pretty great memories running around with roommates, laughing about nonsense, creating chaos, baking treats (or buying them) at 2 am, sharing secrets, imagining our futures, playing silly pranks, practicing makeup tricks, (and yes, I went to class too), etc. 


I have been thinking a lot about one of my past roommates a lot lately.  Her name is Katie.  And she and I were crazy together.  We were both tall (our roommates called us the twin towers), both laughed a lot, and both loved to stay up late talking about our day/love interests/neighborhood gossip.  We often laughed about nonsense.  And made fun out of boredom.  And ate goat cheese (and chips) late at night.  We had a lot of random fun.


winter 2004 065
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(Pics are from 2003-2004)



Katie and I have been through a lot together.  And she was even there on my wedding day. 

(I can’t find a real wedding snapshop of us together right this second…..but here’s a random one of us chatting by the stairs.)


She has been such a dear friend to me.

. . .



When Katie had her second baby boy a little over a year ago, they found out that little Dylan was born with a surprise.  They call that surprise his “lucky leg” (like ‘Finding Nemo’).  Dylan was born with a condition called called Fibular Hemimelia and Congenital Short Femur.  And because of that condition, his left leg is about 30% shorter than his right one. (He has no fibula in his lower leg and his femur bone is shorter.)


Here he is as a tiny baby.  His foot from his full grown leg is on the left and the foot from the shorter leg is on the right.

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Dylan has otherwise been growing perfectly well.  And is increasingly curious and independent.  Oh, and he pretty much has the most gorgeous set of blue eyes/lashes I’ve ever seen.  (Except his older brother has a darn beautiful set too!)

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That little leg has made a fighter out of of this now little 13 month old boy.  He has some serious fire in his blood.  Check him out cruising on his lucky leg.





And it’s because of Dylan that I have been thinking a lot about Katie lately.  Well, and her whole family.  I just know she and her husband Bryson have a lot on their plate.  And worry a lot about little Dylan.  They have done a lot of research, asked a lot of questions, and prayed many prayers……and have decided that it would be best to amputate little Dylan’s leg.  They know that he will have a much better quality of life, using a prosthetic leg. 





Little Dylan is all set for surgery for this Wednesday, January 11th.  Yay.


Katie and Bryson have been really optimistic since having baby Dylan.  They know all things happen for a reason and they have a lot of faith that all will be well with Dylan.  But I know they have bad days.  And I know they worry.   So if you have a moment, please include Dylan (and the whole family) in your prayers.  And if you aren’t the praying type, please send good thoughts and well wishes their way.  They would appreciate it.



I just love that little Dylan……..and I love his momma dearly!

So I just had to share a little piece of their story here. 

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And share my admiration for this sweet little 13 month old boy.

(all images from here)



Best of luck Dylan! 

Our prayers are with you kiddo!  Can’t wait to see you cruisin’ around on your NEW lucky leg!!  

. . .



If you want to read more about Dylan and his leg journey, Katie writes a blog all about him here

(And if you want to ask Katie any questions, I’m sure she would love to answer them.  She’s become an expert on this topic!!)



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