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We’re Home! (And someone turned 5…)

My heart is full.   I can’t even describe to you how much relief I felt as each percentage of fire containment rose over the weekend.  It went from 5%, to 25%, to 30%, to 55%, to now 75% containment.  Which means those super-star Fire Fighters (and so many others) have control of over 75% of the fire’s borders.  They have all been working so, SO hard.  And I have been very impressed with their long hours of service.  I also could never share every bit of pure kindness I have seen here in our community.  It’s been such a beautiful thing.  :)


Experiences in life are kinda funny like that.  We learn from them what we want to, and/or are willing.  And I believe, this community has learned to be a little kinder.  A little more selfless.  And LOT more loving.


But really, thanks for sending such warm emails and leaving comments.  I read every single one.  Thank you for loving on (and praying for) my family.  :)


P.S. We have had so much beautiful rain lately!  Yesterday, it rained on and off all day long.  I’m sure the fires are super cranky about that.  But our poor patchy lawn has been drinking it right up! :)

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The fire turned really ugly Thursday afternoon and the mandatory evacuation zones expanded quickly.  They weren’t sure what the fire would do next.  So, we evacuated and headed to my parents house.  (So glad they’re only a couple hours away!)  And even though Connor’s birthday isn’t until today (YAY!!), we had a little last-minute birthday party for him at my parents house on Sunday.  Cheap streamers and quirky ‘Happy B-day’ posters included. :)


When we first moved here to colorado from Georgia, this kid was turning 3.  And we were struggling to get him potty trained.  (Remember all that Potty Training stuff?  So glad all those tricks worked!)

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I keep grasping at the days that keep slipping right through my fingers.  Dang kids, they grow way too fast, without even asking permission. ;) 




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 (Sweet little squishy 3-year-old face.  Where did this kid go?)





I kept asking Connor what he wanted for his birthday cake.  All I really got out of him was lemon cake and Super Hero frosting.  Hmmmm……yeah, there wasn’t time for fondant Super Heroes.  So, we put toy ones right on top.  Because that’s what cheaters do. ;)  And the kid can play with them after he licks all the frosting off their feet.  Ha.





He was really happy about those toys on top.  Who wouldn’t be?!?! ;)





Then it was present time.  Grandpa was in charge of reading all the birthday cards.





Connor was THRILLED to get all of these $1 dollar bills from Gma and Gpa Silk.  SO COOL!!





We have been asking Connor what he has wanted for his birthday, for months.  He has told us random things like, dinosaur punching bags (what? where do I find that?!?!) or a new pirate ship (yeah, he didn’t play with the last one he had).  We decided last minute to have his party at my parents house, while we had escaped the fires in our town.  So……I had to gather a few things at the store on Saturday.  Good thing he forgot about what he really asked for……


Because this Hulk Mask and Hulk Fists were a complete surprise for him.  And he didn’t know he wanted them until he unwrapped them.  I LOVE a good surprise that’s actually a hit!!





And this is from my phone after returning home…….but Connor walks around the house saying “HULK SMASH!” and then punches the floors.  Or the un-painted (as directed by his mother) walls.  Ha.






Another huge hit were these random little rockets I found.  You stomp on this air pedal and it shoots these foam tipped rockets way up in the air.  Like, WAY up in the air.  And all of us have given it a try several times.  So fun!






He also got some sling shot rockets.  Chloe kept those busy (with Uncle Mike’s help) while Connor stomped on the air pedal.






Then, Connor and his cousin Grant decided that Superman needed a ride on the rocket.  


After stomping on the air pedal, Connor excitedly scanned the skies for signs of his super hero up in the clouds.  Yeah, Superman barely made it off the ground.   Ha.  What a bummer!






Really kid, you have got to slow down.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around one kid being in school…..but now two?!?!



We all love you Connor Boy.  And your contagious laugh.  And the way you enjoy life……and popsicles! :)



And thanks for having a birthday to celebrate, which completely took our minds off the happenings at home.  Great timing! :)

. . . . .



Thanks again to all of you, for your concern with everyone affected by the fires here in our town.  There are over 500 homes that were destroyed.  But this community has pulled together and after some time, things will be repaired and re-built.  


Enjoy your day….and we’ll talk soon!




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