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Gift Ideas (from the ARCHIVES) and ALL PDF PATTERNS $3.00 (until Saturday)!!!!

Hey guys!  I know, I know……..there’s only like 13 days (plus 2 weekends….don’t forget those 2 weekends!) left until Christmas is here.  But there’s gotta be several of you still scrambling to make a few last minute gifts.  Oh come on, I can’t be the only one! Ha.  So, I figured, today would be a great day to remind you of some of my favorite projects that you can find under the ol’ “tutorials” search bar up top……….that would be perfect to whip up this weekend or next.


Plus, to add to the fun…….and to gather even more people on my oops-we-better-hurry-and-make-a-few-things-this-weekend team, all items in my pattern shop have dropped down to $3.00 for today, tomorrow, and Saturday ONLY. (Dec 12 – 14That’s more than 50% off most of the patterns.


Okay, and I won’t tell if you purchase the pattern and then save it to your computer for after the new year…….because you’re all done with your gifts for this year.  (Oh, how I wish I was on top of things like you!)






GO HERE to purchase your PDF patterns for $3.00.  (The patterns are a PDF file and will be sent to your email address immediately.)



Oh, that sweet little shop of mine.  I have such big dreams for that place!  I’m thinking 2014 is the year to start building her back up and provide you guys with more paper patterns that you can print, cut out, and use as real pattern pieces.  Deal? :)

. . . . .




And just for fun…… are several items from the Make It and Love It archives that you may have forgotten about.  Hurry…….you have some sewing to do this weekend and next! :)



Remember this really simple Pin Cushion Jar?  Yeah, mine are filled with treats (for a little craft party)…..but fill your will pins, buttons, etc. for that crafter you know.  Cute!




Or maybe you have a few little ones who you’re sewing for.  All you need is a few fabric scraps and you can make some darling Stuffed Turtles.




We all know it’s bundling weather.  Everyone can use an extra scarf or two.  Make it interesting and create a quick Shirred Scarf.



Oh wait…..these little Fabric Dolls are still one of my favorites to create.  Customize them and gift them to some little ones you know! :)



Or maybe you know a budding photographer.  Make her happy by turning a fun and trendy purse into a Padded Camera Bag.



Little girls love their purses.  This cute Fabric Fishy Purse will NOT disappoint for even one second.



Keep it really simple and give that ice cream lover his/her very own Ice Cream Cozy.  Trivial? Yeah, but so much fun!



Or maybe their thing is soda.  This Soda Can Cozy is just as fun! :)



Or maybe you know a little guy who loves his trucks.  Create a Felt Toy Truck and match it with his favorite truck storybook!




Or, Frame a Scene From a Storybook…..and you’ve got a fun gift for the little readers you know! :)




Oh boy, we all know that strollers can be awkward to hand diaper bags from.  Create a quick 2-in-1 Stroller Bag into a Messenger Bag that transforms easily and will eliminate a lot of frustration.




Or, oh boy, what to do with all those little toy pieces.  Create a little Toy Sack.  Problem solved!



I know you have leftover fleece scraps from something.  Turn those scraps into a cute and cuddly Stuffed Snake for the little serpent lover that you know!



Something equally fun……is this Monster Pillow.  Quirky and fun, he’ll surely make bedtime/naptime a little more fun!



Oh, I had so much fun with these little Magnetic Paper Dolls……which could easily be turned into a “boy” version as well.



Totes are always a fun gift.  Especially this Tote with Rounded Opening.  Great for a day trip, the lake, the library, etc.



Maybe you have a pregnant gal on your list.  Create some Stretchy Maternity Bands and she’ll love you forever!



If you’re wanting to make a tote…..but want something a little more vibrant a punchy, create a Two-Tone Fabric Tote.  So much fun!



Or personalize some dishes for your favorite friend and do a little Glass Etching.



Or how about creating a really simple Flower Pillow from some pre-flower-ed fabric.



Or maybe you know a Santa enthusiast (or you just want to make these for your kids like I did)……these Santa Hat Chair Covers will be a hit!



Now, go on………..get sewing!



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