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Turn a Maxi Dress…into a Maxi Skirt {in MINUTES!!}

I love Maxi Skirts.  In fact, I love Maxi Dresses too.  They’re comfy, usually light and flowy, and hide my whitey-white legs. ;)


A few months ago, I found a darling maxi dress at Target, brought it home, hated the fit of it on me……….but knew that wouldn’t deter me from wearing this cute stretchy knit fabric.  So, I cut it off into a long Maxi Skirt and LOVE it.


Oh wait, you haven’t worn many Maxi Skirts?!!  Well, don’t walk, RUN and grab a few…..because the comfort of them is about equal to yoga pants, but definitely cuter.  Ha.  No joke, you’ll be in comfort heaven.  (And you can leave the house in them without feeling like you’re still in your jammies.)


But if you can’t find any you like, grab a dress that doesn’t look so hot on you as a Maxi Dress (or buy one that you love the print of) and turn that thing into a comfy skirt….super speedy fast!


 (By the way, my sister Robin is the one wearing the skirt, so I could take the photos.  Thanks Robby!!)




Some of you also may have a problem with finding Maxi skirts that aren’t “too short” or “too long”……so this technique is PERFECT for you.  Since you’re cutting a dress into a skirt, you can make it whatever length you want.  See?  Very cool.




And you know, that elastic band makes this skirt super comfy, especially for any of you with expanding baby bumps.  (Or maybe there’s no baby in there but you go up and down in size, depending on how much baking you did over the weekend! Ha. ;)  Yeah, that’s me! )







Some of you may even remember when I cut off my friend’s dress and turned it into a skirt for her……but with a shirred waistband.  That’s a really fun variation too.





But I know some of you are still nervous about that whole shirring thing (which you really shouldn’t be….but in case you are, here’s more info about shirring), or maybe your machine doesn’t quite cooperate with you.


So, if that’s the case……try this elastic band version instead.  It’s actually faster.  And just as darling.  Oh yeah, and extreeeeeeeeemely comfy.  Check, check, and CHECK! :)




And keep in mind, this method can be used to turn shorter length dresses into shorter skirts……not just Maxi’s.  I know your mind is thinking right this minute about that dress that’s hanging in your closet, that has never fit right.  Go on, enjoy it as a skirt instead!


 (Thanks again Robin……you’re a gracious little model! :) )



Ready to turn a dress into a skirt??


Okay, time for some magic. :)


Cut off your dress, right at the length that you want it to fit YOU.  However, be sure to measure the width of your elastic, account for the overlap of the two, and adjust the length you need from there.  For example, my elastic was 3 inches wide and I knew I’d be overlapping the skirt onto the under side of the elastic by 1/2 an inch.  So, I cut the skirt 2 1/2 inches shorter to account for the wide elastic. 




Then, cut a piece of elastic that is a 1/2 inch shorter then your waist measurement.  (Actually, I always measure more like my hips, because I never wear these skirts at my waist.  So, just measure where you like to wear your skirts.)  Then overlap by a 1/2 inch and sew the two ends down with the zig-zag stitch.





Next, divide your elastic into eighths and place a pin to mark it.




Do the same with the upper edge of the skirt, a pin to mark your eighths.




Match up each of the pins and pin the elastic to the skirt, overlapping it onto the outside upper edge of the skirt by a 1/2 inch.




Turn the skirt inside out and place your needle down into the fabric and elastic.  You’ll notice between your pins, there’s probably some puckering.




Pull the elastic with your hand (and pull from the back with your other hand) and sew the skirt right to the elastic, with a ZIG-ZAG stitch.  Be sure that the fabric is only overlapping by a 1/2 inch and sew slowly until you get the hang of it.  (TIP: If you’re having a hard time keeping the fabric in place, add more pins and divide the skirt into like sixteenths.)




When you’re done, you will have a zig-zag stitch all the way around.




Iron the skirt from the outside, to eliminate any rippling or puckers.



And that’s it.


Now, you’re ready from some cute comfort.






. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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