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Kid Craft Project: Paper Towel Butterflies


Thanks again for all of the well wishes (and prayers) along the way of our long trek from Georgia to Colorado (posts here, here, here, and here).  It amazes me how many of you offered your help, a place to stay, or advice about the areas here.  My gosh, if you ever need the world’s best support group…….start a blog and then talk about a big life change.  Your hearts are all as lovely as ever.


Now, it’s time to get back to the regular ‘ol blog.

Have you missed the normalcy?  Or are you hoping there are more dramatic cockroach stories, like yesterday?

(All of your comments about killed me yesterday.  I laughed and laughed.  Thanks.)


Today’s post was photographed and written up before we left GA…

…so here’s a little something fun that was saved for today.

. . . . . . . . . . .



Summer is here, school is out of session, and kids have busy little fingers and minds.


Cindy, from the blog Skip to My Lou, is sharing 30 different summer craft ideas from 30 different bloggers, called Craft Camp.

She invited me to join in on the fun and today is my day to share a projects for the kiddos.  Oh, and what a great collection of projects so far…….check them all out if you need more summertime kid ideas.




And my kid craft idea today, comes from my mom.  She taught kindergarten and first grade for years, so her kid ideas are endless.  One of her kindergarteners from years ago, even reads this blog (Hi Megan!!)  So maybe she made these years ago??  Ha.


This project is so quick, so easy, and a great project for any sized kiddo.  They love it.




And not only is the process fun…….playing with them afterwards is thrilling!


IMG 3651
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To make your own butterflies, gather some plain white paper towels, food coloring, and pipe cleaners.



Mix your food coloring with water in separate bowls.



Now, fold your paper towel in half, in half again, another time, then one more time…….into sixteenths. Allow your child (assisted if necessary……thanks daddy-o!) to dip each corner of the folded paper towel into the colored water of their choosing.

(Don’t dip the paper towel in too deep or for too long. Leaving part of the paper towel white in some spots also helps with the coloring and outcome. Let the kids experiment.)





The bigger kids can probably do the dipping themselves after showing them a few times.



Now, let the excess water drip back into the bowls after dipping each color, then open up the paper towel and lay flat to dry.



Once each paper towel is dry…….gather along the center of each paper towel, wrap a pipe cleaner around the center, twist it off, even out the wings, flatten the body, and then curl the antenna’s.



Nice and simple.


Now, hang from the ceiling with some string, pin to the wall, perch on a desk……….



………or just allow them to flit around the room.




Such a simple project to help keep those little fingers and minds busy this summer.




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