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Baby Legs

Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a pair of Baby Legs.


Keep your hand raised if you spent over $10 for them.


Yup, way too much.


(Now put your hand down…….I can’t see you anyway. :o))


I found this tutorial online to make them. Some parts of the directions are confusing, at least they were for me…….so don’t feel bad if you have to change it up a bit. I did and they turned out just fine. (okay, now I realize that my directions might seem so foreign to some people……and if they are, I’m sorry. Please ask questions about anything, anytime.)


Click here for the directions.


****Sorry, that tutorial isn’t available anymore, I found another one here.


Just click through the pictures and there are directions with each photo. If you’re not familiar with looking at tutorials this way……sometimes if you move your mouse over the picture, more directions will pop up.


Anyway, they turn out pretty cute…….even for boys. And even if those boys have chubby legs.


Why use Baby Legs??


  • Keep baby’s legs extra warm.
  • Make diaper changes easier, without having to take pants off.
  • Add them as another layer, underneath pants or skirts.
  • Protect knees while baby is learning to crawl.
  • Keeps legs warm when their pants ride up and expose their legs.


Okay, that’s enough reasons.


Love them.

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Ashley Johnston

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