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Frozen Bananas {Covered in Chocolatey Goodness}

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How was your Memorial Day weekend?  (Well, if you had a Memorial Day weekend to celebrate. ;)


We had family come over and spend the day with us.  And let me tell you, it was a really great day.  The kiddos enjoyed each other from start to finish, we had lots of yummy food and BBQ, plenty of casual chatter, and well, not really a care in the world.  I love relaxed days.  And even more so with extra family around.


We have a BBQ grill, so everyone brought some meat to grill up, along with another sort of side to share.  I decided that we needed a little something other than salad, veggies, chips and dips.  So when I was flipping through a grilling magazine the other day that I bought at the checkout counter at the grocery store last week (the placement of those checkout stand products are so tricky……..they entice me all the time), I found some great looking frozen bananas, covered in all sorts of chocolate and other delicious bits of goodness.  And because I really like bananas and, well, am in love with chocolate……..and the two of those together automatically puts me in a happy mood, I figured it would be a delicious sweet treat to share.


So out came the frozen banana treats:



Oh yummy.  These little guys really make a great cold treat on a warm day.  And it actually seems like you’re eating an ice cream bar………because those little bananas somehow trick you when they’re frozen.


I made 3 different varieties. Chocolate/Caramel/Pecan:



Vanilla Cookie/White Chocolate/Craisin:

**I used gluten free vanilla cookies.  They were Glutino brand and I found them at my local Wal-Mart.  But if you’re not gluten free, vanilla oreos would be awesome!



Chocolate/Toffee Bits/Oreo:

**I used gluten free chocolate cookies.  They were Glutino brand and I found them at my local Wal-Mart.  But if you’re not gluten free, regular oreos would be awesome!




The process to make them is very simple and pretty much the same for all 3 varieties. 


First cut each banana in half.  Then, shove a BBQ skewer in the bottom of the sliced end of the banana, sliding it through the center of the banana, almost to the top.  Then microwave your milk chocolate (or white chocolate) chips in the microwave until it turns into a nice thin consistency.  (Be sure to stop the microwave after every 20-30 seconds or so to stir.)  Add a little bit of canola (or vegetable) oil to thin down the consistency if needed.  For every 1 cup of melted chocolate chips, I added about 1 tablespoon of oil.  But that could be more or less depending on your brand of chocolate chips.  So just add little dribbles at a time and stir.  Then dip your banana into the melted chocolate chips, cover the entire banana, shake off the excess chocolate, then place flat onto a cookie sheet.  (I didn’t do so, but it would have helped to place tin foil down first.  Then removing the bananas later on would have been easier.)  Then sprinkle your toppings on.  Sometimes it helps to press the cookie bits/nuts into the chocolate, to secure it in place.  Then drizzle bits of caramel or more chocolate on top (depending on what combination you’re making), binding everything together.  Place in the freezer for 3-4 hours until the banana is frozen all the way through. 



Then remove from pan, stick skewer ends into a piece of foam, and then serve. 


And of course, enjoy.




Here’s how we spent the rest of the day, when we weren’t eating good food.


The kids LOVED swimming, splashing, and playing mermaids (thanks older boy cousins for accommodating!) in the hot tub.  Again, I’m so glad the owners left the hot tub for our use while we rent this house.  We just turned the temperature way down and let the kiddos enjoy a little mini swimming pool in the backyard.


Hours of fun.


Meanwhile, the adults (and older cousins) relaxed, chatted, snapped photos, and played Catch Phrase.  That game……..ahhhh, it’s funny every time.



Then, it was time for a little slipping and sliding.  Oh, the memories I have doing the same thing on those hot AZ summer childhood days.




I love summer.


Any simple memories made for any of you yesterday?




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