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Ruffly Skirt……from pre-ruffled fabric

I reeeeeeeally like sugar. In all forms.
Candies/cookies/ice cream and chewy/hard/crunchy/smooth.  Sugar puts me in a happy place.  Sounds like an addiction.  I know. But sometimes I eat so much of it (especially holiday time) that I get so sick of it and go to bed, patting my poor belly, and think, “I will never eat sugar again”.  “Ever.”  Well, a few days later, and my sugar cravings are back to their old tricks.  I fall in love with sugar all over again.  Dang.
That’s how I feel about ruffles. I love, love, love them and use them here, there, and everywhere.  And after overdosing on them, I swear I’m never going to use another ruffle.  All it takes is a few days, and I can’t keep my fingers from gathering up a new row of ruffles.
Anyone need sugar or ruffle therapy?  Let’s go together.  However, I don’t think I will ever truly rid myself of either.
Oh, by the way…… is all about ruffles.  Yay!  Blame the addiction.
(P.S……..I’d really like some chocolate covered cinnamon bears right now.  Haha!)
Anyway, I used more of that lovely ruffle fabric from Ruffle Fabric, found here,
to make a new skirt.
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This stuff really gives a great punch of texture to your wardrobe.
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I’m kind of crazy about it.

But you already knew that. What’s not to love?

Would you like to make your own?

This is a super simple skirt.  No ruffling…’s already done for you.  (I got mine here.)
Basically, you’ll be sewing a piece of this ruffle fabric into a tube and putting an elastic band at the top.
Now, if you want your skirt more snug and fitted, don’t make your tube so wide.  But, I wanted mine fuller, so I made my tube 1.5 times as big as my waist measurement.  So, measure your waist, multiply by 1.5, then divide that number by 2 to have a front piece and a back piece to your skirt.  Add a 1/2 inch to each side for a seam allowance.  (Also, the length depends on preference.  And you won’t need any extra length for a bottom/top seam allowance because you don’t have to hem this stuff.)

So, because the fabric comes in 40-45 inch widths, you’ll need to decide how ruffly you want the skirt.  If that’s big enough of a width for you, then you’ll just need to buy enough of the length that you want.  If you want it any bigger around, you’ll need to buy twice the length that you need.  So if you you want your skirt to be 22 inches long and need more than 40 inches around, you need to buy 44 inches in length.  Make sense?  My skirt is 25 inches long, so I needed at least 50 inches of length (because I needed mine bigger than 40 inches around to create a good gather) so I ordered I used just under 1.5 yards and had scraps left over.

Sew your two pieces together at the sides, with right sides together, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
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Make sure that you match up the ruffles as you’re sewing down the sides.
Then, make 2 separate basting stitches…….one along the top front and the other along the top back of your skirt. (Need help with gathering?  Click here.)  Then measure a piece of wide elastic around your waist.  Add a little extra for a seam allowance, then sew the two ends together. (I bought this at Hancock fabric….also available in many colors here.)
Gather evenly, so that it’s the same width as your elastic.  Then pin the skirt, while it’s inside out, to the “wrong side” of the elastic.
Then use a zig-zag stitch to sew the skirt to the elastic.  (It’s important to use a zig-zag to allow the elastic to stretch.)
(**Edited: I forgot to mention that after attaching with the zig-zag seam, I pulled the basting stitches out, so that the elastic would still stretch.)
Now, turn right side out and slip right in.
Sweet and ruffly.
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