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Rounded Zipper Pouch……with Faux Leather Bottom

Thanks again for hanging in there while I’ve been scarce.  I thought I’d be back to normal yesterday.  Nope!  And today’s even been sluggish……so yeah, that’s why this is going up a little late today.  This little sickness of mine has kicked me down hard.  Boo.  Anyway…….I’m back! :)

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I have a few more little gift ideas to share before Christmas is here………….though, I know, I don’t have much time.  Ack!! 


But this one turned out fun for me.  Mostly because I love having pouches for everything.  And if I have a really simple gift to share, for some reason the simple gift turns into a really great and thoughtful gift, when it’s dropped into a little fabric zippered pouch.



And this Rounded Zippered Pouch is a little different.  With a leather bottom.  (Or, faux leather……which is cheaper.  And what I used.)




Stuff one full of your favorite colors of threads and accompany with your favorite brand of scissors………or fill with your favorite pens and gift it with a few tablets of pretty paper.  (Or fill with make-up brushes, washi tape, sewing notions, small cords, etc.  The sky’s the limit!)



OR………keep it really simple and fill with some delicious sweet treats.  And deliver it just like that.  Mmmmmmmm.



Not only do these pouches have a leather bottom……they also have little leather zipper stops.  Cute little detail.





Fill it up.

Or leave it empty.

Whatever you choose……..these little Leather Bottom Pouches will surely make your recipient smile! :)



Would you like to make one?  Or a few?



Okay, here’s what you need!



  • 1/4 yard of leather (or faux leather)
  • 1/4 yard of lining fabric
  • 9 inch zipper (or longer….and you can cut it down)
  • template (found here)


Begin by printing off the template, found with the Rounded Zipper Pouch tutorial. 


Then, cut your pieces out the same way as the tutorial linked above…….2 pieces from your outer fabric and 2 from your lining fabric.



You’ll also need 2 smaller pieces of leather or faux leather for the bottom half of the pouch. 


Take your pattern piece and fold it in half.



Then, mark 3 1/2 inches from the bottom tip and make a mark.



Then, fold over the top of the pattern right at the red mark, keeping the straight edge along the left, lined up evenly.



Open up the last fold and cut along the fold with scissors.



Unfold the bottom section and use it as your pattern to cut out 2 pieces of leather or faux leather.



Place one of the leather (or faux leather) pieces along the “right” side of one of the outer fabric pieces, lining up the bottom curves.  Make sure that there is even space along the left and right sides……which will assure you that your leather (or faux leather) piece is placed evenly.  Sew right along the straight edge of the leather (or faux leather) piece, securing it to the main piece of fabric.



Set aside.




Now, cut 2 pieces of leather (or faux leather), for your zipper stops.  Both pieces should be about 1 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches wide.



Trim the top end of your zipper off so that there’s only a ½ inch of extra zipper fabric at the end.  Fold one of your leather (or faux leather) pieces in half lengthwise and press with your fingers to make a faint line.  (Now you should have a piece that is 3 inches wide and 3/4 of an inch wide.)  Unfold and slide the leather (or faux leather) under the end of you slightly un-zipped zipper.  Pinning the two ends of your zipper together may help you keep them in place.  Now, fold the leather (or faux leather) back in place, sandwiching it around the zipper end.  Then, sew in place, about an 1/8 of an inch or closer from the edge (shown on right).




Then, measure the upper straight edge of your fabric.  Mine measured 8 5/8 inches.



Subtract 1 from that measurement.


Make sure your zipper is closed and then cut off any excess zipper past that subtracted measurement.  (Measure from the Zipper End that you just sewed in place…all the way down.)  So I cut mine down to 7 5/8 inches.



Then sew the other piece of leather (or faux leather) to the other end of the zipper…..the same as the first end.



Now, refer back to the Rounded Zipper Pouch Tutorial to finish off the pouch.  The only difference will be the zipper with the ends.  Just center the zipper the same way as the link……as if those zipper ends aren’t even there.



The other difference, is that once the front and lining pieces were sewn to both edges of the zipper and were ironed open and flat………I sewed a top-stitch right along the the edge of the fabric, nice and close to the zipper.  I did the same to both sides of the zipper (like shown with the red dotted line).  However, I only sewed from one zipper end to the other……and didn’t sew all the way to the end of the fabric.



And that’s it.

The rest is just like the other Rounded Zipper Pouch.



So, stuff with a few little surprises and gift to that sweet friend of yours.  OR, keep it for yourself! :)







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