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Sewing Tips – Turning a Tube Right Side Out

Okay, so I realize that sometimes I gloss over one of the steps in my instructions, figuring everyone understands or has done a certain step before. Whoops, I know that must create confusion. Sorry.


So today…….I am going to clarify something from this post. The fabric headbands.

In the instructions, I explain that you sew a long piece of fabric together lengthwise with right sides together. Then I tell you to turn it right side out. Here’s the problem. I have heard from so many of you that they are having problems turning out the piece of fabric that is so narrow. Many of you have asked for an easier way…..or for a trick of some kind. Even my sweet friend came over early one morning at 8:30, asking for help. The dang thing was just not working for her. Grrrr. Sorry to you all who have cursed at your little piece of fabric, wishing it would hurry and turn right side out for this supposed 5 minute project.

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So you start out with a long tube that needs to be turned right side out, right?



Well, hook a safety pin in one end…….from the outside to the inside. Close your safety pin…….



………and shove the head of the pin down inside the hole.



Now, slide the pin down in there, scrunching the fabric as you go.



Then pick at the little puckers of fabric, trying to get the fabric past the safety pin. Getting this first part turned right side out is the hardest part. Just be patient and try to get the fabric to get past the pin and lay flat.



See how nicely it lays now?



Then slide the pin along some more, creating more puckers/ruffles in the fabric.



And then continue sliding the fabric past the pin. It should be easier from here on out and should slide nicely and quickly.



Tip? Make sure not to slide too much fabric at once, like the picture below. It will be too hard to slide past the pin and gets too jammed up. Just nice and slow and a little bit at a time.



Finally, your pin will reach the end. Continue to pull it out…..exposing the right side of the fabric. Now you can press your fabric flat and continue with your project.



Did it work better for you this time?
And honestly, this should take you 60-80 seconds. So if it’s still taking you a lot longer, just scrunch up less fabric at a time…….and practice a few times.


Let me know how it goes for you…….


And over the next few days, I have some great re-purposing projects to show you that have turned out so fun. So keep a look out for those.


Ashley Johnston

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