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Make your own DOLLY Panties (pattern piece included)



Simple things are good.  Panties are simple.  So, panties are good.




I love it when my little girl asks important questions like, “Mommy, why do you put that brown make-up stuff (she’s talking about foundation) on your face?”  Or, “Mommy, why does daddy kiss you for a long time and not a short time like you kiss us?”  And one of my favorites, “Mommy, why is your tummy a little squishy?”  Haha!


Another important question she asked me just the other day was, “Mommy, do I have to wear panties every day?”  I told her yes.  So she then asked me, “Then why doesn’t Ella (her dolly) have to wear panties every day?”  Well, hmmmm, good question.  I guess she should have to wear panties every day too. So I asked her, “Should we make Ella some panties?”  She nodded her head yes. 


So, I was commissioned to fix this simple little dilemma.


And make some little Dolly PantiesIn 3 different colors.


IMG 1290 1




And because it’s a doll and doesn’t need to be one bit fancy…….I kept them simple.

doll panties




Now, she has plenty of panties to wear underneath all her little dolly outfits.

IMG 1147


IMG 1218




Problem solved, right?

panties for doll




 Yes, I believe it is.

IMG 1254




Now maybe I should answer all of her other questions.  Like, why my tummy is a little squishy.  Or why my face is imperfect and I cover it up with a little secret potion called foundation. 


Nah, I’ll wait til she’s older.


I’ll just let her keep living in her little girl world, where things like dolly panties are amazing, and “Awww, mommy, so cute!” 

Good, Little Miss, I’m glad you like them.

IMG 1211



P.S.  Sorry if you only use the term “panty” for women’s lingerie.  I always grew up calling my underwear “panties”.  So I call my little girls undies “panties”.  And my little boy wears “underwear”.  (I didn’t even know girls could wear something as boyish as the word “underwear” until I was much older.)  Anyone else do the same?  Or are you a “underwear” only family?



Would you like to make some Dolly Panties for some little dolls in your house?



First of all, decide which sized doll needs some undies.  Then, trace around the lower bodice of the doll to get a good idea of how big to make the panties.  Measure her waist, her legs, etc and make your panties just a bit bigger so that the waist and legs can be gathered in just a bit.


(For help with measuring around a doll and making your own paper pattern, visit this dolly diaper tutorial here.  That may help you a bit.)


I have included the Dolly Panties pattern piece (that is sized to fit an 18 inch doll) here.

(Even if you have a doll a different size, you can always adjust the pattern to fit.)


I made my Dolly Panties out of knit fabric….so they would stretch just a bit more.  And yep, they were leftover scraps from some old knit Tshirt that I cut up and used for some other project.  (All re-purposed projects found here.)  Or you can buy knit at most fabric stores.


First, you’ll need to cut out the pattern (or create your own and cut it out) and place the long edge of the pattern on the fold of your fabric.  Then cut. 

IMG 1097


Once you open up the fabric, it will look like this.  (If you notice, the angle of the leg opening is slightly curved up for the front of the panties and more straight for the back side of the panties.  The fabric is actually upside down in the photo below and the paper pattern is right side up.  Sorry.)

IMG 1101



Now, time for some elastic thread.  Remember?  No need to worry.  There’s a whole tutorial here


With your elastic thread down in your bobbin, sew along the curve of each leg, a 1/4 inch away from the edge.  This is a view from the wrong side of the fabric.  (This blue fabric doesn’t really have a wrong or right side…..but if yours does, make sure the right side is facing up while sewing with your elastic thread, so that the elastic thread is on the wrong side.)

IMG 1107


Now, take your elastic thread out of your bobbin and put in regular thread.  Then fold the panties in half with right sides together, and sew along the sides of the panties, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  (And it will only be a slight difference but the leg opening on the back side will come down a little bit further, to take into account a bum needing more fabric to cover it.  But after I put all the panties together, I couldn’t really tell a difference.  So don’t worry if you can’t either.)

IMG 1117


Now, put your elastic thread back in.  Then turn the panties right side out and sew along the top edge of the panties, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Start at one side seam and sew all the way around the top of the panties, and back stitch when you get back to the start.  Then do the same thing, starting your seam about an 1/8 of an inch below the first one.

IMG 1128



Now, trim your thread ends and you’re done.


And your panties should look like this.  All nice and cinched in at the waist and legs.

sewing panties


Now make a few more pairs.  Because no one can survive with only one pair of panties.

IMG 1218



Thanks for checking out my Make your own DOLLY Panties (pattern piece included) post. Check out my full collection of DIY Sewing articles. Find even more sewing projects, patterns, and tips for beginners and advanced sewists by Liz Call, Mariah Leeson, Randi Dukes and Tauni Everett.


  1. Claire says:

    This gave me a giggle, thank you!

  2. Virginia Allain says:

    This is just great. I want to feature this in a link on my page about sewing doll clothes. You’re instructions and photos were most helpful.

  3. Mallory says:

    Funny story about “panties” vs. “underwear.” I am one of 4 daughters, so my dad was the only male in the house. When my sisters and I were little, he was helping us fold laundry and he handed my sister a pair of her underwear and said, “Here’s your underwear, can you fold it?” and she said, “Silly Daddy, girls don’t wear underwear, they wear panties!” To which my dad replied, “Underwear and panties are the same thing.” So, she handed him a pair of HIS underwear and said, “Here’s your panties, Daddy!” He then conceded that, in fact, panties and underwear are NOT the same thing, lol.

  4. Robin says:

    bombachas. I always call them bombachas

  5. Anja says:

    We keep it simple with “undies”.
    My son has a speech issue and underware came out “Un-her-ware” for the longest time.
    We’ve recently graduated from “unnies” to “Undies”.

    (But if undies are seen by anyone in the house, someone will start changing “I’ve seen London and I’ve seen France..” (Unless its my son and its “My see London and My see FRENCH”)

  6. hannah says:

    To me panties is definitely for only little girls, but I would never ever use it a it is a creepy, dirty old man word! Knickers for little and big girls or undies for everyone :) Although I think I’ve heard knickers is a word used by just us Brits?

  7. Megan W. says:

    Maybe because I have 3 older brothers, but I think I always called them underwear until I heard panties somewhere else. So I usually call them panties. However, Oliver calls his “Choo choos” because his first underwear was Thomas and he still couldn’t talk very well. What’s really funny is that now he has Buzz Lightyear and Lightening McQueen choo choos. It’s just too dang cute to change it at this point, but I guess we will have to when we send him out into the real world.

    And I seriously need to buy some elastic thread. I have no idea why I haven’t yet.

  8. Kim says:

    Love the dolly panties! I grew up in a “panties-only” family, and had no idea what boys underwear was called until much later in life… after all, I only had 3 sisters & no brothers. Now, my first 2 kids are girls, the youngest is a boy but is only 2. Yes, I have started thinking about the dreaded potty-training stage with him, and still have no idea what to call “boy panties.” Briefs, perhaps? Or maybe I will just go with “underwear.” We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

  9. Paula F says:

    I just said to my daughter yesterday I need to learn to make underware for your doll !!! LOL

  10. Sarah says:

    I thought it said doily panties too! I was really wondering what you were up to for a second there – i mean, i know doilies are pretty popular lately, but really? I was wondering if it was an early April Fools post. lol – but the actual post is really cute and I think might just be what I need to help my stubborn 3 year old potty train. Thanks!

  11. Cherie says:

    My oldest is a girl. She wears panties. When I potty trained my second, a boy, I had the HARDEST time not calling his “underwear”, “panties.” I took me a few months to get it straight! Thanks for sharing all your work with us!

  12. Rebekah @ Justfordaisy says:

    This is sooooo cute! :) And great since my little girl is toilet training! :)

  13. Annie says:

    “panties” YES…panties for the girlies…underwear for the boys.

    You are not alone. Love this post & your site is AMAZING!

  14. Breck M says:

    My kids all wear choonies….LOL

  15. Jennifer C. says:

    I’m like you, girls wear panties and boys wear underwear. My daughter, same age as yours (hi from FC), won’t play with dolls, but I was passing doll clothes patterns on to a couple friends last week so I’m going to direct them to you now. I may try a pair of these for my daughter’s stuffed animals.

  16. Annette says:

    Great tutorial! I was raised calling mine panties and my brother’s underwear too. :) I wonder how people all over end up with similar traditions.

  17. Sumer says:

    adorable!! I completely agree; my boys have ‘unders’ (we’re lazy… but they do call them underWEAR sometimes), and my daughter has panties. And we also have boy butts we call bottoms and girl butts we call tooshies. I hope I’m not making my kids too wierd. ;)

  18. dannyscotland says:

    Amazing! Your little blurb about “panties” reminds me of my college roommate who hated that word and would not say it for anything, and my 3 year old who calls hers “undie-pants”.

  19. Anna says:

    I have boys and girls. All grown up now, except for adopted little one, she is 14 years behind the youngest! It was underwear for the boys and panties for the daughter. (until I wanted to tease the boys and would tell them something using the word panties instead of underwear! ha ha!) As she gets more into playing with her babies I know this will come in handy. She actually wears Japanese underwear similar to this. I have taken a pr apart to make a pattern for new ones. Reminds me they need to be sewn together.

  20. sarah says:

    i never liked the word panties, it just didnt roll of my tongue. but when the little girl potty trained, she got big girl panties and i got over it. my nephew (who stays with my during the day) was taught to call his under-roos, but its underwear here. so there must be something to that panties for girls and underwear for boys thing.
    and to second the others, my husbands boxers have also been called panties by the little girl when she helps with laundry. :) hes not usually home to have a fuss about it, so we just giggle and move on.

  21. Jolynn says:

    When potty training our daughter, we called them “big girl pants”… now shortened to “girl pants.” Not sure what we’ll call them with our boy, haven’t gotten that far yet. But I think panties/underwear makes perfect sense.

  22. Maureen M. says:

    Wow you just took me back to when my youngest was 3 (2 daughters, no sons at our house… even our boy dog is not the man he used to be) and we were folding laundry. She picked up my husband’s underwear and said “Look, Mommy, Daddy panties!!” We did correct her to call it “underwear” because a man can only take so much in a houseful of women… :)

  23. Katie Hurley says:

    Ella looks quite alarmed that her drawers are showing! ;) And in the South we sometimes refer to our “unmentionables” as “drawers”. At my house we do the same as you, though! Panties for girls and underwear for boys. So cute! I just love this post. So happy you are making an honest woman out of little Ella and that she doesn’t have to go all nekkid down below anymore!
    Katie in Georgia

  24. Alison says:

    These are fabulous! Will be making these for sure. :)

  25. Maria says:

    Great tutorial! I only have one boy, but sewing those panties must be so fun… maybe I should get myself a doll… hmmm….;-)

  26. Jackie says:

    My boys are particularly unimpressed if I refer to theirs as “undies” – from their point of view theirs are “jocks”, and girls wear “undies”. Not sure if that’s a universally Australian thing or just us though?

    1. Melissa @ Precious Little Poppets says:

      My son gets cranky too when I call his jocks, knickers! Only girls wear knickers!!

  27. Brooke Elyse says:

    Yes!! haha Are you from the South? Cause I definitely grew up thinking panties were a girls thing and “underwear” was SOOO boyish.

    but then my mom had 4 boys after me so I changed over to underwear pretty quick. haha

  28. LeAnn says:

    Undies, panties, underpants, bloomers but my favorite from the three year old: unnerwears

  29. Christine says:

    Girls old enough to wear them in our house have panties. Oldest has referred to Daddy’s underwear in the laundry as panties and he is quick to correct her. He also calls them “guchies” sometimes as that is what his Grandmother called them. I think it is a Slavic term.

  30. Jean says:

    We call them underpants…. I don’t know why. It was “undies” when I was a kid. Then when I said “panties” my daugther laughed at me. Oh well… These dolly panties are really cute.

  31. Myrinda says:

    My husband is probably going to be mad when I tell you I call his “man panties” rofl!!!! That started when the oldest was like 3 I think…they are all panties here. Underwear is reserved for the joke…”Where is that thing I can’t find?” “It’s under there…” “under WHERE?” and the kids laugh hysterically.

  32. Caren says:

    This is so funny! This evening my toddler was stripping her baby doll for the million gazillionth time (what? spell checker doesn’t seem to like the word gazillionth?!!). She took the diaper off and told daddy it was stinky. Daddy, who was asleep on the couch, said “well, go throw it away – dirty diapers go in the trash can!”. I had to rescue the situation since we only have one diaper for the doll. (“No, honey, this is a dolly diaper, it is PRETEND STINKY”). Anyway, yes – this post is perfect timing! :) C
    oh, ps, our drawers were labelled “undies” when we were growing up. Daddy calls ’em underwear, and since we had a boy first, it stuck. So in our house, underwear it is!

  33. Cassie Singley Gadd says:

    Ash, Brad called them “big boy panties” for quite awhile. Dad put a stop to it.

  34. melissa says:

    i have no idea how to make that file bigger, any chance you can send an attachment? My daughter has 3 AG dolls and they need panties :)

    thank you.

  35. Rachel says:

    It’s nice to know that we’re not the only family that does that! My kids are very specific-boys wear underwear and girls wear panties, don’t you dare mess it up or they’ll let you know about it, lol! These little dolly panties are so cute, I’m sure my 4 year old will be finding fabric so all her baby’s can have some. What a great idea!

  36. Jen B says:

    Our oldest is a boy and he wore “Big Boy Underwear” which got shortened to “Big Boys.” Then, it just seemed natural when the next two were girls to call them “Big Girls.” Sometimes I say “panties” and my kids crack up. :)

  37. Bethany says:

    Ashley, with a little modification, I could use this same pattern to make a diaper cover for my little girl, right?

  38. darci says:

    its all underwear over here!
    those are cute- so simple, so great

  39. says:

    I thought this said “make your own DOILY panties”…I was a little scared to scroll down.

    Anyway. ADORABLE.

    1. Ashley says:

      Haha……that made me laugh!!

    2. Sarah says:

      I read exactly the same thing!!

    3. Ashley says:

      Oh my word, I totally just changed it to all caps, just to make sure it looks like an ‘L’. But wait, maybe I should just leave it. haha!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      Haha, I read it the same way! Must be valentines in the blog air, I expect to see doily about 40 times the first two weeks of February. We are a panties for girls and underwear/undies for boys kind of family. I had never really thought of it before or that some families would call them differently. I guess I’m just lost in my own little world over here. Great tutorial, I always forget about elastic thread and would have made it harder on myself trying to use 1/4″ elastic on those tiny leg holes or something. Thanks!

  40. kimbowest says:

    here’s why i love you.

    i see the picture and i think..hmmm..that looks difficult.

    i look at the tutorial and i think..hhmmmm..that looks really easy.

    once again–amazing!~

    1. Ashley says:

      Oh good, glad it doesn’t look too tough. Good luck!

  41. Kelly Stockstill says:

    That is so crazy! My daughter just told me today that her doll needed panties! And yes that’s what we’ve always called them, too. Thanks for the pattern, they’re so cute!

    1. Ashley says:


  42. Crystal says:

    I thought I was the only one to do that, and say underwear for my son and panties for the girls! lol BTW… These are way too cute and I am going to make a ton!!!! Thanks so much!

    1. Ashley says:

      Oh my word, how funny! Now your kids could come over and play and they wouldn’t think my kids were strange for saying undies and panties. Ha!

  43. Brooke says:

    Well, somehow in our family all underwear (boys and girls) are panties… When I say “underwear” my kids actually laugh at me… The doll panties are cute!!

    1. Ashley says:

      Oh, that’s funny. My mom calls boy undies “panties” too sometimes. That always makes me laugh! :)

  44. Amy says:

    I only have a boy, so for now, I won’t be sewing any doll panties…BUT when I read the title of the post, I figured there had to be a pretty good backstory! :) Too cute!

    And P.S…I grew up in a house of only sisters, and we were a panties family :)

  45. KathyH says:

    OMG! My daughter has the same doll and we were just talking about how she needs more undies!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ashley says:

      Oh, how perfect! Good luck!

    2. Jennifer says:

      What doll is this? I’m trying to find one like it for my daughter.

  46. Nicole Scott says:

    I can’t find the pattern piece though???

    1. Ashley says:

      Ooops, sorry about that. It’s all loaded in there now.


    2. Kathy Boice says:

      I cannot copy/paste, etc as described. It will not enlarge the pattern. Can you send the full side pattern on a sheet by email?

  47. Nicole Scott says:

    Those are too, too, cute. I love them and can’t wait to make some!
    and hey… I just posted a free knit nightgown pattern for an 18 inch doll if you want to try it.

    1. Jacqueline K says:

      Would love the nightgown doll pattern, but the link goes off to some Google site?

  48. Karin says:

    Maybe this could help encourage my little to actually wear underwear! Love this! Thank you so much!

    1. Ashley says:


    2. Deborah says:

      What about fraying? I don’t see the edges turned, just sew the raw edge? I have 13 grandchildren, 6 are girls, I can’t tell you what a hero you make me for learning how to make doll panties.

    3. Sharon Arnold says:

      I just used her great idea, but changed it a bit! I had found a package of 2 embroidered ladies handkerchiefs from the late 1950’s (In a box from, remember giving them to my great grandmother when I was about 8 years old!) Somehow, never opened – in a box in a basement 1400 miles from where purchase almost 60 yrs. ago.

      Have made lovely, easy undies from them – able to cut pattern so that the corner hand embroidered shows on front right side. Did not use template – just notched the v- out, used underwear elastic with rough-edge covered by elastic on legs. Straight stitched the initial sew, as had to stretch out the elastic, then went back and zig-zag them; sewed on side straight stitch together – the rolled handkerchief edge meant already finished seams! Used same process for the waist gathering but turned more fabric under, moving elastic 1/4 inch in from edge. Zig-zag the top, straight edge seam for remaining side seam – Voila: dainty, sweet vintage panties!
      I am now making more from vintage ladies luncheon napkins of soft linens, with tatted edges, lace etc! None of my girls would ever use them and I inherited drawers of such from both grandmothers. I do not have housekeepers and laundresses like they did, so these will never be used at a table. They look great on the dolls as fancy panties

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