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Sew a Handlebar Bag for your Kid’s Bike!

Today’s contributor is Crystal from Stitched By CrystalAll posts written by Crystal for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.

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Hi there! Crystal here, from Stitched by Crystal.  I am so happy spring is here! The weather is warming up and we have been spending a lot of time outside.  My kids spend hours on their bikes, so I know that my latest sewing project will get a ton of use this spring and summer.  I made a handlebar bag for my daughter’s bike and today I am sharing a tutorial so you can sew a handlebar bag for your kid’s bike!

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My daughter is a collector, she is always picking up rocks, leaves, flowers, pinecones….anything she finds while we are out and wanting to save all her treasures and bring them home.  This usually means I am stuck carrying them!  (and of course I am already carrying the teddy bear she has to bring along and the water bottle she will be begging me for later!)  Now she can carrying her own stuff (YAY!) in her new and adorable handlebar bag that snaps right on her bicycle!

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I made this bag from a laminated cotton my daughter has been eying in my fabric stash. The malinated cotton is great for a bicycle handlebar bag because it weathers the elements a bit better, but the bag can be made from any fabric really, use whatever you have on hand.  I added a little button closure so she can close it up and keep her stuff safe or leave it open for a more bike basket style and fill it up with more stuff!

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The handlebar bag attaches with snap on straps (or you could use Velcro) and it will fit most kids’ bikes, or scooters or tricycles.  It’s a quick easy project that your little one will love!  My son is already asking for one for his bike after seeing his sisters!

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Want to sew a handlebar bag for your child and all their treasures? Great! Let me show you how!

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To sew a handlebar bag, you will need…

  • A fat quarter of your main fabric and a fat quarter of your lining fabric
  • A small piece of elastic
  • A button for the closure, something around 3/4″-1″ works great
  • Snaps or velcro to attach the bag to the bike
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (here’s a list of common sewing supplies, in case you need a few ideas) 

***Check out this Sewing Terms 101 post, for additional help.

**all seam allowances are 1/2″**


First, cut four 2″x 6″ rectangles from your main fabric.  Place two of them right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a small gap to turn.  repeat with the other 2 pieces.

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Clip the corners, turn right side out and press.  Topstitch around the straps making sure you close up the hole from turning.  Put these straps aside.

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Next cut two rectangles from your main fabric that are 11″ wide by 13″ tall.  Cut 1.5″ squares from the bottom corners as shown below.  Repeat with your lining fabric.

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Find the middle of the straps you made.  Place the straps on one of your main bag pieces so that the center of the straps are 3.5″ from the top and 2″ from the center of the main bag as shown below.  Sew the straps down in the middle using a box stitch (a box with an “X” in the middle) as shown below.

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Cut a 4″ piece of elastic, fold it in half and sew it to the middle of this main bag piece.  I like to stitch over it several times just to be sure it won’t pull out when my bag is done.

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place your two main bag pieces right sides togethe and sew along the bottom and sides.  Do not sew the top or the small squares at the bottom.

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Box out the corners by lining up the bottom and side seams and sewing across the edge as shown below.

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Set your main bag aside.  Place your two lining pieces right sides together and sew along the bottom and sides, this time leaving a 3″ gap in the bottom.

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Box out the corners by ining up the bottom and side seams and sewing across the edge like you did for the main bag pieces. Then grab your main bag piece and turn it right side out.

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Insert your main bag into your bag lining.  Line up the top edges, mathing the side seams, and sew around the top edge.

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Turn the bag right side out through the hole in the lining.  Stitch the hole in the lining closed.

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Tuck the lining down inside your main bag and press along the top seam.  (If you are using a laminated cotton for your bag use a lower heat setting on your iron and use a pressing cloth).  Top stitch around the top of the bag.

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Fold down the top of the bag and mark where you want your button placed.

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Sew on a fun button!

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Add the snaps or velcro to your handlebar bag straps to form loops that will attach to the bike.  I like plastic snaps for this project, they are put on with snap pliers and are super easy to install!

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Then snap that bag on your little one’s bike so she can start collecting treasure!

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Thanks for reading and happy sewing!



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Check out Crystal’s blog here.  Her darling shop here.  Follow her on Instagram here.  And her Pinterest page here.

***ALL contributor posts by Crystal, can be found HERE.



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  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for this great project! My 7YO son is learning to sew. This is his third project, and it cam out beautifully! He needed help with a couple of the trickier parts, but he made almost the whole thing by himself! The patterns was easy to follow, too!

  2. Lori A says:

    I made 7 of these in the past couple of weeks for my middle grands. Then one my oldest granddaughter- 13 – who I didn’t think would be interest Ed decided she wanted a smaller version just for her water bottle. Ok. – can do that! Then I realized that these bags could just as easily attach to a lawn chair. I have wanted something for my large water bottle I carry – lawn chair cup holders are never big enough. So I made a version for my lawn chair! Thanks for the easy to follow instructions, P.S. the grandkids love them!

  3. Dani Kirtley says:

    Made two of these today for my girls! Instead of the button and elastic, I folded the top fo the bag over to show the lining and then applied a small velcro piece to keep it shut. They were thrilled and now I dan't have to carry their water bottles! Thanks!

  4. arnie says:


    Thanks for the lovely pattern , I am beginners and I would like to as what type of
    fabric did you used on the outside main fabric? it looks shiny is that a cotton?

    My daughter keep asking me to make her a bag for her dolls when she's ridding her bike and scooter.

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. Joan Gray says:

    I just finished making this bike bag. Your tutorial and pictures were so easy to follow, and thank you for explaining everything in detail. The bag I finished is for my Grandson for his birthday. I know he will love it!
    Thanks again, Joan

  6. Jamie says:

    I would love to add a picture of the one I made from your instructions! Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Katie Gray says:

    Is there a way to size this to fit on my adult bike and make it with a waterproof (but washable) liner? kinda like a swimsuit bag? A new sewer here, the last bag I made was a duffle bag 20 years ago but I can still use a sewing machine and follow basic pattern. Your website inspires me.

  8. Calleigh says:

    I love riding my bike and whenever we would go anywhere, I have to bring a sinch – sack….. This is perfect!!!!!

  9. Cheryl says:

    Love the bag idea. I'm working on one now and have a question as to where exactly does one sew the elastic? And what is its purpose? I'm not seeing it in any of the pictures.

  10. Roxanne says:

    Great Photos and instructions! It looks like a fun project.

  11. Charlene Wood says:

    How do I print it out

  12. Foucher says:

    Les explications en français est ce possible .merci

  13. leanne says:

    my family does alot of cycling and i am always stuck for somewhere to put my phone, change, keys, sunscreen etc. i found some really cute fabric with bikes on it and a cute spotty one for the lining so i am making this for me! thanks for the pattern.

  14. Linda Littell says:

    I made this bag and I will make another one for my granddaughters. They will love them. Thanks for sharing

  15. Robyn Williams says:

    If making walker bag would add another set of straps into side seams to keep it from swinging. Also I’ve used pony tail elastic for regular and trimed off edge.

  16. Robyn Williams says:

    Would make a great walker bag also. Great instructions. I woyld use a teflon foot or scotch tape on the bottom of your pressure foot like you mentioned in your vinyl bag. Also smallest bindet clips are great for vinyl.

  17. Lois Weiss says:

    Great project – fun to do. I’ve already made one for one of my four gradndaughters! And one for a birthday gift for a friend. Thanks

  18. Tullia Ferrero says:

    Thanks, really good idea useful I’ll make soon. Lovely fabrics you use.

  19. nancy seitz says:

    Thank you. I can’t wait to get/find fabric and make for granddaughters.

  20. Pamela Tabor says:

    This is a great quick and easy project. I would love to make one for each of my neighbor’s grandkids

  21. Pa says:

    This is a great quick and easy project. I would love to make my neighbor’s grandkids one for their bikes

  22. Gayle says:

    So beautifully practical and you are so cleaver! Love your bike bag!

  23. Frankie says:

    Well, this has GOT to be the best idea I’ve come across so far this year! And what awesome colours. You go, Girl!

  24. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to try this. I have been looking for plastic baskets for my kid’s bikes but I know they can break, so these fabric ones will be much better and more easily removed. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial.

  25. Nancy says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I am going to make one for my sons bike. He goes on errands to the local store and carrying items back hone can be problematic. I think this would be very helpful to him.

  26. Phyllis Jones says:

    Such a great tutorial and wonderful idea! I have 6 grandchildren who love to ride their bikes and these will be such a perfect gift idea for them.

  27. Rosemary Miskulin says:

    Just what I need. I’m gonna make one for my electric scooter/wheelchair. Problem solved

  28. Franny Rose says:

    Thanks for another great tutorial. I am going to make six of these; one for each of my grandchildren. I may make one for me too!

  29. sherry says:

    wow what a cute idea even for an adult who rides bikes thank you for sharing. Also would work well on a walker for an lady or a dark one for a man. you are terribic

  30. Carrie Krumrie says:

    So excited!!! We are moving to an area where I will be able to ride my bike! Think, I may put area for keys and and such!!! Love it! Finally, was able to understand how to put a lining for bags!!!

  31. Véro says:

    Oh,it’s so lovely!Thank you for this lovely tutorial!Great idea!

  32. Joan Budde says:

    Crystal thank you for a well explained tutorial for this bike bag. I have been sewing for years andni really have not come across anyone that speaks the same language as me as far as patterns are concerned. Thank you soooo much for the lovely and well written pattern

  33. tegma says:

    Thanks for the great idea! I’m 76 yrs old & still go riding with my 9 yr old gr-grandson when I watch him in the summer and I’ve been wanting something to carry my keys and cell phone etc. I don’t like a basket as everything bounces around loosely in that, but this would be fantastic…. just what I want! Now why didn’t I think of that? This is my next “to do” project! Thanks again!

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