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Our Cross Country move is Over!! (Plus a story about a cockroach…)


We’re here in Colorado…….yay!!


No more fast food, no more mileage countdowns, and no more confined babies in car seats for hours at a time.


But before I tell you about how excited we are to be out of the car…….I have to tell you about our traveling companion, la cucaracha (cue the Spanish folk song).


If you weren’t aware, there are huge cockroaches in the south.  Like big ‘ol suckers that would clog a drain.  Well, the morning we were leaving (Monday), our landlord arrived a little early to check us out from the home we rented in Savannah, GA.  Because she was a bit early, we turned into turbo mode and started throwing things into the car to hurry and be ready to leave.  While doing so, my husband Steve, noticed a cockroach jump off of something he was tossing into the back of the car and scurried under a box that was already packed in the car.  Oh, shoot.  So he grabbed his hammer and started pulling boxes and luggage out of the way and was pounding that  hammer on the floor of the car, trying to catch and smash that pesky cockroach. With each pound of the hammer, he missed the cockroach and while the hammer would strike the floor of the car, the cockroach would bounce into the air from the force of the strike.  That dirty little critter popped into the air 6 or 7 times from the hammer blows before it snuck away beneath one of the seats.  Dang.  Meanwhile, the landlord was walking around, waiting for us to finish our little escapade, so she could check us out and be on her way.  Steve and I looked at each other.  We knew we didn’t have time to take the whole car apart but we really didn’t want to take that nasty bug with us to Colorado and risk it laying eggs and creating a new breed of cockroaches in Colorado with us.  Ick.  But we had no choice.  We’d have to find that dirty stowaway after arriving in Colorado.


On day 3 of our travels (yesterday), my husband was getting back on the freeway after stopping for lunch somewhere in Kansas.  Suddenly, he felt something crawling up his leg.  He figured it was a little bug that crawled on him at our lunch break…….and reached down to brush it off.  That’s when he realized it was no little bug crawling up his leg…… was that stinkin’ cockroach.  He had somehow made his way up to the front of the car (he probably got tired of the kids snacks on the floor) and was making his way up new territory.  My husband couldn’t spit out what was wrong but I knew something was bugging him down on his leg.  At first, I thought his soda spilled all over the floor by his feet……but then realized it was something more.  He pulled over to the shoulder of the freeway, and I realized what he was staring at.  That darn cockroach was laying there on the floor mat, belly up.  I shrieked at Steve to hurry and kick it out of the car before it came to conciousness.  He was sure it was dead as he flicked it out onto the highway.  But sure enough, we realized cockroaches have 17 lives…….as it scurried away to find someone else to torment.


Farewell non-paying passenger.  Enjoy yourself on the hot Kansas pavement.  ((shudder))

(By the way, he was broken and struggling to crawl away.  I don’t know why we didn’t smash him……but not thinking, we ran away from him as fast as we could.  Sorry Kansas……but he’s a goner, I’m sure.)

This big guy measured in at a teeny 2 inches long.  He must have been a teenager roach.  Ha Ha.

So glad we don’t have to spray our car for bugs.  Good riddance.



And even though the riddance of Mr. Bacteria was the best news ever………our day got even better.


Hello Rocky Mountains, we have missed you.



The kiddos were so happy to get out of the car……….so they instantly jumped, hopped, and rolled around to relieve their achey little bodies.



And they collected new little treasures to play with.  They acted like excitable little puppies, learning their new territory.



Thanks grandma and grandpa for having a beautiful backyard to eat our “Welcome to Colorado” dinner in.  Sure beats fast food.  Ick.

(And thanks for letting the kiddos help you with your garden, grandpa.)




Oh, and we appreciate the full basement apartment that you are kindly letting us use while Steve finishes his clinical rotations while here in Colorado.  We hope you like the scattering of dollies, race cars, sippy cups, and blankies.


Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. Lee says:

    Having been a military wife in another lifetime-I know every struggle and laugh you had. I flew from Ky to Guam alone-hubby was already there-with a 3 year old and nearly 1 year old!!! Only 2 other women on the plane-rest were young men on the way to Vietnam. I have always wondered how many came back.

  2. Melane says:

    I have to tell you, i have had more than intimate relations with cockroaches since i became a property manager. I don’t understand how some people can live in such filth. Upon doing final inspections, opening the hallway doors and dozens falling on my head! Ewwww.. . .

    The best natural, non-pesticide deterents for cockroaches and other exoskeletal bugs is diotomacious earth (food grade) and add some borax power. Keep in mine that if it gets wet, the borax powder no longer works. but the Diotomaceous Earth continues working. Lightly dust in the corners of carpets, baseboards, refrigerator, cabinets, etc. You will see they start dying off – and it kills the hatching larvae.

  3. manda says:

    Great story. Thinking of a move from PA to out West one day. How did your move go? The Rockies look gorgeous! !

  4. Sofia says:

    How do you like Colorado so far? We were supposed to relocate to Denver a few days back but couldn’t find someone to rent our house…so we are stuck in Oregon still. I wish we were there!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed your story and glad you were able to get rid of the creature. We are in Nicaragua right now in a family vacation and must tell you that for being in a humid tropical location, we have seen our portion of bugs, but luckily not cucas.


  6. Bethany says:

    Um… while I was reading this I felt something crawling on my neck… :( For real. And threw it across the room and couldn’t find it. No roach though. Way to feel like I was in the story though. Bless you with your move! I know all about the fun of that. Hope you’re settling in well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I shuddered the whole time I read this. I live in TN… I know about those nasty things. Gross, gross, gross!!! Glad you made it though.

  8. Joy LaVon says:

    YAY !!! I am from Colorado, living in Connecticut, will be doing that treking thing later this summer, early Sept. I had no idea Uhaul had those pod thingys, Thanks for that info. Glad you made it, and left that cockroach in Kansas. My son lived in Texas, and would bring eggs unknowingly, so I learned to put his luggage in the tub before I unpacked it, so I could wash all the roaches & eggs down the drain.
    Best to you, enjoy Colorado. Hugs. nana

  9. melody says:

    welcome to CO ~ I’ve lived here my whole life but in 12 days I’m moving to Anchorage, Alaska ~ looking forward to following you from up north!

  10. carissa says:

    i grew up in colorado springs. if you have the chance while there you should go check out Garden of the Gods and then Estes Park!

  11. Alison says:

    I had a similar cockroach experience, when we moved to washington from texas a year ago. I was unpacking a box of dishes in our new house and discovered a stow away. I took the box outside and once i got it out of the box i smashed it with a big shoe until it stopped moving. What is weird though is that we lived in Texas for 6 years and that was only like the 2nd cockroach i had seen in the whole 6 years!

  12. dannyscotland says:

    I used to live in Florida and they have massive roaches, too. When we finally moved out of that place and got back home to where we belong, we realized we had still brought them with us. We had to have our house sprayed a few times but now we’re happily living roach free. I HATE those things. I’m glad you got rid of it, and it’s a good thing no roach ever crawled on me in a car on the freeway. I could have been killed!

  13. Kelly says:

    It’s funny you mention your trip! Definite kudos on the drive from GA to CO. I just got back from a trip to GA-TN and on our very bumpy plane I mentioned to my mother how people coming to CO from GA might think CO looks dry and tree-less. (Because going to GA we were amazed at how green and completely full of trees it was!) But yes, it is nice to see the Rockies. Have a good time here! :)

  14. B. Moore says:

    Fascinating…. cockroach supporters! Please keep to the SOUTH side of our joint border, Thank-you very much!
    For those concerned about the poor, wee buggins’ ….Cockroaches, Palmetto-Bugs, Water-bugs? … WHATEVER you want to call them bugs….once done infesting every single, brand-spankin’ new apt. dwelling the globe over within 7 years, cause serious allergy and breathing problems in people of all ages, bite infants and all ages (yet again) in their sleep causing again…allergic problems and bites that can lead to infections all sorts, and leave trails of disease laden germs and bacteria on surfaces, in open and at times closed food stuff containers as they skiddle about; can you just remind me why you don’t want them destroyed?? Cause I’m thinking if the tables were turned…they’d want us destroyed.
    OOOPS, yep, never-mind …they are.
    I’ve got to say, those mountain ranges look glorious though.
    Congratulations on a safe journey and a new, exciting life ahead of you.
    BJ in Ontario

  15. Devony says:

    I can’t believe how many of your viewers live in Colorado! We’re in Tallyn’s Reach (SE Denver) and LOVE it! Hope you do too!

  16. Kassie says:

    When I was 4 we moved to South Carolina. I can’t tell you how many times I was traumatized by a nasty cockroach. Even now they give me goosebumps & shivers when I see them or talk about them. My recurring childhood nightmare, roaches marching as soldiers through my head, wish I was joking. I don’t think we would have made it past the nearest gas station vacuum cleaner if we had a roach in the car… you are brave. And so glad the nasty is gone. ew.

  17. grace says:

    ew. i HATE bugs. hate ’em. especially cockroaches. when i was four, we vacationed in hawaii and stayed in a hotel with a pool. (ohhh Hawaii sounds really nice right now.) i was probably four, and on our way back from the pool (since it was seperate from our rooms) i stepped barefoot on a cock roach! it. was. DISGUSTING. (yes, i totally remember the whole story. it was a traumatizing experience.)

  18. Beth says:

    I am glad you are there safe, but I am also sad about the way everyone is hooraying for the injurying/death of that cockroach. Boo to that.

  19. thenewleaves says:

    Glad that you made it safely! I can’t imagine that kind of trip with my 8 month old.

    Also, thanks for ditching the stow away before you made it to CO. Those things give me the heebegeebies

  20. Melissa says:

    Glad you got rid of the bug. Yuck!

    And welcome to CO!!

  21. Shelly says:

    When we were first married and very poor, we lived in an apartment with a cockroach problem. Every other night for a week, one of us woke up to a cockroach crawling on us in the night. SO freaky! I couldn’t wait to move out of that place.

  22. Valerie Nelson says:

    Wow, that is soooo gross! I think the worst we have in California are mosquitoes… I’ve actually never seen a cockroach, and hope to never encounter one!

  23. Becky says:

    I would seriously freak out, there’s no way I would get in the car with a cockroach, I would have just made the lady wait! We’re living in Florida and have seen 6 or 7 HUGE cockroaches in our house in just the 2 months we’ve lived here! There is seriously nothing in the world I hate more. Luckily we’ll be moving to Washington in 6 months but I’m still freaked out about bringing those disgusting things with us. I’m hoping whatever eggs/bugs that do survive the trip will die soon after. Maybe we’ll just throw everything away and start over…

  24. Alix says:

    Glad you made it safely to CO. I used to live in Parker for years. What a gorgeous area. I miss the Rockies and the people. Lots of amazing people!

  25. Heather says:

    I know just how he feels. One morning I was half asleep when I felt something on my leg. Only when I went to brush it away it pinch me! It was a giant beetle. And we don’t get super huge bugs in Kentucky; usually. Congrats on a move gone well. And my husband and I and our two kids currently live in my parents finished basement while he finishes his master’s, so I can totally relate. Have fun unpacking!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I went to school in Louisiana so I am all too familiar with those huge cockroaches. Do they call them water bugs in Georgia, because they did in LA and we were like, “no, these are cockroaches” Gross. I had on crawl on my face in my apartment one night. Neatly died of a heart attack. Luckily my now husband was able to find and kill it the next day. Also had a lizard get into my apartment one time. That didn’t freak me out too much though. Not nearly as much as those stupid “water bugs”

  27. Kenzie says:

    Oh, I hate those bugs. Grew up in Utah where we don’t have them. Then I moved to Jersey for 18 months and my first experience with them was when I opened up the cupboard door and the biggest one I have ever seen fell out and onto the countertop!

  28. tina says:

    LOL. I do NOT miss those suckers!!! (I’m from Florida!) Luckily in El Paso, Tx, we only get the itty bitty ones that the cat likes to eat

  29. VickiT says:

    I am very glad you all made it safely but ewwwwwwwwwwwww your extra passenger is the exact reason I stay where it’s possible to get 25 inches of snow in one snowstorm during the winter. At least in IL we don’t have bugs the size of my husband’s size 15 feet. LOL

  30. Jennifer says:

    I majored in Horticulture in college. During one of my pest control labs, the professor brought out a frozen cockroach and put it on the table… sure enough as it thawed, it started wiggling and eventually walking around. No wonder those things are so hard to kill!!!
    Glad you got rid of yours! & Glad your move was otherwise successful!

  31. Kristy says:

    Oh the cockroach stories. Let’s just say that when we lived in Albuquerque, NM, they sought me out. Not my husband — just me. In my shoes, crawling out of the sink while I’m brushing my teeth — yeah it was bad. That’s what we get for living in military housing I think. Oh your story made me shudder. And I for one am not sad that you didn’t smash him dead — maybe his death will be slow and painful in Kansas. Sorry — that’s just the way I feel about those icky things. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anonymous says:

      That’s mean to say that you hope the cockroach suffers

  32. Sarah says:

    This was a great story! I’m glad you got rid of that cockroach. Ugh…I can’t stand them!

    And, I’m glad you made it safely home to Colorado. I was so excited when I read that your husband is a PA student! My husband is in PA school as well. He will start his rotations next summer. Good job you for being a PA student’s wife and being such a good mommy and keeping up with such a fantastic blog! It is hard work and you are a great example to me. Keep it up and good luck with rotations!

  33. Jenny says:

    I won’t get into my story of living in a roach infested apartment for a year…. with a one y/o…. and a newborn…. wonder why the rent was so cheap….. What I will tell you is that after a very emotionally exhausting day you have blessed my life twice: First, when I remembered how to make a BEAUTIFUL pillow from memory off your tutorial (seriously, I almost wet my pants with giddiness when it turned out so beautiful) and second, reading this article. I would say that after all the challenges of moving across the country, it was a success, because you brought a much needed smile to my face. Thank you for being you. :-)

  34. Robin says:

    I went to a bug zoo. I learned that the cockroach is one of the cleanest bugs. Cockroaches spray this purell -like substance all over themselves every 30 minutes or so to clean themselves. It is the in-between time that they crawl over garbage and then crawl over the clean surfaces that they dirty and contaminate things. It was from that information i was able to even touch and handle the big cockroaches they had on display. Cockroaches get a bad rap because they move around too much. They are actually very clean. Who would have thought?!

  35. PunkRockChic says:

    Cockroaches are evil. Before we moved, my neighbor’s husband came home from a trip overseas and brought with him three different breeds of cockroach. Their house was INFESTED and many of the vile things got into our kitchen. They are soooooo difficult to get rid of. So glad you left that sucker in Kansas!

  36. Melissa says:

    Haha, just reading that made me feel like I had a creepy crawly on my leg!! (shivers) Glad you all made it safely!~

  37. Nandini says:

    Glad you arrived safe! While you are moving to colorado, we are moving to New Jersey from Wyoming.. and we are going to miss the mountains, the picture of the rockies almost made me cry… :(

  38. Deb Westbury says:

    Glad that you arrived safely…the roach that you showed is called a Palmetto Bug…rumored to be SC State Insect…they loe to wait around doors and when you coe in and out will jump into a house as quick as they can…I was hearing a noise in the bathroom, not knowing where it was coming from looked up only to see 1 coming in through some venting in the ceiling…they do not like heat and will come in however they can…My suggestion is to find some exterminator and have them spray the car, or go to Lowes and get some green bug killer and spray the carpet, just in case…they can multiply like crazy…

    1. Amy G. says:

      I second that! In Central Florida we have a lovely breed of roach called the German Cockroach. It took us a FULL YEAR to get them out of our house. A ton of them were living (grab your barf bag) in my floor mop. It’s quite possibly the most traumatic experience we have had since moving here. We think they came from some yard sale furniture we bought, but they can also be transported to your home in a visitors purse. Yep. I have no intention of living in the south for very long.

    2. Deb Westbury says:

      I lived in upstate NY and we had cockroaches, but we called them waterbugs…but when lights came on they ran and hid…Here in the South they do not hid, and you can hear them moving…they are not afraid…

  39. ellen says:

    Lots of roaches here too. I’m surprised it’s not the official State Bird (yes, they do fly)! I’m glad to know you had a safe trip. Enjoy Colorado; I’ve backpacked the Rocky Mountain–breathtaking.

  40. Jo says:

    I think I would still spray since you never know if they lay their egs

  41. Laura B says:

    We had a stowaway on our last road trip too…. a four foot long bull snake! He wasn’t in the passenger compartment, but it still gave me the heebie-jeebies the whole ride! ….

    Glad you had a safe trip and found the little bugger!

  42. lisa says:

    HAHHA, I loved the roach story! We live in GA and I so know what you mean…those roaches in the south are MONSTERS. I just found one in my washing machine as I was transfering the clothes to the dryer. Gross! At least it is squeaky clean now (and dead..thank you very much).
    I loved how you said that your husband couldn’t spit it out what was going on. haha, I’d have been speachless too. Glad that you were finally able to get rid of him (or her?).
    Glad your drive to CO was safe! ENJOY. :D

  43. Barbara says:

    Loved the story about the Roach, I hate those things. I was really kind of hoping the end of the story would be that somehow that limping roach was able to make it back into your car that was speeding away. Oh well so much for my ending. Glad you made it to Colorado ok. Looking forward to your posts.

  44. Tammy says:

    Roaches are disgusting. My husband works at a paper mill, and there are huge ones there. But you shouldn’t step on them. If they are carrying eggs, and you smash them with your shoe, the eggs can survive on your shoes, and then you track them around whereever you walk. And I’m sure you realize there could be more roaches hiding in your belongings. Not to freak you out.

    I’d almost rather have (ALMOST) roaches than these guys.

    1. Melissa says:

      AAaarrggg!!! I shouldn’t have clicked on your link. Yick! I don’t know which is worse roaches or centipedes.

  45. Sarah says:

    Congrats on the safe trip (cockroaches aside!) and welcome to sunny CO! I live on the north side of Denver and I’ve been in and out of Boulder all week. Each day when I drive down the road and see the Flatirons I am so very thankful to be living in this gorgeous state. I am sure your kids will enjoy it too. Hopefully you can pull some sprinklers into Grandpas lawn and cool off for the next few hot days :) Either that or find a good neighborhood pool!

  46. Laura says:

    YAYY! :) Glad you all made it safe and sound to colorado! Even with an uninvited visitor! :) We just found out we’re moving to Colorado in Sept and can not wait!!

    1. jannet says:

      laura – what part of colorado?

    2. Laura says:

      Denver! :)

  47. Rachel says:

    I have to say, I didn’t know about the roaches in Georgia until I saw the biggest (4 inches, I swear!) one crawl up from behind our stove while I was cooking dinner. ICK! ICK! I have shudders just remember that moment. I actually grabbed the skillet full of food and swung it wildly at that horrid beast until I finally gave up and ran screaming and crying from the room. I told Kai we were moving out the next day and we needed to find a hotel room. I may have been 9 months pregnant and hormonal at the time, but I stand by my response… Then my sister from Florida called and filled me in on the ‘Scourge of the South’. I learned pretty quickly that it doesn’t matter if your home is sterile (and I am actually a diagnosed OCD so my house gets pretty close sometimes, haha), you will see one once in a while.

    I laughed when I read your post and then shuddered at the thought of transporting one of those when we relocate when Kai’s done with school here in Savannah. Ick. So glad he popped up to say hello, so you could say goodbye. I’ll miss seeing you in the hall at church! Have a wonderful time in Colorado, we have lots of family and friends there. I’m jealous of the summer you’ll be enjoying while we are sweating it out in Savannah!

  48. Jodi says:

    Loved the story– thanks for sharing! It made me smile. We lived in NC for a few years and I learned all about cockroaches. They get big there too. I would agree that a two inch one is on the small side. I once read that they can live for up to 30 days without their head. Talk about hard to kill! Good luck in CO!

  49. Melissa says:

    I shuttered numerous times while reading that. I just did it again. We had a bout of those nasty things in our current apartment when we first moved in. I didn’t even know cockroaches were in Utah. I ditto the “ick”. Glad you are all out of the car. Enjoy cool, rocky Colorado!

  50. Meagan says:


    Roaches are the most disgusting thing EVER. You are a brave woman to drive KNOWING one was in your car. And thank goodness it was your husbands leg it climbed up! I would have jumped so high if that thing even touched me!

    My first (solo…no husband around) encounter was 2 weeks ago when I found one in the laundry room. When my husband got home, he found it, belly up under the washer. I had sprayed it 4-5 times with WD-40. My husband informed me that this roach was a baby….I thought it was the size of a large rat. But whatevs. He served his mission in southern Texas and so he has seen roaches the size of your fist. Please no…don’t wanna see one that big in my lifetime!!!

    Glad you made it to CO! Say hi to the Rocky’s for me!

  51. Teresa says:

    Yay for making it to CO. I would so still be bug bombing my car. Ew!

  52. Tammy says:

    Yay for the end of the road trip. Roaches are disgusting! When we moved into our house, I had one drop onto my head. I was screaming and jumping around like an idiot. It still gives me shivers. Our guess is it road in on one of our moving boxes. I’ve been told they adore cardboard. Nasty beasts!

  53. Crystal says:

    Oh my LORD. I would have freaked out & not been able to leave the driveway until we found that little bugger! I’m from south Louisiana & spent the last 5.5 years in coastal Mississippi. I’m very used to those little (large!?) fellows. We now live in Nebraska (hello neighbor!) & haven’t had or seen one roach since we moved here. Actually we have. It was in a bag that came straight from base housing! SO glad we are not living there.

    Anywho – I have a very important question. That view of the Rockies. Can you tell me what road/highway/interstate that was on? I’m taking my hubs to the rockies in 10 days. He’s NEVER seen mountains. I want him to see THAT for one of his first views. (or something like it) I haven’t been since junior year in 1994. We came into Denver at night, so I don’t know what the view is like on that interstate that comes in from Kansas. Unfortunately we’ll be coming across NE & down into Loveland. We’re staying in Estes Park (call me crazy, did NOT know it’s like freaking Disney WOrld in the SUMMER!!!) But whatevs, I want him to see a magical view like that for his first view of those lovely mountains. Please let me know! :)

    Enjoy your new life in Colorado!!

    1. Andrea says:

      Coming from Nebraska, you won’t get that majestic of a view. In the Loveland/ Estes Park area, you’ll be in the foothills. Still big ole mountains compared to anything you’d see in NE though. If you’re just dying to see that view, you’ll need to drop down to I-70 before heading west.

      You’ll still love Estes even in the summer~ tons of elk walking around, even in town.

      Have a great Colorado vacation~ you’ll love it here.

    2. Shawna says:

      I live in Loveland and my family lives in Nebraska. Depending on where you are in Nebraska you could come down through highway 34 (Sydney, Sterling, Fort Morgan, Greeley into Loveland) You will get a very good view of the mountains that way and depending on how clear it is at some points you can see pikes peak. But if you come through Wyoming (Torrington or Cheyenne) you will not get as good of a view as you are closer to the foothills but it is still very pretty. I personally love living in Loveland. : ) i hope you enjoy your vacation!

  54. Sarah says:

    Sorry, you had me laughing! I totally understand those monstrous roaches…we have them too in AZ. I have had a few nightmare experiences with them myself. Glad you get to enjoy the cool Colorado air and see those beautiful Rockies once again!

  55. Cathy says:

    I moved from Michigan to Mississippi, and the first time I saw one of those bugs it totally creeped me out. By the way do you know they can fly?? Congratulations on moving safely!!

  56. Lynette says:

    Oh dear. That story was very entertaining! I can’t believe how huge those are! I’m glad you’re home safe!

  57. Jennie says:

    I love the Rockies! I am from Arizona, but currently live in GA. I have been in the south for almost 5 years and I always find it comical when a Southerner tells me about their mountains! They don’t know what mountains are until they stand at the base of those “purple mountain majesties” aka the Rockie Mountains!
    I am so jealous that you’re there! Glad you made it safely!

  58. Emily says:

    I totally feel for you. We moved to central FL a little over a year ago. I am originally from Oregon, and have NEVER seen anything more disgusting in my entire life!!!! I am 22 and I scream, like a baby whenever I see them in my house. My worst incident was one night I opened the door to my garage and stepped down and turned on the light at the same time, only to see a HUGE cockroach running around my feel. I literally screamed in terror and ran to my husband, who hear the scream and turned to see my jumping into his arms. Of course his first thought was that there was someone in the garage, only to find out that it was just a pesky roach. More recently I was going to take a shower in our master bathroom. For some reason, thats where the roaches like to camp out in our house. I ALWAYS check the bathroom/shower for bugs before I start the water and get it. Well, all clear so I shower and when I whip the shower curtain back, I find a huge cockroach had taken a shower with me on the other side of my shower curtain liner. I thought I was going to die! grabbed my towel, screamed for my husband, ran to the other backroom and showered again, while my hubby was taking care of “the problem.” My 2 year old daughter calls them “Nasty Nasty” or “Nasty Bug” and she is SO RIGHT!

  59. Erin says:

    How I miss that view of the Rockies. I live in Texas and I HATE those cockroaches. Texans tried to fool me by calling them waterbugs. Ewww!

  60. Faith says:

    Yay! So glad you are finally at your new destination! Home sweet home! Awww…such a great feeling! And being with family makes it so much better! :) Congratulations on your move!

  61. Amy B says:

    You really should write children’s books. You have such a great way of pulling a person into your story. I felt as if I was in that car with you. I taught first grade for 36 years and believe me, each and every child who came down with a case of lice had me scratching for days. I know how you felt about that roach! Glad you had a safe trip. There’s no place like {grandma’s} home!

  62. Angie says:

    I could barely read your story. It makes me nauseous to think of a roach on the car with me. Once there was one in our house, that came in with some hand-me-down furniture. We ended up basically moving out all of the furniture in the whole house, spraying for roaches, and leaving things out in the sun to drive the bugs out with heat. I CANNOT do bugs! I’m glad that you don’t have to wonder where he’s hiding anymore. I would probably have nightmares about something like that.

    Enjoy your new home and adventure! Your kids are adorable.

  63. kate w. says:

    Welcome to Colorado!! I just moved to Denver about 8 months ago and LOVE it! Originally from TX (Austin & San Antonio) I can relate to bug issues. Really glad CO doesn’t really have huge roaches (or tons of mesquitos or chiggers or ticks or fleas… i could go on and on.)

  64. jannet says:

    oh heavens – i’m all itchy and creeped out now! i keep looking for any sign of them … even tho we don’t have them in colorado. just the thought … *shudder*

    glad you made it safely!!

  65. Keriann says:

    Oh my gosh! That story bring back very traumatic memories of my own! Oh the horror of that long night! Read here:

    On a happier note…Yay! for no more cooped up kiddos in a car!

  66. kimberly says:

    We lived in Alabama for 3 years and I refused to ever come to terms with the fact they were actually cockroaches!! Nonetheless, we moved to Virginia a couple years ago and I found one when we were unpacking my KitchenAid mixer-Yuck! Thankfully we, uh, took care of him and haven’t seen another one since!!

  67. Mindy says:

    OMG that is disgusting! I’m getting heebyjeebies on my legs now! I can’t believe you didn’t battle it out before you left!! That’s like trying to sleep with a mosquito or spider nearby! but WAY worse obviously.

  68. Bobbie says:

    oh wow! Glad he is gone now :)

  69. Stephanie says:

    We lived in Colorado for 10 years. While we do not have cockroaches, please beware when leaving your car doors open while camping. I once had a chipmunk stow away in my SUV on a camping trip, only to brush across my leg while making my back down the mountain road. It was NOT a pleasant feeling, and took 30 min to flush him out! I’m sure he was in chipmunk heaven with all of the cheerios and crackers strewn about the backseat. At least I can laugh about it now….

  70. makana hansen says:

    Oh my! Well glad the road trip is over finally. We had one of those big buggers waiting right inside our door after church. YUCK! I totally freaked out. You handled it way better.

  71. Regena says:

    OMGosh!! I am laughing my hind end off!! I thought stuff like that only happened to me!!
    I hate those roach bugs and I am with the earlier poster…new car time!!
    Thanks for the trip pictorial and the laughs!!
    I KNOW it wasn’t all fun and games, but I’m glad you shared the good parts!
    Enjoy your new homeland!

  72. Marlie says:

    YAY! congrats on surviving the move! I’m originally from Georgia and I remember those dang roaches. We also called the water bugs. The fact that they can fly creeps me out to no end.

  73. Maria says:

    Lol, that’s sooo funny!!! Wow I would’ve been freaking out the entire time for sure. Ohhh I would just die if that huge, nasty thing crawled on my leg! Here in South Texas there are plenty of cockroaches too.

  74. Alison says:

    Yay, I had no idea you were moving to Colorado! I live in Highlands Ranch… I think you will love it :) I’m so glad you made it safe and sound. Now that is a long trip!

    1. jannet says:

      alison – i live in highlands ranch, too!! how funny is that? small world!

      ~ jannet

  75. Natalie F. says:

    Oh my, I got a kick out of your story!! Mostly because we are also moving to Colorado Springs in 2 weeks and we have an issue with cockroaches here in Las Vegas as well!! This is my worst fear – a cockroach hitching a ride with us to Colorado! I have even been trying to inspect each box before I seal it up to make sure we don’t have any unwanted guests with us!!! So glad you made it safe and sound (and cockroach free)!!!!

  76. carmel says:

    Awesome! I would have freaked out if there was a cockroach in the car with me for 3 days and then THEN felt it climbing up my leg! Glad you arrived safe and sound in Colorado and have such a great family!!

  77. Amy F says:

    Thanks a lot! Like we need anymore bugs here in Kansas! (Btw, you probably passed through my town – Goodland, the last town (basically) in Kansas!) Yay for being done with the travel!

  78. Jessica :) says:

    Glad you made it to Colorado without too much incident. I’m also glad you were able to rid yourselves of the cockroach before you got to Colorado. Good luck with rotations and being in a new place. :)

  79. Natalie says:

    Yeah for Colorado!! As for Mr. Cockroach … I’d totally be shopping for a new car! I don’t do bugs!

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