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NO-Sew Tutu tutorial

Okay, I am such a sucker for comments. I love reading them and love to see what people have to say, where people come from, ideas and suggestions from you, you, and you……I love it all. So much, that while reading each comment during this last giveaway I secretly wanted to go buy enough supplies to make tutu’s/shoes/bows for all of these little girls you were trying to win for. Awwww, little lovelies dancing all around in fluffy tutu’s………..


Well, bad news. I can’t afford to make a gazillion tutu’s. But, I can teach you how to make your own. They really are pretty simple. And don’t require ANY SEWING SKILL. So, get those scissors out and I’ll walk you through this one.

No-sew tutu tutorial



(By the way…….I have been asked about a tutorial for the shoes by several people. I actually don’t offer a tutorial for them. Thanks for your interest in them but at this time I am only selling the pattern for the shoes.)


For the tutu, you’ll need:


  • A 1/2 inch wide piece of elastic (measure the length against your little girl, everyone’s different. And then add about 6 inches or so, allowing you to make to make a temporary knot until the final adjustment when you’re all done.)
  • 4 1/2 yards of tulle (I used 1 1/2 yards each of brown, purple, and light purple….you can use a LOT less but I just like mine really full.)
  • scissors
  • A couple yards of coordinating ribbon
  • Miniature flowers
***These instructions are for a size 2T – 4T (roughly) so if you need another size, remember to make adjustments.***


Cut strips of tulle about 3 inches wide by about 28 inches. (No strict rules here… can make them a little less wide, a little shorter, a little longer. You get the idea.)
No-sew tutu tutorial


Next, tie a knot (that you can later take out) and put it over the back of a chair to hold nicely for you.

Then, take 2 strips of tulle and fold them in half. Lay the loop, where you just folded it, over the piece of elastic.
No-sew tutu tutorial


Fold the ends under the elastic and pull through the open loop…….and pull through.
No-sew tutu tutorial


And then wiggle it tight.
No-sew tutu tutorial


Then, add more tulle, 2 by 2. And remember to keep your pattern going if you have more than one color.
No-sew tutu tutorial


Slide all of the knots together, making more room for more tulle.
No-sew tutu tutorial


Measure it against your little girl, making sure that the fit is just right. Then either make a tight knot in the elastic and trim the ends or sew it closed. (I know, I said no sewing was involved. So, only if you want to.) Then, pull all of the knots pretty tight so that they don’t loosen up over time.
No-sew tutu tutorial


You can stop here…..or you can add a little something extra. If you like the look of the ribbon detail, cut 6 pieces of ribbon about 12 inches each. You can stagger the length of each ribbon, if you like the look of that. Hot glue little silk flowers to one end and then tie the other end very securely to the elastic. Trim your ends of ribbon.
No-sew tutu tutorial


Fluff and go.


Thanks again for all of your comments during the giveaway and for sharing small pieces of your lives with me. I loved hearing from everyone and who you would have given the little tutu to. Now, go make your own. It’s that easy.




  1. Ashley says:

    This may be a weird question but if adults want to make a tutu for a halloween costume would the only difference be the measurement of the elastic?! Or would the measurement of the tulle change as well?! Your tutu came out so cute and thanks so much for the tutorial!!!!!

  2. Rachelle says:

    Is there any way to double this? Instead of one strip of elastic, can you possibly do 2 strips of elastic to make the tutu that much thicker?

    I am not very crafty at all but am in love with this idea of tutus and would love for someone to help me because while i absolutely love this tutu, i would love for it to be thicker?

    any ideas?

    and btw, thanks so much for this tutorial…you broke it down very easy for people like me! I greatly appreciate it! :)

  3. Brittany & Jurzie says:

    Omg this really helped thank you i htought it would be so difficult but this is awesome im def doing this for my little girl 1st bday/ 1 yr pics! Thanks!

  4. Lindsey says:

    I plan on trying this tutorial for my friend and I to make adult size tutus to wear for Packer games! Green & yellow, green & yellow. :)

  5. Parvati Patil says:

    Thanks!!! P.S. smiles to you!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    WOW this is great!! So much easier than I thought it would be!! I'm definitely going to use your directions. One thing…. you kept saying 'little girl'…. I know some little boys that would love dancing around in tutu's too!! c: THANKS this is fabulous!

  7. Miss.Kathryn says:

    I'd say the easiest way to figure how many yards you need is your waist size x5 (approximately the amount of strips per inch)
    ex. 23(in.) x 5 = 115 strips
    An average bolt of fabric is 56 inches tall, and if your strips are 4 inches wide. Divide 56 by 4 This is the number of strips per section of material.
    ex. 56/4 is 14
    Now take the number of strips you got and divide by that number, and round up if its over even. This is the number of strip sections you will need.
    ex. 115/14 = 8.2 so 9
    Now take the finished length you want, and times by two, because the strips are doubled. Add an inch for the knot. This is the length of each strip.
    ex. 12 inches x 2 = 24 + 1 = 25 inches
    Take the number of strip sections and time by the length of each strip.
    ex. 9 x 25 = 225
    Divide by 12 for feet and 3 to make it into yards.
    ex. 225/12= 18.75/3 = 6.25
    So you will need 6 1/4 yards fabric, and we rounded up, so you will have a little extra to leave room for error and maybe a hair accessory? =]
    It seems like a lot of math but it really isn't use a calculator and it's very easy! Hope this helps!

    1. Sasha says:

      Would the 6 1/4 yards be for each color or would you divide it by three if you were using three colors?

  8. Sabrina says:

    Thank you for these easy instructions. You just saved me some moolah on buying these all the time once she grows out of the old ones! I had no idea how simple this is to make :)

  9. Karra says:

    You are one talented lady! :) Thank you so much for showing me how to do this. I have twin girls and they just loooove putting on the tutus I make! Also I have made one and gave it to my niece….BIG hit!
    Thank you again!

  10. kacie says:

    Ashley, I just LOVE your site… I find myself checking it out for new things every day! You have really brought the creativity out in me! Thanks so much for all the great tutorials and congrats on the new little girl that will be here soon!

  11. MadEli says:

    This is really one of the best websites I have seen in a loooong time for free tutorials!! I posted it to my facebook fan page!!!

  12. Karli says:

    Could this be any easier!!! I've just spend the last couple of hours checking out dozens of your tutorials and i can't decide where to start! one problem – my machine is broken. I'm itching to try this idea as it is soo cute and doesn't require any sewing. Hmm, the shops are shut at this hour. Come on morning.

  13. Brandy says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have been searching for a tutu for my bug to wear for her first birthday that didn't break the bank. I can't wait to pick colors and try this. Thanks again.

  14. Anonymous says:

    im so exsited now i can make my sis a tutu for her birthday insted of having to buy her something or make her a cake again witch turned out discusting and ugly

  15. surveyqueen1997 says:

    I'm so excited to try and make 3 of them today for little girl birthday parties my "boys" got invited to this weekend. I hope mine turn out as cute as yours!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I love this, It is soo easy! I made a few for my niece, and she absolutely loves them.

    So I took it a step farther, every year I make her an easter basket, This year I made a small tutu and hot glued it to the basket. It looks so cute and I think she is going to love it!

  17. Jennifer says:

    I love this, It is soo easy! I made a few for my niece, and she absolutely loves them.

    So I took it a step farther, every year I make her an easter basket, This year I made a small tutu and hot glued it to the basket. It looks so cute and I think she is going to love it!

  18. Danielle says:

    This is awesome! I've been wanting to make a few tutus for my daughter since I saw the at the dollar store (and was not impressed with quality at all). This will definitely help, and will be a great birthday present for one of her friends.

  19. katrina says:

    thanks for the tutu tutorial! i made one for myself today to wear as part of my costume for the NZ sevens. yes, your blog is loved even in new zealand! cheers.

  20. Peggy says:

    You are awesome thank you so much

  21. Lamps Family says:

    I just stumbled upon you r blog and I love it. This tutorial is awesome, I do a lot of sewing and I have done a couple of tutu's but this is a easy and different way to do it. Thanks so much for sharing, I think I might make my girls matching tutu's for Christmas and also so matching hair bows!!!

  22. Kimberly says:

    I just finished making one of this about five minutes ago. I let my little girl pick out the colors, it's part of her xmas present. PLUS it will be used for ballet class, so I don't have to buy anymore skirts. lol I do gotta say though, my back is KILLING me now. I'm going to wait a couple of days before I make the next one. Thanks so much!!! It was super easy!

    I read the tips before hand and the only thing is the "measure and multiply by five" Didn't work for me. It ended up being more tulle then I needed. I'm going to turn it into hair ties and a matching tutu for her doll though!

  23. LAQuilts says:

    Fabulous pattern – I made it twice – by accident – no roll elastic is a must.

  24. Ashley says:

    Thanks Mommyof4…..those are some really great tips. You've got this down to a speedy science!! :)

  25. mommyof4 says:

    Great tutorial! I agree on using the tulle on a spool. Use a coupon at your local craft store to get it even cheaper or buy it online. Take your waist measurement for your finished product (example, 25), and multiply by 5 (that’s how many knots of tulle per inch you will want). So you will need 125 strips of tulle.

    Next, figure your finished length. Say you want it to be 10 inches long. Double that number (so we are at 20), and add an inch (for the knot). So you are at 21” of tulle. Multiply the length (21”) times the number of strips you figured from above (125). This gives you a figure of 2625, right? This is how many INCHES of tulle you will need. A 25yd. roll of tulle is 900 inches of tulle. So for a 10” long, 25” waist tutu, you will need approximately 2.91 spools. Of course your knots won’t always be perfectly spaced –at least, mine aren’t J

    A cutting tip—Find something that is the length (halved) of your final strip. I made one for my daughter, and happened to have a cooling rack (you know, for cookies) that was perfect. I started at one end, and looped over & over & over till the end of the spool. Then cut on the SAME edge that I started my tulle at—just slid my scissors in and up to the end and SNIP—I had one whole roll cut faster than fast! Your tulle doesn’t have to be PERFECTLY the same length for each piece—just close enough and using the cooling rack worked great!!!

    Another hint I’d suggest is, sew your no-roll elastic, and then pull it over & up your leg. Then sit & watch tv & knot, turning as you go. Making my daughter’s took about 45 min. from start to finish—INCLUDING cutting the tulle (on the cooling rack!), sewing the elastic (with my machine, of course!), and knotting. I used 4 different colors and it was SOOOOOO cute!! HTH!!!

    1. Laurann says:

      Wow, Thanks Ashley for the tutorial! And thanks you Mommyof4 for some more great instructions! I’m going to be making a tinkerbell costume for my little girl, and am excited to find such good information. :)

  26. Harley House says:

    Wow!!! That is soo cute and adorable! Those would make great Christmas gifts for my little cousins!! Thanks!

  27. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for this! I am not at all crafty but I have a 2 year old going through a princess phase- and the blue tutu grandma bought simply does not match all of her shirts. It appears I will be spending some time tying some knots and getting outfits arranged for the precious diva.

  28. amber lee says:

    okay, i just found this tutorial today, soo cute! i have been wanting to make one of these for awhile, and now i know how! thanks!

  29. Ketena says:

    Totally cute. I just made a Tinker Bell tutu on a little dress. This is way easier. Maybe I make another!!! :)

  30. Amber says:

    How did I not think of this myself?? This is so simple, my 2-year-old will no doubt insist on helping me. And oh, how she loves to dance… What a perfect project for yet another rainy Saturday in the forecast.

  31. Northern NY Mom says:

    My word! My daugheter NEEDS one of these! lol! But really how easy is that. Glad I follow you.

  32. Candice says:

    I just love this so much, and I dont really know how to sew so this is right up my ally. Oh thank you for sharing this.

  33. Apsara says:

    This comment is from FAR away – Sri Lanka. Thanks for all the great instructions, patterns and pictures. Just lovely.

  34. ✩Molly✩ says:

    thank you! now my heart doesn’t have to be so sad for missing out on winning the giveaway. Such a kind spirit, you have!

  35. Bamamoma says:

    I just had four friends over for a tutu-making party. We had so much fun. From that I have two suggestions for ease in making these tutus.

    1. Buy tulle on the spool – that way you only have to cut the length, not the width.

    2. If your little ballerina really is little (mine isn’t quite two) a table chair might be too big. Use her little stroller (you know the one she pushes her baby dolls around in). It was the perfect size for such a tiny bit of elastic. I also didn’t break my back bending over a chair (I just sat down and went to work).

    I love this site, thanks for sharing your creativity! I’ll be posting pictures of my tutu-wearing princess on my blog soon.

  36. Sher says:

    this is soo adorable and simple. You are so clever! I’m expecting my first baby and it’s a girl, I definitely plan on making this for her!

  37. Ashley says:

    Lauren……I would LOVE to see you in a matching tutu. :o)

    1. makekknzie says:

      I love ur comment

  38. Giles Fam says:

    I’m totally making one of these for my little girl…and do you think I could adjust the measurements for an adult, too? :)

    (totally kidding)

  39. Strand Family says:

    Wow! I could probably do this one :)

  40. Aubrey says:

    haha so i actually like the new design better :D and i'm SOOO gonna change my old tutu into this better version, cuz mine kinda sucks right now, and since i already have tulle and elastic… YAY!!! i love you! <3

  41. Ashley says:

    I know…..secret’s out. It’s not too hard, huh?

    And thanks guys for your comments on the blog and the tutorials. I really have a lot of fun doing this. It makes it even better that someone else is having fun too.

    And Rose, I know, tutu to……gotta love it. I almost edited that but thought…..”Are you kidding? It’s perfect!!”

  42. Martin Family says:

    This is too cute. I am going to save this for the future. Right now we have two boys but we’re working on making that girl… lol… your tutu seems easier! Thanks again!

  43. Rose says:

    Ha! I love that you said “tutu to” there at the end of your post, it made me smile :)
    Great tutorial, I have a niece that just might get one of these for her birthday!

  44. Katy-the-Lady says:

    Okay…since you like comments…I have to rave about you! I’m sorry, but I already knew how to make tutus, but everything else has been so amazing! We are buying our first home and will close next month. I’m so excited for all of the cute crafty project ideas for our new home! Thanks for being willing to share!

  45. Bobbi Lee says:

    I love your new look, very very cute!

  46. Lyndsey says:

    Thank you so much for the instructions on how to make it. I never ever win contest so I am just happy that I can make it myself!!

  47. Laura McGee says:

    seriously i had NO idea it was this simple! awesome thank you so much!! i have an awesome idea for a Halloween costume.. i know its A LONG TIME away. lol

  48. Kristen says:

    Thanks so much for giving a tutorial on this. I have three little boys myself, but I have many nieces who would love this…and it is easy enough that I can actually make it!

    1. Dance lover 123 says:

      Wondering if this is true or not because people told me the skinnier the cut the fluffier the tutu is this true

    2. Brandylki says:

      So I may just be a big ‘o dork, but make sure not to make the knots too tight or else the elastic won’t spring back together. I made sure they wouldn’t come loose like she said lol. I had to go back and loosen every-single-knot before it looked the way it’s supposed to.

    3. Rachel says:

      I made mine too tight too, and had to loosen them up before it looked right.

    4. Joelle says:

      Thank you so much, we are making them for a bunch of teenagers for Homecoming.. You saved me…

    5. NinaMei says:

      How muchbfabric did you use on them?

    6. i made one says:

      1/2 yard of different color of tulle i use to make one tutu and 1yard of different color of tulle to make 2 tutu.. age 1 to 3.. i chose up to 5 colors

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