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Make a Quick No Sew Emoji Costume

Today’s contributor is Crystal from Stitched By Crystal. All posts written by Crystal for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.

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Hello Make It & Love It readers!  Crystal here, from Stitched by Crystal!  Are you still looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Do your kids love emojis as much as mine do? If so, I have the perfect quick and easy Halloween costume solution for you…a no sew emoji costume!

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I gathered some supplies from the fabric store and the dollar store to throw this no sew emoji costume together. It cost me less than $5 in materials and took me under 30 minutes to make! AND my daughter is so happy with it!

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I made this costume using some plastic platters I found at the dollar store.  I made it sandwich board style with one emoji on the front and one on the back.  But you could use just one platter for the front and make this costume even cheaper and faster!  I will show you how to do it both ways.

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The no sew emoji face is made with felt, so you can make any of the round emoji faces with this tutorial (my daughter was a bit bummed that meant she could not dress up as the poop emoji…what is it with kids and poop?!)  We came up with a few of our favorites to help you brainstorm your emoji face!

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Want to make a no sew emoji costume? Great! Let me show you how….


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You will need…

  • Two plastic platters from the dollar store.  These platters are about 15” in diameter, the perfect size for my 5 year old, but they would be cute on any age!
  • Emoji colored felt.  I used ½ yard of yellow and ¼ yard of black, small felt sheets would work for the red.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sew on velcro squares


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Cut your yellow felt into circles  1”-2” wider than your platters.


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Place the felt under your platter and wrap the felt around the front, gluing it in place with the hot glue gun.  Start by gluing at the top, bottom and sides, then fill in the spaces between those points for a nice even fit.

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Decide on your emoji face.  Cut the face shapes from the other felt colors and hot glue them in place.  

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Cut 2” strips of black felt.  


If you are using one platter, add a strap to go around the neck (an 18″ strap worked for my 5 year old, but you may need to adjust the length to fit your child)  Glue one end of the strap to the platter at the top and glue velcro square to secure the other side.  If desired, you can add a second strap to go around the waist (20″ worked for my daughter).  Again gluing one side of the strap and securing the other with velcro.

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If you are using two platters, add 2 straps to the top of the platter to go over the shoulders.  For my 5 year old, I used one 8″ strap and one 10″ strap, but you may need to adjust strap lengths to better fit your child. Glue the 8″ strap to the back of both emoji faces at the top.  Glue the 10″ strap to one emoji faces and secure the other side by gluing a velco square to the strap and the emoji.


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And you are done!  Happy Halloween!


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  1. ktzia mizrahi says:

    were can i see the tamplrt for the emoji?

  2. Lorena says:

    What a cute idea! I think my daughter and all her BFF’s would like to be a “group of emoji’s”…..wait I feel a big project just landed on my lap, lol.

  3. Seana G Turner says:

    I love this simple idea! Would be great for a group who want to go as an ensemble, right? Simple and cheap – brilliant!

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