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50+ Great Homemade Kid Gift Ideas


We are snowed in today.  HOORAY!!  Well, except for Steve.  He still had to ice-skate his car down the freeway to his job this morning.  I think we’re going to find some hills to sled down after nap/quiet time.  Wish us luck! ;)


Anyway, just for fun, I compiled a lengthy project list today.  I get emailed a lot about certain project themes and where more projects in this theme can be found.  Like, if I have a bunch of wedding gift ideas, more baby gift ideas, some ideas on how to decorate a certain room, etc.  If you check out my tutorial button above (up in my header), you’ll see a bunch of categories that I included to help organize this mess of projects here on my blog.  But I get it, it can be overwhelming.  So, I think here and there, I’m going to dig into all the old posts and share a compilation of projects that I get asked about quite a bit……all in one post.


I guess I could add 17 more categories to my tutorial section up above……but, well, this is more fun! And I hope it’s more helpful.

So, first up?  Kid Gift Ideas.  And there’s more than 50 of them.  Wow!  I have forgotten about so many of these projects.




Some are ones you’ve seen recently……but others have been buried for 3-4 years.  So, hopefully this will help, especially when you need a quick reference.


So, here you go:


First up…….every child has a favorite book.  How about whipping up a Felt Toy Truck to match a favorite truck character:



Oh, little girls and their hair.  Whip up a few Simple Felt Hair Clips and keep that hair out of their eyes.



You know those little feet that aren’t quite ready to keep flip-flops on……but they’re too big for the toddler flip-flops with the strap on the back.  Let’s fix that with some Interchangeable Flip-Flop Back Straps:



Raise your hand if you have piles of old cardboard in your garage/storage.  Use it up and create some Cardboard Guitars:




Do you have a missing glove? Use the lonely one and turn it into a friendly little Bunny Doll:



Need a little sack to stuff some mini gifts into?  Try these Goody Bag Cinch Sacks:



Know any handy men?  Make their job easier and whip them up a Fabric Tool Belt:



Cut out some paper dolls and attach them to some sticky magnet sheets. Instant Magnetic Paper Dolls:



Belts are fun for both girls and boys.  All you need is 5 minutes to make your own Simple Ribbon Belt:



Turn your little artist’s Drawing into a Stuffed Toy/Doll:



Ooooh, I know you have a pile of ill-fitting sweaters up in your closet.  Turn them into little Sweater Hats:



Does your kiddo have a favorite book?  Turn a Scene from the Book into Artwork for their bedroom:



Kids love sticky messes.  Let them stick their fingers into some Homemade Gak:



Make someone smile and make them one of these sweet little Fabric Stuffed Turtles:



Need art in just the right colors?  Make your own Painted Canvas Artwork:



Help your little artist stay organized and make them a Crayon Roll:



“Hut! Hut! Hike!”  Keep those ears warm with a little Fleece Football Hat:



Don’t like to sew?  All you need to know is how to tie knots to create this No-Sew Tutu:



Oh my, these little customizable Fabric Dolls will surely melt your heart as you construct them:



Do you know any Fancy Nancy fans?  How about making them an extra frilly collection of Fancy Nancy Dress-Up Items:



Grab some scraps of fabric and turn them into Full and Textured Flowers for hair, clothing, bags, etc:



Who wouldn’t love to cuddle with their very own Monster Pillow:



Give a unique gift of new bath toys…….but don’t forget to help keep things tidy and make a Mesh Bath Toy Bag to go with it:



Giving a doll as a gift?  Add a few clothing items…..and don’t forget the Doll Panties:



Create a unique piece of art with this 3D Butterfly Wall Display:



Toys, toys, and more toys.  Help keep those toys organized with some Clear Toy Storage Bags:



No need to have sewing skills for these Satin Flower Headbands:



How about giving a collection of Sippy Cups as a gift?  But don’t forget the Sippy Cup Leash:



Kids love to color.  Create your own Customized Crayons from ice cube tray molds:



Sometimes sun hats don’t have a chin strap…….but we all know they are so useful.  So before gifting one, be sure and Add Your Own Straps to your Sun Hat:



Let those kids use their imagination and give them a Fort – Table Cover:



Okay, no excuses that you don’t have enough cash to make a new gift.  Rip up some old Tshirts and make some 5 Strand Braided Headbands:



How about some simple 2 sided Stuffed Elephants and Giraffes:



Every kid needs a tote to carry their stuff inside.  How about turning a Men’s Shirt/Tie into a Boy Tote or creating a Frilly Ruffled Tote for a girl:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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Let’s keep it simple and create a collection of No-Slip Hair Clips:



Oh gee……little toddlers have the hardest time staying close by while at the store, bank, post office, etc.  Create a very simple Toddle Bag Handle to fix that and rescue a frustrated parent that you may know:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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Not enough room for a doll bed in your kiddos room?  How about making a Doll Bed out of a Shelf (including hanging storage), and hang it from the wall?



Know some kids in school?  Or how about some that like to draw?  Whip up a quick Girl Pencil Case or a Boy Pencil Case:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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This one can be used as decor or for a doll skirt…….but here’s how to make a Fabric/Tulle Skirt:



One of my very favorite gifts to make……….a Fabric Fishy Purse, that opens at the mouth:



Oh my word…..girls young and old would love to twirl in a Full and Fluffy Pettiskirt:

50+ great homemade kid gift ideas
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Give the gift of something cozy and soft and whip up a Snuggly Owl Pillow:



Have lots of scraps laying around?  Sew them together and create a darling Scrap-Pieced Belt:



Make sure you’re ready for that first lost tooth and create a darling Tooth Fairy Pouch for the occassion:



Use a little bit of that elastic thread and gift some Shirred Fabric Flowers for clips or headbands:



Oh yes!  Turning old sweaters into baby leggings will make you feel resourceful.  But more than that, they turn out so cute!!



No more artwork scattered on the floor.  Create a Artwork Display Frame out of an old un-loved frame:



Need a place to put the little toys you’re giving as a gift?  Make a customized Little Pieces Toy Sack to put them in:



Babies/toddlers need diapers……..and so do their dolls and stuffed animals.  So whip up a few Fabric Dolly Diapers for your little ones:



Need to spice up a wall?  Create some Little Birdie Wall Hangings:




And whew, that about wraps it up.


Hope that helps while you’re on the search to make the perfect gift for some little kiddo in your life.





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    I NEED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Awesome list! I just purchased a retired Felicity doll on eBay for my daughter’s Christmas (we are using the Felicity books for homeschool this year) so it made my day to see that doll bed/closet. My daughter has a loft bed and hardly any extra space so it’ll be perfect in her room! Thanks for the great ideas!

  14. Abbi says:

    Oh my! Thanks so much for posting this! I have been looking for some fun and original things to make for the little girls in my life who have EVERYTHING! I can’t decide which one to try first!

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    Thank you for this great list!!
    If you don’t feel crafty, check out MISI Handmade Gift Guide for Children

  16. Ms. Laura M. says:

    Hey Ashley, once again, Great Ideas! I personally think that my little man would love the cardboard guitars and the tool belt. He likes to pretend like he’s a little professional and i can just picture him strutting his stuff in that tool belt :)

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      Hey Ellie, it looks as if you are having some cache-ing issues. So, no, I’m not sick or hurt (thank goodness!)…….you just haven’t been seeing my newest content. When I updated my site’s software a month ago, some were having problems with the newest problems showing up. Here’s the info I have tried sharing on facebook and such, to help everyone catch up. Good luck! -Ashley
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      If you’re having issues seeing my newest posts, then it’s probably a cache-ing issue with your computer. (My my recent post was put up on 3/19/13 and it was titled “DIY Fabric Shoelaces”. Sometimes there’s an issue with cache-ing when I update the newest software available for WordPress. Is this all sounding like mumbo-jumbo???

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      Some computers have different caching settings and that’s why some people were able to see the newest post right away, while others were not. To resolve this, you’ll need to clear your computer cache. If you’re unsure how to do this, try googling it. There are so many browsers and versions of each browser and then PC, MACS, etc……so it would be impossible for me to list them all here. So, try googling, “clear cache for Internet Explorer” or “clear cache for Internet Explorer on a MAC” or whatever describes what you’re using. Hope that helps!
      Let me know if you have any other issues!

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    I’ve been in a sewing slump and now you’ve got me itching to get back in there! Thanks for the inspiration =)

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    <3 and I wish for you a beautiful sewing/craft room in your new home, Ashley!!

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    God bless you!!!

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    You rock! I love seeing so many of your wonderful ideas pulled together like this. Stay warm! We’re in Wichita and got over a foot yesterday.

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    I have already pinned so many of these separately, but I had to pin this specific post. So many of my favorites all in one quick link! Awesome. You just made my “to do” list for me. Thanks for sharing all your creativity!

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    I Love your web sight. what wonderful, creative work you do. I have grandchildren who would love it if I would just remember and make them some of the things you do. Thank you for sharing. Jackie

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    I love your projects! This is just a reminder of SO many things I want to make and haven’t gotten to yet. Love it!

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    I’m so inspired!

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    Your glove bunny is WAAAAAYYYYYYY cuter than the one on Martha’s site!

    Hey, is that a Count Rugen glove you’ve used!?

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    This is so great! A nice quick reference when you have a birthday or something coming up. I love your tutorials, they are easy to follow and the end product is wonderful! I’ve made the fishy purse and the pettiskirt for my little girl. Thank you!

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