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A nice Easter weekend (quick Easter/Spring clothing ideas)


How was your Easter weekend?


Ours was nice and calm…….with family around.  Including lots of rascally cousins, keeping my little ones extremely busy and happy. (Oh, and some really good food.  Yum.)



I didn’t make anything fussy for my kids to wear Easter Sunday……just a few simple things that are perfect for spring weather.  (And maybe I made them late Saturday night.  Eeek!  That’s why I didn’t share these ideas sooner.  Sorry, if you were hoping for Easter inspiration earlier on.)







And yeah, maybe the kiddos are a little matchy-matchy……..but when I found this tulip fabric in my stash, I couldn’t resist. 

(And I think I found the fabric during a random “hmmm, I wonder what they have” stroll through the Wal-Mart fabric section, months ago.  Or maybe Joann’s??  The designer and fabric name isn’t listed on the fabric selvage.  It only says, “Fabric Traditions”.





And these two, ahhhhh, they have the funniest relationship.  They tease and giggle at each other all the time.  When the baby sees her big brother coming her way, she bats her arms arms around and swats his face and tugs on his hair, while he shrieks and laughs.  She’s actually pretty rough with him…..but they both love it!





Check out these Easter Photo Shoot bloopers?    The lean.  The fall.  And the rescue.


But this captures the sister relationship in our family.  My big girl loves on her baby sister like a mommy would…..and the baby usually lets her.  They play a little softer with each other than with my little guy.  And I love it.




Haha.  That same thing happened about 3 other times.  The little lady in the middle is still figuring out her balance.




If I would have been on top of things, I would have posted about their little Easter clothes a few weeks ago, to give you some really quick and simple clothing ideas.  But spring is here and summer is coming.  So maybe you are needing a few really simple outfit ideas for the warmer and brighter weather??




The baby’s dress is really simple.  There’s no special design or cutouts for the arm section of the dress.   Only straight lines and one basic piece of fabric.




The dress is just a shirred tube of fabric.  With some attached straps at the top.  I first created a casing at the top, then shirred about 9 rows with elastic thread below that.  Then I threaded the elastic through the casing, cinched it up, and steamed it to shrivel everything up. Then I created some narrow red tubes of fabric, and sewed them right to the top of the dress for the ties.  (And as a point of reference, the measurement of the tube all the way around, was about 3 times the measurement of my baby’s chest.)


(Need more help?  The whole shape of the dress with the casing and rows of shirring is exactly like the Lily Skirt pattern, sold here.  But if you want to wing it like I did, here is my tutorial for shirring.  Go and tackle it!!)




My little boy is wearing a tie made from my tie pattern, available here


Okay, yeah, and I made it about an inch too short.  I’m not sure what I was thinking (well, it was late…..I wasn’t thinking) but I made him a size too small.  Ha…..whatever, it’s still cute! :)




Little rascal.  I love his spunk.




And for the skirt, I was going to shirr it just like the dress above (and the pattern in my shop)……but I ran out of elastic thread.  So I just made a very basic skirt.  With plenty of fabric so that it would be nice and full.  And twirly.  I used a piece of fabric that was 4 times as wide as her 20 inch waist.  (Whereas I generally double the width of something when I want a basic gathered look.)  Then I serged the top and bottom, folded over the top an inch and created a casing for the elastic…..and left the bottom alone (because it was serged).  **TIP: If you are gathering in a skirt that is 4 times the measurement of the waist, be sure it is very thin fabric.  Otherwise, the bulge of that much fabric will be way too bulky at the waist. 






A few quick outfits for Easter, that probably took 2 hours to complete all three items.  Not bad.



Sewing for little ones is way more fun than should be allowed.  And these crazy monkeys are such good sports, wearing all of this stuff made by their mama.  I’m sure that will change one day…….so I’m going to love it while I can!




Hope your weekend was beautiful.




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