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Baby BOY sandals (made with faux leather)

Remember how I love itty bitty baby shoes?

Well, I made those sweet little girl sandals last week (found here)……..but had to give little boy ones a try too.  Little boys are just as fun to dress up and I know many of you have (or know) some handsome little fellas.  And even though I don’t have a little boy to put these on, I just couldn’t resist.

So instead of a cinched bow on the top, here’s a boy version, with a woven-like top………using the same shape and main structure as the girl style.


I just couldn’t leave out the little dudes in my sandal making fun.



And because they were made with a tiny bit of faux leather (vinyl)………they cost practically nothing. 

And nope, I didn’t have a little boy model…….

And yes, these little boy sandals have a little strap (with elastic) around the back……to keep them nice and snug.

Why is teeny tiny so darn cute?

Would you like to make your own Little Boy sandals?

First of all, I purchased this fabric at Wal-Mart like 3 years ago.  I’m not sure if they carry it (or something like it) anymore……but check out any of your local fabric stores.  This fabric is thinner than the sandals I made here and was a bit easier to sew with.  So check out the upholstery section too and see what kind of sturdy and interesting fabrics you can find that don’t fray.  (Non-fray fabrics make this project MUCH easier.)

And remember, I’ll be referring back to the girl sandal tutorial here, throughout this tutorial.

First of all, trace around the sole of a shoe that fits onto a piece of paper and cut out for your pattern piece.  Then cut out your top and bottom piece out of your main fabric choice for each sandal.  Then cut out 2 pieces of felt for each sandal too.  (You’ll need 2 layers of felt to make it extra sturdy…but if your fabric is pretty thick, you’ll only need 1 layer of felt for each sandal.)

These sandals I made different and didn’t sew the sole layers together…….I fused them together.  SO I cut out 3 pieces of double sided fusible web for each sandal.  Place a layer of the fusible web in between the two layers of felt and fuse them together with a hot iron.  Then place it between the bottom and top layer of main fabric, with the 2 fusible web pieces on either side of the felt and iron them all together.  (Be careful to not melt your fabric.  Test out your iron heat on some scrap fabric first.)

**My soles were about 4 1/4 inches long for my 3-6 month size.

Now, you’ll need to cut out a sort of rectangle piece that will go on top of the foot.  The top edge is rounded and more narrow and the bottom edge is tapered outwards and is just a straight edge.  It will be rounded and trimmed later on.  The length of this piece will be longer than you think you’ll need…….because those baby feet are rounded and chunky.  So this piece will go up and over the top of the foot, so you’ll need enough length to go up and meet the ankle.  You’ll need 4 of these pieces.  You will also need 8 long strips to use for the weaving. (My sizes and measurements are shown below for my 3-6 month sandal size.)

Now place the top and bottom pieces together with the right side facing outward and sew together.  Use a really small seam allowance (about 1/16 of an inch from the edge).  Sew along the long edges of the long strips and then along the long and curved sides of the bigger pieces.

Then make 4 little slits along the top of the 2 main pieces.  Each slit is slightly wider than the strips.  Then make a narrow box of stitches right around your slits.

Here’s an up close of the stitching along the long strips.

Then place your strips through the slits for both main pieces.

Now, place your main piece right on top of the sole and center it at the top.  Stitch right along the curve of the sole and attach if to the sole.  (Keep your stitches close to the edge.)

Then trim off the excess fabric.

Then attach the back strap with the elastic to your main sandal piece, just like shown here.

Now, place your little baby foot onto the sole and measure how big you need the main section of the shoe to be.  Sew the strips down on the side, nice and close to the edge of the sole.

Now, attach the binding strip to the edge of the sole, just like the tutorial here.

And that’s it.

Little boy sandals completed.

. . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. Lynwood says:

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  3. benben says:


  4. Karen says:

    Great job! These are so cute! My children are footwear designers (yes both!) and introduced me to a product called Shoe Goo – it is a glue in a tube that is used on any type of shoe to glue it together. Great stuff! You can get it at Wal-Mart in the shoe dept. endcap for about $4. Just thought I would share for non-sewers or to use instead of fusable interfacing.

  5. Catherine Genao says:

    Do you sell these!? I really want them for my baby boy that its about to be born.. Can you please email me and let me know?.. Thankyou!


    Catherine Genao..

  6. Donna@Collage Ideas says:

    This is just too cute to be true! I would wear those as a key chain!

  7. Fundi Caleb says:

    hi. 1 of my clients directed me here and the truth is I love your work. She wants me to make a pair for her 2 year old using materials that I use in my ladies and gents shoes (genuine leather uppers and car tire soles) and I agreed. Could I please post the sandal I’ll make on my facebook page for other clients to order? PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!
    Greetings from Mombasa Kenya

  8. Desings By Sessa says:

    Thanks! I love little boys’ shoes! I’m going to try out this pattern soon (, but want to make them look more like the ones at WEEPEREAS on etsy! Boy shoes are just precious! And I love the boy sandals! And who cares if they don’t have much purpose…except to be CUTE!

  9. abby says:

    those are awesome. i have a little one i would like to try making them for.

  10. Christy, momMADE says:

    I have some pleather still and attempted to finish some booties for my 9mo, it didn’t turn out well. I must not have followed to pattern because my 5yo can fit them. Thanks for this tute. They look simple enough .)

  11. Lisa says:

    Can’t believe you made these! They’re so adorable!

  12. Melissa says:

    First of all…I love your site! I am so thankful for it! Your tutorials are amazing and so detailed and always absolutely adorable! Second…I was wondering if you would want to do a give-away…of those little baby boy sandals…because I have a little boy due in Dec. that I would love to put them on :) Thanks for all you do!

  13. Molly says:

    Thank you so much for posting a boy version of your sandels! There aren’t as many boy patterns out there as there are girl, so I always love some new inspiration! Darling shoes :)

  14. Jill says:

    These. Are. Adorable! And brilliant–I would never have thought of making my own baby sandals. I love how the soles are flexible, since that’s best for tiny feet. Thanks so much for the tutorial!
    (And I think tiny things are adorable, too, and especially tiny shoes.)

  15. Lyndsay says:

    I love these! I just had a baby about 5 weeks ago. He may be sporting a pair of these pretty soon! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

  16. Nicole says:

    So wonderfull and lovely, wish I have the time to try all your great ideas, thanks so much for sharing! It’s really a dream, to stroll around your blog!
    And your pics are great, what camera model do you use?
    Love from switzerland

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ashley, I can view the posts! I checked at 8:42 mountain pacific time. Thanks!

  18. Amanda says:

    Love those! Sometimes it is so hard to dress up our little men with handmade things. I love the fact that you put those on your little girl because I have tried on girly items I have made on my little guys before too! ;)

  19. Clare G says:

    Baby feet are adorable anyway, but with your awesome cute little sandals on those little tootsies, it just makes me swoon!

  20. Melissa says:

    I feel silly. Instead of cursing Robeez for not making a cute sandal, why didn’t I just make my own? You’re a genius and those are seriously adorable.

  21. Marnie says:

    These are so adorable!! LOVE them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Regina says:

    Great great job – I actually like them more than the girl version. Congrats to your “super model”…..she did a nice job of standing still for the photo.

  23. melissa {all sewn up} says:

    okay, so your amazing. ;)

    I wish I thought such cuteness was possible while my babies were still babies!

  24. Linnea says:

    so adorable! I never thought of making shoes – how creative!

  25. Cherie says:

    Those are sooo cute.

  26. Beth says:

    Oh my goodness…those are precious!!!! My 6-month old nephew so needs a pair of these! It’s amazing that your head doesn’t hurt due to all the creativity you must have going on in there ;) Thanks for sharing! Smiles~Beth

  27. Nancy says:

    Oh my these sandals are darling! Haha, love your cute model too!

  28. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says:

    seriously, amazing. as if the girl version didn’t already take the cake!

  29. Allison A says:

    Oh, so darling. Must make now!

  30. louise says:

    teeny tiny is just precious! Not sure why either, but it is. These are adorable, too!

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