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Clothing Labels… the 100’s

Finally. Finally. Finally.
I finally focused in on one of my trillion little “mental notes” and bought some clothing  labels.  I remember when I used to sell booties and little boy ties in my etsy shop, wow, almost 2 years ago……and I always thought it would be fabulous to have labels for the items I sold.  But darn it, I just never got around to it.  Uggh.  On and off since then, I have been meaning to order some for the things I make for my kids and family.  And about a month ago, I finally placed the order.
Whew.  That mental note is taken care of.  Does anyone want to sit with me and help me purge and organize the rest of my mental notes?  They’re out of control.  I’ll make you a new apron, dish towel set, sofa cover, or something…  Takers?
But now that I have my clothing labels sitting by the sewing machine, I wonder why it took me so long.
Part of the delay was looking for a label that I liked, at a good price.  I knew I wanted woven fabric labels, not printed ones.  I specifically wanted sew-in labels, not adhesive ones.  I didn’t want 7,000 but knew I had to order a good amount to receive a decent deal.  I also wanted to be able to design my own….and not be limited to certain styles and fonts.
So I found a little shop on, called World Wide Label, found here.
The customer service was perfect, the lady I worked with emailed back and forth with me several times to get the color and sizing just how I wanted it, and my little package arrived from Hong Kong, exactly within the time frame described.  Perfect.  (And no, I’m not being paid to share this site…….I’m just sharing in case you’re interested in getting some yourself.)
I was so excited to receive my little international package…..and ripped her right open.
Look at all of those perfect little labels………ready to be put to work.
And just what I wanted. Woven, not printed.
Each of these labels are 1.5 inches wide and about .5 inches tall.
(That does not include the extra little sew-in seam at the top or the back flap.)
Little beauties.
Then, I also ordered some little square labels that are 0.5 x 0.5 inches (not including the extra sew-in on the left and back.)  A nice teal color, with a bright white ‘m’.  I adore the white lettering and almost wish I ordered the rectangle ones above with white lettering.  It would have shown up better on the grey.  Next time……
When to use these square labels?
If you look at your clothing (I notice it mostly on my kids clothing), you’ll notice these little square tabs randomly on the side of a shirt towards the bottom, at the side/bottom of a dress, some pajamas, or even some leggings.  You can also slide them into a seam of any project.  They’re quick and easy and add your little mark to your handy work.
All in all, a good little collection of clothing tags to start adding to my projects.  I did have to buy a minimum of 300 per style……so you’ll see them here, there, and everywhere from here on out.  I told my husband I was going to start attaching them to his socks, tools, and electronics.  Just because.  Watch out husband.
Here’s the little teal tag, added to the binding of the little knit blanket from earlier this week.
I also added labels to the back of the knit hats I made.  Cute little mark on them.
And of course, I had to sew one into the inside of the baseball style tee I made last week.
Really spruces it up.  (But ignore that messy white serged edge…….my machine and I were having a disagreement.  She won.)
Those cute little labels really were worth the search.  They put a smirky little grin on my face when I see them on a project. Very satisfying.
If you have been considering labels for a while, go ahead and make the plunge.
You’ll be just as giddy to see your mark everywhere.
(If you have used a great label shop, please share with everyone in the comments.  I’m sure there are other great deals and shops out there.  And others may not be wanting all of the same things I wanted…….so let us know what worked for you.  And leave a link.  Thanks. )
. . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. V says:

    I prefer wovenlabelhk as they are site are much more user friendly. Not only just upload the artwork but designing directly on their site.

  2. Divine says:

    Do You mind telling me how much the lávela were? The small tan That is .5x.5?

  3. Beverly Abati says:

    I have knitted several winter hats and want to put my name as Nina’s Hats with 100% wool under that. Probable white material labels with red lettering an 100% uner that Any ideas? Thank you Bev

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  5. Don@Mpressive says:

    Great blog and yea labels are best way to describe about the product quality.

  6. Rachelle says:

    Amazing! Creating your own design and making it happen are really something! You did an excellent job with those labels. I am pretty sure that your post gives an inspiration to everyone, this tutorial will surely help many. Thanks for sharing!

  7. beposhgirl says:

    I ordered from them before… took longer since it came from Hong Kong BUT I found another place that people may find helpful.

    Google LABELS AND RIBBONS — I ordered hangtags and labels from them and its fully customized!!! I recommend them much more and they give one time courtesy discount!

  8. Rikki says:

    These labels look great! I have followed your link to their website so I could order some..but I can’t understand the process or where to find ones that fold in half like yours. :( I’ve looked at it at least 3 times in last 6 months with no success.

  9. Cindy says:

    I love these labels!! I have been in contact with the company you used and she has been very helpful…. I am curious, though, if you do not mind sharing, the font you used? I really like the “m” and the “&” sign on your labels, which I would have on mine as well. She sent me MANY fonts to look through and I am going crazy!!

  10. KK says:

    I’d be very careful ordering from this company. I went with them simply because I read this blog, but they must have changed tremendously since then. It was one of the worst buying experiences I’ve had in my life. After spending $200, they were rude, uncommunicative, sent me fake proofs, then after weeks of not hearing from them and having to contact both etsy and paypal, they sent me incorrect labels. I had to pay over $30 to send them back to Hong Kong!! After all that, the seller published some out and out lies about the transaction, claiming that they somehow explained to me that my order would be incorrect but that I still agreed to pay for it, which makes no logical sense. They were incredibly insulting, wishing me “good luck” finding someone better than them. Happily, I did find someone better, the same day. Buyer beware with World Wide Label, they are dishonest and rude.

    1. santhosh says:

      better you can try sona international in India. They are quick in their response and also the quality is good. Visit

    2. beposhgirl says:

      i had the same problem — not very communicative. I actually use Labels and Ribbons now! They are fast and everything customizable by you not them. Plus you can upload your own logo and make hangtags!

  11. Jessica Christensen says:

    Do you remember what color gray you used? I love it and want to use it on my tags!

  12. nihan says:

    Hi I have a question for you for the labels. can you email me ?

  13. Clarissa says:

    Hi Ashley! I love your site. I was just wondering what the dimensions of your labels are with the extra sewing room? I am wanting to order some labels but wasn’t sure how much extra to add so I can sew them in. I think I might order both kinds like you did. I just love the little square ones! Also are they itchy? My kids HATE itchy labels. And are the edges finished?

  14. Ana Rita says:

    Loved this labels, the post and your site as well!
    Could you send me the link to have access to this Hong Kong label store, please?
    Thank you very mutch!
    Lots of success for your brand ;)

    1. Ashley says:

      I had it linked in the post, but here it is again.
      Have fun!

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  16. Shanti says:

    Wow, the number of comments for a few labels is a little overwhelming!! Lol
    I just wanted to ask why you didn’t include the little red heart that is part of your logo? Would have looked so cute and really stood out, especially on the little squares…plus making the teal colour on grey really “pop”. Thanks for the great tips :-) xo

  17. jillian says:

    didnt add my email!!

  18. jillian says:

    I love your post. I am looking to place an order today but I wasn’t sure where I get the square little ones? Are they called size tags? Also, do you have to tell them a size for all tags?

  19. santhosh says:

    I was also in your same condition. I was searching for a label manufacturer and finally i got it. It was from Sona International, India. Their service was best that i got quick response from them. I had visited their blog and got some idea.

  20. santhosh says:

    Hi its quite pretty good that you got the woven labels. I was also in your same condition. I was searching for a label manufacturer and finally i got it. It was from Sona International, India. Their service was best that i got quick response from them. I had visited their blog and got some idea.

  21. Z says:

    I want to order some of the small square ones
    Like u had ‘m’
    But what category are they from? The size labels?

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