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It’s BBQ Time!!! (…plus, an exclusive FREEbie!)

Hey guys, I know, I know……I’ve been a little MIA over the past few weeks.  But, oh boy, do I have some stories for you!  We left on vacation a month ago, returned home and had some hired help steal from us (that’s a good story I’ll have to share….including some video footage our neighbors caught on their security camera….yay!), and then we left on another last minute trip and my computer wouldn’t work the whole time I was away.  ACK!!  Now we’re home, and school starts next week!  What a whirlwind summer!

Anyway, I feel so behind with things I’ve been doing in my craft/sewing room, and there are so many things I’m DYING to make!!  Vacations are awesome, summer schedules are dreamy, outdoor landscaping is rewarding, but I’m longing for some normalcy.  And for me, “normal” includes a little more down time where I can let my hands get creative in my craft room!  My soul kinda needs it.  And I’ve been missing it.

BUT FOR TODAY, (and until I can finish some of those projects), I have something so fun to share with you….which I’ve been really excited about!  Some of my long-time and favorite blogging friends (as in, we both started blogging years and years ago, when the photos were terrible and people were still unsure what a blog was…ha!) have created a new e-book, all about GRILLING!!!  Yes, Kate and Sara from Our Best Bites, who have published 3 cookbooks already (which I probably use more than any other cookbooks I own), have created the coolest e-book, all about one of my favorite cooking methods —-> GRILLING!

Telecommunications equipment on desk with copy space


Okay, okay… this just another low budget e-book that some random person threw together??  Uhhhhh…..Not. Even. Close!  You guys, this thing is kind of magical.  And is so well done!  And makes me happy to look at.

But that’s only the surface.  Yes, there are so many finger-licking recipes that you and your BBQ guests will love, like ummm……gourmet burgers anyone??  (Sorry if you’re hungry. This is killing me too!)

BBQ Burger


Or how about cutting and grilling the PERFECT cut of meat.  I mean, this e-book is worth it alone, just for the instructional graphics and tutorials for cutting your meat, how to season it perfectly (without overdoing it), and then, knowing when it’s perfectly done! Oh my goodness, I have been needing this in my life!


But even more than that, there are DESSERTS (yep, that’s grilled pineapple and banana…ahhhh!)…

Grilled Pineapple and Banana Sundaes


And how to grill your veggies, PERFECTLY…..

Grilled Vegetables


It also includes tons of sauces and marinades that will take your BBQ skills up about 17 notches!!


Grilled Honey Chicken


And to wash it all down?  DRINKS!!!  Because yes, Kate and Sara included everything in this e-book!

Jalapeno Peach Limeade


Okay, before I start getting hate comments and emails about the hunger pangs this post has caused you (trust me, I’m struggling too…ha!), let me give you a bit more info!

The Grill Guide e-book can be purchased —–> HERE!

Tablet pc on old wood table

And as a special kick-off special for their e-book release…..Kate and Sara have included some incredibly DARLING and FREE printables, just for fun!  No, I don’t create a party scene every time we use the grill, but these would be so fun to use for an end-of-the-summer BBQ party that you can have, and invite over a few families to enjoy some good food and summer sunshine!



Tgrill and bbqhese 30 pages of super fun PRINTABLES are included FREE……but ONLY when you purchase their e-book through their site (instead of iTunes) —–> HERE!



Oh, and I almost forgot……VIDEOS!!!  There are a handful of fun and instructional videos, that will help you out with some of these recipes and tips!  Seriously, they thought of everything!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.55.25 AM


Okay, so here’s a quick rundown…

The Ultimate Grill Bundle includes:

  • EXCLUSIVE RECIPESTo-die-for recipes for creative and unique spreads, delicious entrees, gourmet burgers, grilled sides, and tons more.
  • HOW-TO’s: Ever wondered how to deliciously grill asparagus? Avocado? Sweet potatoes? We have great and easy-to-understand how-to’s on everything from A-Z!
  • VIDEOS: If you’re a visual learners like we are, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve included 4 instructional videos (or video links depending on what format you have)  in The Ultimate Grill Guide so we can teach you in your very own kitchen any time!
  • MUST-HAVE PARTY PRINTABLES: Throwing a great backyard bash is a breeze with our gorgeous party pack printables! This professionally designed 30 PAGE printable PDF includes darling invites, games, food labels, place-mats, photo booth props, and tons tons more!

Tablet pc on old wood table



Oh gee Sara and Kate, as if your site and your cookbooks aren’t amazing enough — now you’ve created a stellar e-book for us all to enjoy!  I seriously am in love with everything you both create!  They are always things that I go back to again and again….and for that, I thank you both!

I really do hope all of you reading this will enjoy the Our Best Bites Grilling e-Book, just as much as I have!


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