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Downy Touch of Comfort/Quilts for Kids (Donate $2 by just leaving a response. Easy.)

Do you remember last summer, when I posted about Downy’s Touch of Comfort/Quilt for Kids program?   (It’s a program that Downy created in 2009, helping to provide free fabric to willing seamstresses, who construct the quilts, return them as soon as they can……and the quilts are then distributed to children in hospitals all over the U.S.)


Millions of children are hospitalized each year and just imagine for a second, how scary that must feel to them.  To be in sterile rooms, poked and prodded by strangers, and not allowed to bring favorite blankies or animals from home (due to allergy and sanitary reasons).  Through Downy’s Touch of Comfort program, little kiddos are given a bit of cheer (through a handmade quilt), which can make a hard stay at the hospital, a little more bearable.  Once I heard about the program, I was sold.  I know how to sew.  And I knew I could whip up a quilt or two to send off.  I loved it!


And so did many of you.  The response was really incredible.  (In fact, Downy has helped donate over 30,000 quilts since joining in the efforts with Quilts for Kids to comfort children.)


This is what I (and many of you) received in the mail:




And I turned it into this sweet little 4-Patch-Quilt:




I remember Chloe (only 1-year-old then) thinking this quilt was for her and wouldn’t let it go.  I had to wait until she wasn’t looking, to get it back from her.  Which validated all my work……….to see it loved by little hands! :)




By the way, they have to charge $6 to help pay for shipping the fabric kits out to you.  Yeah, $6 isn’t a huge deal when the fabric is free and all picked out and coordinated for you…..but I just wanted you to know! :)



**But the help doesn’t stop there.**

Downy is providing a way for EVERYONE to help, even if you don’t sew!



How To Help:

  • Visit the Downy Touch of Comfort Facebook page
  • Leave a comment, sharing what brings you comfort (i.e. family, rainbows, hugs, etc.)
  • $2 will be donated for every comment left.  
  • Easy as that. :)



What a great way to spread goodness!  And I promise, you won’t leave there feeling grumpy.  You’ll probably end up reading others’ comments (like I did), and leave feeling even better than when you clicked over.  It’s a win-win. :)



And just so you can see great things happening with Downy’s Touch of Comfort and the Quilts for Kids program, here’s a quick video clip:





Okay, and one more……because I loved learning a little more about the founder of Quilts for Kids.  Linda Arye, a woman who had a hospitalized child herself, developed this idea from necessity.  What a kind heart……and phenomenal organization! :)





Anyway, consider signing up to make a quilt of your own to donate.  

Or leave a comment, which will turn into a $2 donation to Quilts for Kids.  Or do both.


Either way, it’ll brighten your day!





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