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50+ Great Homemade Kid Gift Ideas


We are snowed in today.  HOORAY!!  Well, except for Steve.  He still had to ice-skate his car down the freeway to his job this morning.  I think we’re going to find some hills to sled down after nap/quiet time.  Wish us luck! ;)


Anyway, just for fun, I compiled a lengthy project list today.  I get emailed a lot about certain project themes and where more projects in this theme can be found.  Like, if I have a bunch of wedding gift ideas, more baby gift ideas, some ideas on how to decorate a certain room, etc.  If you check out my tutorial button above (up in my header), you’ll see a bunch of categories that I included to help organize this mess of projects here on my blog.  But I get it, it can be overwhelming.  So, I think here and there, I’m going to dig into all the old posts and share a compilation of projects that I get asked about quite a bit……all in one post.


I guess I could add 17 more categories to my tutorial section up above……but, well, this is more fun! And I hope it’s more helpful.

So, first up?  Kid Gift Ideas.  And there’s more than 50 of them.  Wow!  I have forgotten about so many of these projects.




Some are ones you’ve seen recently……but others have been buried for 3-4 years.  So, hopefully this will help, especially when you need a quick reference.


So, here you go:


First up…….every child has a favorite book.  How about whipping up a Felt Toy Truck to match a favorite truck character:



Oh, little girls and their hair.  Whip up a few Simple Felt Hair Clips and keep that hair out of their eyes.



You know those little feet that aren’t quite ready to keep flip-flops on……but they’re too big for the toddler flip-flops with the strap on the back.  Let’s fix that with some Interchangeable Flip-Flop Back Straps:



Raise your hand if you have piles of old cardboard in your garage/storage.  Use it up and create some Cardboard Guitars:




Do you have a missing glove? Use the lonely one and turn it into a friendly little Bunny Doll:



Need a little sack to stuff some mini gifts into?  Try these Goody Bag Cinch Sacks:



Know any handy men?  Make their job easier and whip them up a Fabric Tool Belt:



Cut out some paper dolls and attach them to some sticky magnet sheets. Instant Magnetic Paper Dolls:



Belts are fun for both girls and boys.  All you need is 5 minutes to make your own Simple Ribbon Belt:



Turn your little artist’s Drawing into a Stuffed Toy/Doll:



Ooooh, I know you have a pile of ill-fitting sweaters up in your closet.  Turn them into little Sweater Hats:



Does your kiddo have a favorite book?  Turn a Scene from the Book into Artwork for their bedroom:



Kids love sticky messes.  Let them stick their fingers into some Homemade Gak:



Make someone smile and make them one of these sweet little Fabric Stuffed Turtles:



Need art in just the right colors?  Make your own Painted Canvas Artwork:



Help your little artist stay organized and make them a Crayon Roll:



“Hut! Hut! Hike!”  Keep those ears warm with a little Fleece Football Hat:



Don’t like to sew?  All you need to know is how to tie knots to create this No-Sew Tutu:



Oh my, these little customizable Fabric Dolls will surely melt your heart as you construct them:



Do you know any Fancy Nancy fans?  How about making them an extra frilly collection of Fancy Nancy Dress-Up Items:



Grab some scraps of fabric and turn them into Full and Textured Flowers for hair, clothing, bags, etc:



Who wouldn’t love to cuddle with their very own Monster Pillow:



Give a unique gift of new bath toys…….but don’t forget to help keep things tidy and make a Mesh Bath Toy Bag to go with it:



Giving a doll as a gift?  Add a few clothing items…..and don’t forget the Doll Panties:



Create a unique piece of art with this 3D Butterfly Wall Display:



Toys, toys, and more toys.  Help keep those toys organized with some Clear Toy Storage Bags:



No need to have sewing skills for these Satin Flower Headbands:



How about giving a collection of Sippy Cups as a gift?  But don’t forget the Sippy Cup Leash:



Kids love to color.  Create your own Customized Crayons from ice cube tray molds:



Sometimes sun hats don’t have a chin strap…….but we all know they are so useful.  So before gifting one, be sure and Add Your Own Straps to your Sun Hat:



Let those kids use their imagination and give them a Fort – Table Cover:



Okay, no excuses that you don’t have enough cash to make a new gift.  Rip up some old Tshirts and make some 5 Strand Braided Headbands:



How about some simple 2 sided Stuffed Elephants and Giraffes:



Every kid needs a tote to carry their stuff inside.  How about turning a Men’s Shirt/Tie into a Boy Tote or creating a Frilly Ruffled Tote for a girl:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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Let’s keep it simple and create a collection of No-Slip Hair Clips:



Oh gee……little toddlers have the hardest time staying close by while at the store, bank, post office, etc.  Create a very simple Toddle Bag Handle to fix that and rescue a frustrated parent that you may know:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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Not enough room for a doll bed in your kiddos room?  How about making a Doll Bed out of a Shelf (including hanging storage), and hang it from the wall?



Know some kids in school?  Or how about some that like to draw?  Whip up a quick Girl Pencil Case or a Boy Pencil Case:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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This one can be used as decor or for a doll skirt…….but here’s how to make a Fabric/Tulle Skirt:



One of my very favorite gifts to make……….a Fabric Fishy Purse, that opens at the mouth:



Oh my word…..girls young and old would love to twirl in a Full and Fluffy Pettiskirt:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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Give the gift of something cozy and soft and whip up a Snuggly Owl Pillow:



Have lots of scraps laying around?  Sew them together and create a darling Scrap-Pieced Belt:



Make sure you’re ready for that first lost tooth and create a darling Tooth Fairy Pouch for the occassion:



Use a little bit of that elastic thread and gift some Shirred Fabric Flowers for clips or headbands:



Oh yes!  Turning old sweaters into baby leggings will make you feel resourceful.  But more than that, they turn out so cute!!



No more artwork scattered on the floor.  Create a Artwork Display Frame out of an old un-loved frame:



Need a place to put the little toys you’re giving as a gift?  Make a customized Little Pieces Toy Sack to put them in:



Babies/toddlers need diapers……..and so do their dolls and stuffed animals.  So whip up a few Fabric Dolly Diapers for your little ones:



Need to spice up a wall?  Create some Little Birdie Wall Hangings:




And whew, that about wraps it up.


Hope that helps while you’re on the search to make the perfect gift for some little kiddo in your life.





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