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Make a Leather Travel Cord Roll…A Great Gift for Him!

Today’s contributor is Crystal from Stitched By Crystal. All posts written by Crystal for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.

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Hello!  It’s Crystal here, from Stitched by Crystal.  Have you finished up your holiday shopping yet?  If you are still searching for the perfect gifts, I have a quick easy project that might be perfect for the tech lover in your life…this leather travel cord wrap!


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Sometimes men can be really hard to shop for, but I find they are even harder to sew for.

Just finding masculine fabrics can be hard enough, and that’s before you even get started with the project!  This leather travel cord wrap uses a small piece of leather and would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who loves technology or who travels a lot.


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The leather travel cord wrap holds 2-3 plugs and 4 cords, and it wraps up tightly keeping everything secure and untangled in you suitcase or carry on.


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The sewing is REALLY simple (seriously! Just two small straight lines!) And it is a project you could have done in under 30 minutes. You’ll have plenty of time to whip one up before Christmas!


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Want to make a leather travel cord wrap? Great! Let me show you how….


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You will need…

  • ¼ yard of leather or vegan leather (if you go the faux leather route, try to find something with the soft suede feel on the inside, it helps keep the cords in place)
  • Some sewing clips
  • A craft knife
  • Basic sewing supplies


***A few tips for sewing with leather***

  • Make sure you use a leather needle in your sewing machine.
  • A walking foot is helpful, but not necessary
  • You may want to do a little practice stitching on some scraps first, once you sew on leather, your needle will leave lots of little holes so you can’t really seam rip mistakes and try again!
  • You can’t use pins on leather as they will leave holes.  Use sewing clips instead.  I used the ones pictured below, they can be found in the quilting section of your fabric store.


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Start by cutting a 7” x 20” rectangle of leather and a ¼” strip of leather that is 25” long.


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Fold one end of your rectangle 3 ½” towards the wrong side as shown below and secure with sewing clips as shown below.


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Sew up the sides of the folded part 1/8” from the edge, making sure to backstitch at the beinging and end of your stitch lines so the don’t unravel.


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Using your craft knife cut slits along the middle for the cords.  Start about 1.5” from the pocket and make two slits that are 1.5” long, then make the next two 1” from the first ones.  Continue until you have 4 pairs of cord slits like the ones shown below.  Then make a small ½” slit parallel to the end of your leather for your strap, it should be centered and about ½” from the edge.


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Fold back about 2” at the end of your strap.


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Place the fold through the slit at the end of your cord roll.


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Feed the two ends of the strap through the loop and pull to secure them.


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Your leather travel cord wrap is done!  Fill it with cords and plugs and roll it up, wrap the strap around it and tuck it under to secure!  Now you can travel with tangle free cords!


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Thanks for reading and happy sewing!


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Check out Crystal’s blog here.  Her darling shop here.  Follow her on Instagram here.  And her Pinterest page here.

***ALL contributor posts by Crystal, can be found HERE.


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  1. Lor says:

    I just made this for my husband! The measurements are just perfect, and I’m no maths genius, but it all came together really neatly. I put it off for a while because… installing the walking foot… But once I’d done that it was a super quick and easy sew. Thanks for the lovely idea for the Man Who Has Everything (or Buys It Himself)!

  2. Wynona says:

    Tandy Leather Company sells several different weights of leather and kits for some items. They did have a store in Oklahoma City but I have not been there in a few years. Crazy Crow sells some leather pieces. Google both of them.

  3. Mary says:

    Love this. It’s a great gift idea! What weight thread do you use?

  4. Katrina says:

    This is a great idea and so easy too! Everyone can use one of these. Thanks Crystal!

  5. Kiersten says:

    Wondering where you find leather? I looked for some a couple years back for another project and had a really hard time finding any, even any faux leather. And what I did find was really expensive. Finally found some scraps at a shoe factory I visited. But where do you buy yours? I really like this idea!

  6. denise says:

    Any suggestions on where to find the leather fabric? My husband and brother in laws would love this, but I’d like to use real leather!

    1. Vickey Johnston says:

      If you go to hobby lobby or joanns and look in the upholstery department you will be able to find some.

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