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Decorative Satin Flower Pillow….MADE EASY


I triple promise you that this will be the easiest/loveliest little satin flower pillow you will ever make. 


No joke.





And it will only take you about 20 minutes to make.  Maybe 15.  You think I’m kidding, don’t you.




Can you see why? 


Oh, maybe you already figured it out.  But yes, this beautiful fabric is pre-sewn with all of those luscious flowers on it.  Pretty though, huh?




And perfect for a pillow, right?  And maybe 17 other things that I could rattle right off for you.  Ahhhh, beautiful fabric gets me.  EVERY.  TIME.




Do you want to see how simple this Satin Flower Pillow is to make?



First of all, I found this flowered fabric at, here.  Isn’t it full and fluffy and gorgeous?  (And by the way, this isn’t a sponsored post.  I just found this fabric and haven’t seen it anywhere else.  So, gets a shout out!)  Well, it also comes in a variety of colors, in case you were wondering:

Decorative satin flower pillow….made easy
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Decorative satin flower pillow….made easy
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And in case you need different colors, or a slightly different rose looking fabric, type “rosette fabric” into their search engine, and you’ll find all sorts of great flowered fabric in so many more colors.  Or let me do it for you………go here.  (I also bought this great purple rosette fabric for a future project for my daughter’s room.  It’s great stuff.)


And depending on how big your pillow insert is (16 inch pillow or less), you may only need a 1/2 yard of it.  Which doesn’t end up costing very much for a pillow cover.  Because we all know the perfect pillow from a store, in the perfect color, with the perfect texture…….always costs like $50+.  Boo.  So always, always, always try finding fabric to make your own decorative pillows.  Then your fabric selection is almost endless.  And there’s no sense in buying something that is super easy to make. :)


Anyway, let’s get started.  Before cutting your fabric, you’ll need a pillow insert.  (Or you can stuff this pillow cover full of batting.)  I love either using old pillows that I’m tired of…….or I find decorative pillows on clearance at Ross, TJMaxx, or Ikea to use at my inserts.  They always seem to have old pillows on clearance that have some little flaw or are just plain ‘ol ugly.  But you could also use a 40%-50% off coupon at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Joann’s on a pillow insert or batting.  It’s up to you.  (But here’s my clearance Ikea pillow.)


Then, measure your pillow from one side seam to the other.  If it’s square, the cross measurement will be the same.  If it’s a rectangle, you’ll need the other measurement too.  My pillow is 18.5 inches in both directions.


Then, add an inch to your width and height measurement for a seam allowance.  I cut 2 squares of my flower fabric that were 19.5 x 19.5 inches, which will allow a 1/2 inch seam allowance around all sides.  (Okay, that’s not true.  I actually cut them 18.5, just like the original pillow size because the pillow wasn’t terribly full or firm.  So I wanted to fit it into a smaller size pillow insert to compress the pillow a bit, firming it up just a bit more.  But if your pillow insert is nice and firm, add an inch to your pillow measurement like I mentioned first.  Did I confuse you?  Hope not.)


Then place your two squares together, with right sides together, and pin around all the edges to keep fabric from slipping while sewing.


Then sew around 4 sides (with a 1/2 inch seam allowance), leaving a wide opening along one side.  It needs to be big enough to shove your pillow in…….but you also want to be sure to have all four corners sewn, so that those corners look nice and crisp from the “right” side.


Next, clip each corner……and then either zig-zag or serge the raw edges.  (But just leave the opening alone.)  Trim off any excess fabric if necessary.


Then, turn right side out, poke each corner out, and then shove the pillow insert inside.



Now, fold the raw edges of the opening towards the inside 1/2 inch (just eyeball it) and then hand stitch the opening closed.  Nothing fancy needs to be used here because the fluffiness of this fabric is very forgiving……so I just used a quick whip stitch on the opening.  (Need help with hand-stitching and tying knots?  Go here.)



And that’s it.  Your fluffy flowered pillow is all ready to add some beauty to a couch, bed, chaise lounge, etc.









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  1. michaelanne boyd says:

    Love that fabric! I made pillows and sold them in my etsy shop (temporarily down for restocking)

  2. IB says:

    Thank you so much for the fabric information I already ordered mine and I will start as soon as they get here, thanks again.

  3. Rachel says:

    Isn’t this fabric fabulous !?!
    I sewed my daughter a whole dress out of this stuff:

  4. Paula Fogerty says:

    Do you think this fabric would be good for a bed headboard ??

  5. Nicole says:

    Your post even makes me confident that i could do this! And we’ve got four good pillows right now that need to be brought back to life (they are kind of…outdated). I’m flagging your post so I can come back soon and try this! Thanks :)

    Working Kansas Homemaker (.com)

  6. Celeste B. says:

    How adorable!!!!! I love the material! I think I’ll need to upgrade my pillows on my couch! So cute!!!!!

  7. Samantha H. says:

    I wonder what it would look like as a skirt for a little girl….with a wide elastic waist….i may have to try it out….way cute pillows by the way…

  8. serra says:

    I know it’s not me because I didn’t receive an email, but, who won the cameras!! ??? haha

  9. Christine says:

    I was just mentioning to a friend yesterday that I had seen some beautiful flower fabric downtown (LA fabric district) that would make great pillows!

  10. Anonymous says:

    thats beutiful i have never ever seen stuff like that before, it would look lovely anywhere!

  11. Alice says:

    Wow beautiful fabric! And sew easy! (Sorry, had to pun. ;-D)

    1. Alice says:

      Yeah, who won the cameras???

  12. Cari says:

    WOW! Loving this fabric!! SOOO pretty!!

  13. Shannon says:

    Super cute! But, I have to ask, who won the giveaway for the camera? LOL, I just noticed Jeanne’s comment on number 9 – No, no, Jeanne! I was hoping it would be me! Hey, if you win, can I have the other camera?? hehe :-)

  14. Kati says:

    Amazing fabric!!!! Might have to find some myself!

  15. jeanne says:

    Hi – I can’t wait any longer – who won the cameras? That was such an amazing give away – so generous. I was crossing my fingers it was me. lol

  16. Stacey says:

    I love it and I’m going to make it! You are amazing!

  17. CutiePieCreations says:

    I found some of this fabric at our local closeout fabric store back in March. I love to go there because they have so many great things! Anyway, I saw this and bought the purple and yellow. I bought it because I loved it but had no idea what I was going to do with it! I love this idea! Thank you for another great idea!

  18. Natalie Brimhall says:

    HOLY HECK….that is amazing! I was picturing you slaving for hours and hours making each little flower while the kids are asleep…haha! LOVE it!

  19. Kirsten says:

    I love it! That flower fabric is so beautiful:) I did the same thing to my couch cushions the other week, and recovering them has made such a difference! I love what fun fabrics can do to change things up!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  20. Jami Leigh says:

    Love love love these pillows! I need to make some new ones for our living room and these would be perfect. What a great idea, thanks!! :)

  21. Rhonda says:

    You are awesome!!

  22. Logan says:

    So gorgeous!!! Definitely finding some fabric like that soon!!! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Diana says:

    Wow, that is GORGEOUS! I’ve never seen fabric like that before!!!

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