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Ruffle Shirt {from ruffle fabric scraps}


I had a few projects stored away from before the move (here, here, here, and here)…… I have a few to share that I just never had time to post before leaving Georgia.  Perfect.  Because, you know, things aren’t quite unpacked yet.


………you know how that goes.



But remember how I fell in love with ruffle fabric Oh, you don’t remember? Well check it out here, here, here, and here.


And because the fabric is so lovely, I can’t throw scraps away.


So I used them here. On this simple little shirt.




Quick.  Easy. And a great little pick-me-up.


You could add this to your shirt, a baby onesie, a little girl shirt.……you know, whatever you can get your hands on.

(This Tee is from Downeast. Nice price, great length, good stretch.  Have one in about 10 colors.  Nope, not getting paid……I just love their shirts on my long torso. Ha.)



Here’s how I made mine:


I grabbed a knit tee that I already wore and liked.  I picked off the neckline only along the front but didn’t cut it off.



Then I cut a rectangular piece of the ruffle fabric, with a rounded bottom edge.



Next, I placed the ruffle fabric right on top of the shirt, making sure the top edge passed the neckline just a bit.  Then I pinned under the side and bottom edges right to the shirt. (I tried the shirt on at this point, to see if the ruffles hit in a good spot.  I first made it too wide and it made my chest look weird.  So I narrowed it down a bit and looked much better.  So try yours on too.)



Then sew the ruffle fabric right to the shirt.




Now, trim off the top of the ruffle fabric, matching it with the top edge of the neckline.



Then fold the neckline edging back into place, and then pin it.



Now, sew the neckline back in place.  If your original neckline had two seams like mine did, be sure to create 2 seams.



And that’s it.

Pretty quick.  And pretty satisfying.



. . . . . . . . . .

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