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Frame a Scene from a Children’s Book: Guest Posting over on ‘No Big Dill’ today


Did you see my post earlier this morning about the HUGE Silhouette (craft cutter) sale going on for a few days (discount codes included)??  Everything is on sale.  So stock up!  Be warned, those darn CAMEOS will sell out.  Especially since they’re discounted!  So hurry and send the link over to Santa………….or just buy your own Christmas gift this year!

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Are you a fan of the blog No Big Dill?  Katy is a mom to 5 of the most beautiful girls you will ever see and just recently gave birth to a handsome little boy.  Such a dreamy little guy!  Funny thing about Katy…….is that she and I were neighbors before we left Georgia this past summer.  She lives in Florida and we realized we were actually only a couple hours away from each other.  We just barely missed each other before we left.  Dang.  Because this Katy is so darn talented and clever and witty and has such fun over on her blog.  And her children make such beautiful subjects in her pictures. 


Anyway, she has been running a Once Upon a Thread series over on her blog. 


It’s something she puts together and invites guest bloggers to sew with her and create book inspired projects.  Here are a few projects from her last Once Upon a Thread event.  SO cute and darling and imaginative. (See if you can guess any of the books.)



Anyway, Katy asked me to be a part of it this time around and I was so happy to participate.  (Last time I had a baby in my belly about to pop out.  So I’m so glad you’re doing this again Katy!)


I love children’s books.  It’s so easy to be inspired by them.  I had about 27 ideas running around in my head but I finally I chose the book The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Kate Toms for this ‘Once Upon a Thread’ series.  The story and song is a popular one……but Kate Toms gives it such a fun spin.



The story line is so silly and the flow is so easy to love.  And most likely, you’ll giggle through the whole thing.



And what I love about it, is that each image is a scene created with textured fabrics.  They’re so eye-catching.  And darling.



So, of course I fell in love.  And then decided to take an image from the book and create a piece of art work out of it…..using some textures from my stash of fabric scraps. 



Don’t you think it would make a great little addition to a nursery or toddler room?  Sit it on top of a dresser or hang it from the wall.  Or hey, it would even be cute in the bathroom, hallway, playroom, etc.  (Okay, and after I made this one……I decided it would be cute to make 2 more scenes from the book and hang them all together on the wall.)



But really, you could do this with any book and any scene…….



But what a great gift it would be to give someone a book, along with a piece of artwork that corresponds.  Anyone making their Christmas gifts this year?




Would you like to create one of your own?


If you want to create a page from The Itsy Bitsy Spider like I did…….here’s what I did.  

(But keep in mind, you really could do this with any book and just use this as a guide.)



First of all, decide on the size frame and matte you want to use (I bought a frame with a 11×14 opening but the matte is an 8×10 opening)…..then cut a piece of burlap that is an inch bigger than the opening of your matte on all sides.  Now place the matte on top of the burlap to see how big your opening is and mark with chalk or place pins on each side to use as your guide.



Now sew a few stitches around that edge but about a 1/4 inch in from where the matte would sit….so that you can see the stitches after the matte is in place.



Now, cut out some shapes to create the water spout.  Then add a few stitches for detail.  (The yellow fabric is duck cloth and the blue is faux leather.)




Now, you could use your sewing machine to stitch each piece on……or use the glue gun.  Since this won’t be washed or played with, using a glue gun totally works.  And is a quick short cut.  Place your water spout pieces down and glue in place.  (I always placed the matte down over top to see if my placement was good before gluing anything down.)



Then cut out the shapes for your spider, umbrella, and raindrops.  I used all different textures and materials.  Anything works though…….use up your stash!



Then place your spider down on the burlap and arrange the legs how you’d like them.  (I just bent the twine to get the bend in each leg.)



Then lift the body off carefully and glue a foot down to each end.  Then place the body down with glue, sealing in the top end of each leg with it.



Now, glue your umbrella down in place………and then add the top arms and hands, attached to the umbrella.  (I tucked the other end of each arm underneath the body fabric.)



Then add eyes, nose, and mouth out of felt.



To finish it off, I stitched out some lettering with my machine (feed dogs down) and glued it to some burlap and then down to the matte.  (You could also hand stitch some lettering or print the title off on the computer.)



It certainly makes your book come to life a bit more.  And will put a big smile on your face.



Now make another one or two from the book.  Or choose another book and make a scene to match.


But have fun………..and enjoy your favorite book scenes inside a frame.




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