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2 Days Down, 1 To Go… (drive from GA to CO)


Driving from Tennessee to Kansas was again, pretty uneventful.  We had almost perfect weather…….I guess it did rain a few times while in Illinois.  But nothing really slowed us down along the way.  Whew.  We drove through so many towns………..each with their own little water tower.



I don’t really like to do the driving.  Steve and I trade sometimes, but only when he’s tired.  So I was the passenger for most of the trip.



But because I’m not driving, that means I’m handing back snacks to the big kids, putting the passifier back in baby girls’ mouth, shushing her tears until we can pull off at the next exit, changing out DVDs in the player, finding dropped toys and books, etc.  It’s a full time job up in that front seat.  Ha ha.  And exhausting.  Who’s with me??


Let me tell you what, we bought the best thing for this trip.  It’s one of those long grabber arm thingies.  You know, that tool that most people use to grab something that has fallen in a tight or narrow space.  Well, we bought this to hand snacks, books, blankets, and toys back to the kiddos.  I can reach the middle row just fine, but there is no way I can reach the very back seat……..and throwing things back there was sometimes a big mess.  However, problem solved.  And it always makes the kiddos laugh to have this arm giving them their stuff.



Do you see the end of that arm?  It squeezes right around whatever you need to hand back there.  Perfect.  And it also saves me when something has fallen and I just can’t reach it with my own arm.



And since handing back a handful of snacks would be impossible, I brought a box of baggies to fill with things and then hand on back.



If you’re going on a trip in a large car and don’t have one……..get one. Hurry.

I know, kind of tacky, and may puzzle on-lookers……..but you’ll thank me later.


(We bought this one at Target and it actually folds in half so we can store it under the seat.  It’s going to stay in the car at all times.

I”m sure we’ll even use it when we’re on a short trip to the store.   Those little hands drop a lot of things.)



And this little guy was trying to watch a show but the sun was in his eyes.  We lost his sunglasses a few weeks ago, so I gave him my backup pair to block that evening sun.  They did the job……..but kept sliding down his little nose.  Let’s just say those lenses need a good scrubbing after those messy little potato chip hands kept pushing them back into place.



Anyway, only one day left.  And the shortest drive of all of the days.  We’re all excited to arrive in CO and even more excited to see family.  The kids are tired of stopping in hotels instead of Grandma/Grandpa’s house.  We’ll be there soon, little monkeys.


P.S. So many of you have offered help and a place to stay along the way.  Thank you, thank you.  I have quite a bit of family that will help unload and unpack with us (at least they better!!!) but thanks for being so lovely and kind.

However, we’re going to have to arrange some way to have some sort of getaway.  Or lunch.  Or fabric swap.  Or chatting session.  Whatever.

I can see there are so many of you out here in Colorado.  I was actually thinking of doing the same thing before leaving GA, but time slipped away.  Darn.  (Love you Georgians!!!)




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