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My little Connor turns a BIG 7!!!

Before I type anything else — remember the Black Friday sale we chatted about last weekWell, TODAY’S THE DAY!!!  So, stop reading for one second, go check out all of the “Black Friday In July” sales going on HERE at Amazon today, stock up on gifts and anything else you need (the sales are killer!)………and then come back here and finish reading!  I know, that’s a big long list of things to do — but your day will be better for it! ;)


. . . . .


When I think about the very end of my pregnancy with my second baby, I remember wondering how in the world I was going to be a mom to 2 kids.  And even more, how I would love this child as much as I loved my first.  Everything I knew about being a mom, was being a mom to a girl… I was very unsure of what being a mom to a boy would look like.  I mean, I don’t like cars and Legos as much as I like dolls and frilly skirts……so how could I relate to this child?


But the moment our squishy baby Connor was born, I instantly adored him.  And fell in love with every part of his happy little soul!  He loves life and enjoys being around people…..and man, this kid has the most contagious LAUGH!!


And on June 18th (I know….a little late), he turned 7.



Connor is growing up so much.  And it’s fun to see the little person he is becoming.  I hope he always, ALWAYS fosters that sweet little sensitive side of him.




This year, we celebrated Connor’s birthday about a week early, because we were leaving for Colorado for a week during his birthday but Steve wouldn’t be there for most of that trip, so we decided to celebrate before we left.  And yes, the tradition still holds strong…….some sort of mini toy(s) atop a basic cake.  Easy for me…..EXCITING for them!  (And I love that they talk about it weeks prior to their birthday, wondering what the toy will be on their cake!)




This year, we asked Connor what he wanted for his birthday.  He told us Legos, of course.  And action figures.  So we topped his cake with mini action figures (shown above) but then risked ruining his birthday wishes and got him something different than Legos.  We purchased 2 separate packages of Zoobs.  Yeah, kinda similar to Legos (as in you are putting small pieces together to build something big)….but still pretty different.  We knew he’d probably like them…..but were worried he would be disappointed they weren’t Legos.  But then, we remembered this kid is so happy by nature….and probably a package of shiny rocks would have been super exciting if we “sold” him on the idea! ;)




This picture was taken a few days later (with my cell phone, sorry it’s blurry)….but zoobs are these wonky shaped pieces that fit together in a ball and socket type manner but rotate on the ball……but lock in to place…..and are fascinating.  They position in so many ways and are easy for little hands to manipulate, way easier than Legos, but can still be turned into complex things.  I’ll admit, we ALL love playing with them!




Connor LOVES these Zoobs…….even more than I thought he would!  And no joke, he will play with them for HOURS at a time.  In fact, he came to me yesterday and said, “Look mom, I just made the Zoob-cycle!” and was so proud!  (They come with little booklets to make all sorts of different designs….but of course, you can turn those suckers into anything!)  A birthday present WIN for sure!  (And because I know some will ask, I bought the Zoobs HERE.  And we bought THIS set with wheels, too.  And both sets are on sale today…..wahoo!)




Anyway, back to his actual birthday……Connor has also been hoarding an old watch of mine that I gave the kids to play with and has been asking for his own, for a very long time.  We finally bought him his own.  And he was PUMPED!!! :)



Yes, it’s a Casio, which is generally a little higher in price (at least I thought they were), but we found one for about $13, HERE.  He’s in love!!  Another birthday present WIN!



And then, the infamous cards from his sisters.  Elli’s are filled with happy birthday wishes to her little brother and Chloe’s always include a few pictures of bobble heads with arms and legs coming out of the head!  So sweet! :)




Another year old, buddy.  I can’t even believe it!




Just remember to always, always, ALWAYS snuggle your momma!  Even when you’re all grown up.  And if you keep surprising me with your favorite out-of-nowhere phrase, “wow momma, you look BEAUTIFUL today!”…..I wouldn’t mind that either! ;)


Love you kiddo!  And thanks for showing me how easy it is to love baby boys!!!




. . . . .

I clicked back to look to see if I shared Connor’s birthday last year….and sure enough, I did.  And couldn’t believe how much he’s changed.  At least to me.  CLICK HERE for a little flashback. :)



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