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My heart has been a little achey this week…

I have such a fun little Father’s Day project that I’ve been working on with the kids…….that’s quick and easy.  And a sure dad-pleaser! :)  But, I had to set it aside for a bit. 


Because maybe you’ve heard…….but Colorado is having several fires right now. 


(I know there are several other states battling wild fires right now as well.  And I’m so sorry if you’re being affected by them.  Those little monsters become unruly, so quickly.)


One of the large fires happening in CO right now, is only a couple miles down the road from us.  Over 360 homes have been destroyed, 38,000 people have been evacuated………and about 15,000 acres of beautiful forest growth has turned to ashes. 


Here’s what we saw from our neighborhood, on DAY ONE of the fires:



I grew up in southern AZ…….so I’m used to seeing wildfires.  And really scary ones.  But I’ve never felt such a sense of panic and urgency until now.  And I guess most of that stems from being a mother to 3 small chickens.  I just want to pluck them up and run. 


We are currently in a pre-evacuation zone.  So, we have a week’s worth of clothing packed, as well as our computer, important documents, and other medical necessities……all ready to go.  The rest of the stuff in our new home is completely replaceable.


But to those who have already lost their homes, all our prayers are with you…….including the sweet prayers of our small children.  (They don’t know the severity of what’s going on……but they know others have lost their homes.  And that it’s possible we could lose ours.  And let me tell you, if you want to be humbled, listen to the faithful pleas of a child’s worried & praying heart.

 . . . . .



Last night, we drove around a bit, just to see what we could see.  (And I forgot to grab my big camera……so these fuzzy cell phone pics will have to do!)


And oh wow, all those wonderful firemen, forest servicemen, policemen, military personnel, city officials, etc………working their guts out to extinguish the ugly monster of a fire.




This area of CO has been so dry……creating perfect conditions for a fire.  But our city is exhausting all efforts to contain this fire….including parking large tanks of water around the major borders of the fire.




We weren’t the only ones out, soaking in the scene.  Another onlooker and I both agreed, it seemed as though we were attending a funeral.




However, the volunteer work, encouragement, stories of rescue, monetary donations, etc have been so incredible to read about.  It’s all of the really small things that make my heart smile.


Including this little sign I saw on the side of the road.  And the city vehicles that are parked at intersections, to offer help and answer evacuation questions.  I love seeing it all.




Fly on air support… 



We can’t see all the work going on near the fires, but the air support flying over head, late into the night……..represents all the hours and hours of hard work everyone is putting in, to help save our homes, forests, and wildlife.   We so appreciate your hours of hard work. 


My children (and I) have thrown up a trillion fist pumps up in the air for you, as you cross our skies (even when it’s really late, and they should be in bed).  So, thank you.



And just so you know, no lives have been lost.  Everyone has been accounted for and all were evacuated with plenty of notice.  And for that, I’m feeling extremely grateful.

 . . . . .



Anyway, that’s where I’ve been. 


And why I haven’t posted a really fun Father’s Day Gift Idea that I made with the kids the other day.  If things turn calm today, I may get that together and post it tomorrow.  Or maybe I’ll post it next week.  Because we can celebrate dad’s any ol’ time of the year, right??


Wishing you all a really good day. :)



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