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Goody Bag Cinch Sacks {hey…use up some of that scrap fabric}

Well, my {almost} 6 year old has been as happy as clam since Saturday.  (Her REAL b-day is the 2oth.)  Because, we had a little party with a few of her friends……..and she had an absolute BALL having a “friend” party.  Yeah, this was her first one.  Ever. :)


And, even though my husband said it would have been easier to fill up brown lunch bags with goodies……I insisted on making some little fabric goody bags to send Elli’s party guests home with.



And yep, they’re just like the cinched up Toy Sack tutorial from last week……just a bit smaller in size.  Lots of uses, those little bags have.




After my husband said I could have just handed out brown bags, I replied, a bit snarky, “hey, I used fabric from my stash, so making these bags saved me about $1.50.  (Which is the price it would have cost me to just buy brown bags.So, go ahead and thank me…….because now we can now afford an extra bar of soap this month.  Or something!”  Ha.  He teases me because no matter what he says, he knows I will still lose sleep making random little items of happiness.  Simply because they make me (and our kiddos!) smile.  HOWEVER, don’t laugh if by the time Chloe turns 6, I send her party guest home with recycled grocery sacks.  Hey……I’m realistic! :)



But each little party guest went home with a personalized goody bag.




Which was filled with all sorts of little cheap-y toys.  Kids love this stuff!




And after the toys are lost/broken, they can use their little sacks for whatever collection or hidden treasure they’d like to keep safe.  Sure beats a brown paper bag, right?!!  (You can send hate mail to my husband at Ha.  Just kidding.)




I didn’t hand-make anything else at all.  (I only sort-of made those pom-poms.  I bought the edges precut.  I just had to fold and pull the layers apart.)  So these little sacks were my one little fun handmade project for the occasion.  Which was perfect.  Oh wait, I guess the cupcakes were homemade too. ;)


 **The only difference from the fabric toy sack tutorial from last week, is that I cut the two main pieces of fabric 9 x 11 inches (rather than 12 x 14).  And then, the small piece of fabric with the name on the front is about 3 x 5 inches.  And when I boxed out the bottom corners, instead of measuring in 1.5 inches from each corner tip, I only measured in 1 inch.  That’s it.  The rest is exactly the same.

. . . . .



Are you curious about her little party?  Here’s a little peek (even if Elli’s grandparents are the only one’s interested. Ha.).  And yeah, I can’t ever take a “few” pictures.  I always go overboard.  So grab a hot cocoa……  ;)



We played a few silly games but I think the silliest of all, was the YUCKY cupcake contest.  The kids were all given an un-frosted cupcakes, some mustard, ketchup, popcorn kernels, and goldfish crackers……and were told to make the ickiest, yuckiest, pukiest cupcake that they could.



There was a lot of shrieking and looks of horror by the girls at first……but the boys.  OH, the boys!!!!  They loved this idea! :)



They laughed a lot.  And made a lot of gurgly, icky noises while making their cupcakes.  It was a riot!





The girls ended up having just as much fun though.  And Elli was the only one to try the finished cupcake.  Let’s just say she was on the verge of tears when she crunched down on some popcorn kernels.  I think she expected it to taste good.  It IS a cupcake, after all. ;)



Then, it was time for the Pinata.  This was the only party request from the birthday girl.  Well, she wanted friends too.  Check.  And check. 


The kiddos lined up, youngest to oldest……making it Chloe’s turn first.



The 4th in line, whacked that poor little cupcake to pieces.  We need stronger pinatas!!!!



But who cares…….the whole point is the candy, right???



That’s when I handed out their little bags to shove their candy into.  And then let them dig in and see all the little treasures inside.  I figured this would help while Elli opened up her gifts, if they had a few things to play with too.  I know, I’m a sucker for keeping little ones this age happy at a party. :)



And don’t worry, Chloe kept herself very busy, stealing candy from everyone else.  Turkey!  I kept catching her with her mouth full.



Then, it was present time. 


A few of Elli’s friends read their hand-written cards to her…..and they were so proud to do so!




Then, it was this little pumpkin’s turn to give Elli her card.  She “read” Elli her card too……and went on and on about birthday wishes and how happy she was to be there, etc.  Oh my word….cute as a button!  Steve and I couldn’t stop laughing!



And finally…..time for DESSERT!!!!!






And Chloe?  Well, she found plenty to do.  And gobbled up any dropped jelly beans or sprinkles that she could find off the floor.  And then, would wiggle her little self right up onto any chair to find more to vacuum up! ;)

 **Yes, her boots are on the wrong feet. Makes me laugh!



Yep, here she is, after forcing another little girl right out of her chair. ;)



The smiles are always tripled when their bellies are full of sweets.  (Sorry parents, I totally let them have more when they asked for a second cupcake!)



Ahhhhh, what a fun afternoon. 


And thanks to all her little friends for coming.  I know it’s a busy time of year…….but you helped fill Ellli’s heart right up to overload! :)



Oh Elli, my heart can barely comprehend you turning six in a few days.  But I sure love the sweet little lady that you’re turning into. 


(It baffles me to look back when Elli turned 5.  And even more when she turned 4.  Wow, how she’s grown.)


Your daddy and I both love you to bits, little Munchkin! :)


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