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Tooth Fairy Pouches (pattern pieces included)


My daughter has been reading a book that has a tooth fairy in it and is so curious about how that all works.  So I jumped all over talking to her about that magical little Tooth Fairy.  Then I told her that we could make a little pouch to put her first lost tooth in (which hasn’t happened yet), to be sure the tooth fairy finds it under her pillow.


So I did just that.  Very simply.


I tried out two tooth fairy pouch styles to see which one I would like better…….and I like them both. 

So does my 5 year old. 



Each pouch opens up and has an elastic cord closure.  The inside is perfect for a lost tooth but also as a return place for the tooth fairy to leave coins or a folded bill(s).  (I don’t know, how rich is the tooth fairy these days?!!)



These pouches are nice and small to fit under a pillow but can also be hung from a bed post

You know, if your child would rather not have a tooth fairy digging under their pillow.



It just makes the whole “tooth fairy” thing a little more fun.  And magical.



**And if you and your kiddos aren’t into the whole Tooth Fairy thing, use them as little coin purses.  Or pouches to hold rings or other small nicknacks.  What kid doesn’t like a little pouch for their trinkets?!!



Would you like to make your own tooth fairy pouch?


Supplies needed:

  • Felt, any color (I used polyester felt but wool felt would be a bit more sturdy.  But since this doesn’t get worn or tossed around too much, polyester felt works just fine.)
  • 3 1/2 inch strip of elastic cord
  • button cover
  • scraps of fabric for handle and button cover



First of all, you can find a free star and tooth template that I sketched out, here.


Once you cut out your paper pattern, use it to cut out 2 pieces of felt in the shape that you want.


Then cover a button cover with the fabric scrap of your choice.  Attach the button to the front and center of your tooth (or star) shape, with a needle and thread.  (More info about button covers here.)


Then cut a strip of fabric to be used for your handle.  The size you cut depends on how long you want the handle to be but I cut mine out to be 2 x 10 inches.  Then I folded it in half lengthwise and then opened it up and folded both edges in towards that center fold and ironed those folds down.  Then I folded it back in half and ironed again.


Now, sew that strip closed, right along the two folded edges that met together.  Next, fold each end in half and sew a few stitches to keep it in place.  Do the same to the other end, making sure that fold is going the same way on both ends.


Then place those folded ends along the top of the tooth, but on the back side.  (The folds are on the outer edge of the handle.)  Pin in place.


Now, fold the elastic cord in half and place the ends along the inside of the back tooth piece.  Stitch in place.  Then place the front tooth piece together with the back tooth piece……with wrong sides together.  Pin in place.


Then stitch around the entire tooth, back stitching a few times where the little handle is attached.  And be sure to leave enough of an opening at the top to drop the tooth inside.  Trim any eneven edges if necessary.


And that’s it. 


Now make another shape.  And make one for a friend. 


They’re quick enough to make several all at once.




. . . . . . . . . . .
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