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Thinking about Halloween


Connor and Elli have been keeping busy in the dress-up box lately.  They think up stories about queens and witches, bad guys fighting off dragons, and wicked step-mothers selling golden eggs to townspeople.  I love over hearing what they’re talking about, because it usually cracks me up.  And if they catch me snickering, they fall out of character and get embarrassed.  Ooops.


But the other day, I noticed Elli wearing her old Mary Poppins costume and Connor stuffed into his really old Prince Charming costume.  They were acting out some Prince/Princess theme.





But the real reason I pulled out the camera, was to zoom in on Connor’s root-beer-belly.  Holy smokes……he looked like a sausage link, busting out of his outer wrapper.  




He had no clue that his 2 year old Prince Charming costume was just a tad too small.  Hey, he was in character…….acting out his “prince” responsibilities, as instructed by his “princess”. 



And Elli, well, she just spun her little heart out.  It’s a good thing her Mary Poppins costume still fits.  She is still a spinner! ;)



I’m just glad we’re getting lots of use out of old Halloween costumes.  Makes it all worth it!

 . . . . .



While they were playing, it got me thinking about Halloween this year. 


I better start putting on the pressure to choose some costume ideas, if they want me to make them again this year.  I’m not sure if they’ll want to fit into a theme again.  But I’ll still try and “suggest” a theme.  Well, if I can think of one.  Any ideas out there?  What are you making/buying for your kids this year?  Or even for yourself? 


Oh, if you have a really great theme idea but you’re just not quite sure how to tackle it, tell me what it is and maybe I’ll need to use it for my kids too.  Then you’ll have some instruction ideas on how to make it for your family too. ;)  Haha…….just trying to pull out ideas here. :)



Enjoy your day!




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