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A big ‘Happy Birthday’ to my 5 year old girl!


I always thought I would feel like a real mom when my first born turned 5 years old.  I don’t know, 5-year-old’s seem old when you’re having your very first baby.  It seemed like 5 would mean I had been in business long enough to legitimately feel like a ‘real’ mom. 


5 years later, 2 more children, mounds of laundry, lots of tears to soothe, 3 sweet mouths to feed………and I still feel like no time has passed at all.  So, am I real yet?!  :)  This sweet baby girl of mine turned me into a mother 5 years ago…….and I couldn’t be happier with her for changing a bit of my identity and lifestyle.  

. . .


This little lady has been counting down on a paper birthday chain for weeks.  When her birthday finally arrived yesterday, she grinned from the moment she woke up until the end of the day, when it finally sucked every last ounce out of her.  She completely enjoyed all of the attention.  All.  Day.  Long.




We waited until the evening to have a little family birthday bash……..when her cousins and aunts/uncles/grandparents could be there.  She told me she had a secret wish this year.  I hope it comes true little Missy!  (I really have no clue what it was.)



She asked for Pizza and Root Beer for her birthday dinner.  Soda is a ‘special occasion’ drink for our kids…….so once she got her hands on her root beer, she sucked that cup dry. 



Her little brother enjoyed the party too.  And helped himself to a cupcake.  Or two or three.



Baby Girl was there too, so excited about all the commotion…….and nibbled on cooked carrots and blueberry puffs.  Yum.



When it was time for presents, she was excited to finally see what I had planned for that little vinyl bag (from this tutorial) that she saw me making last week.  (I decided to give it to her for her birthday and not Christmas.)  Yep, stuffed full of Polly Pockets.



And don’t worry, she was plenty spoiled this year by family here in Colorado…….plus her daddy’s side of the family in Idaho.



I’m not sure I have ever seen her so excited.  She just kept laughing and shrieking and giggling and bouncing around.  Her excitement was on turbo mode.  She also made it clear she wanted to open her presents on her cousin Camille’s lap.  (Thanks Camille……she was a wiggle-wart, I know.)


And when the line-up of Barbie Princesses were opened…….she about passed out from excitement.  Oh, the thrill!



And her Uncle Greg tested her to see if she knew all of their names.  (Yep, well, almost…..except Tiana.  She hasn’t seen the movie much.)




It was a great day.  Full of fun.  And bright paper, ribbons, gifts, and bows.  And of course, family.


Happy Birthday sweet girl!  You are such a lovely daughter, a helpful big sister, and a beautiful little person. 


We love you.




And what a lucky duck you are……..only 4 more days and Christmas will be here to spoil you all over again!



Speaking of……are you all ready Christmas?  Are your gifts wrapped?  Are your holiday recipes chosen?


Hope these final days are happy.  And bright.




Ashley Johnston

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