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FREE Pattern (from Email Subscription)

If you were directed here…’s because you’re looking for the FREE downloadable pattern, after you subscribed to my email list


You were supposed to be given a PDF file that you could download to your computer BUT, there were so many downloads all at once, that it overloaded the server and shut down.  Ooops!  But that’s totally okay……and I still want you ALL to have access to this pattern.  So, I have copy and pasted the pattern into this location……but it’s only visible to those of you who have subscribed and have received this link.  It’s not searchable and won’t be available to anyone else.


And this is only temporary, until we fix the problem with too many people trying to download at once.  Because hey, we all need our pattern!  (And once that’s fixed, the pattern will be deleted from here.)


So for now, you can at least see the pattern and copy and paste it into a document……..or just wait until we figure out a new way to supply you with a downloadable version.  I’ll keep you posted via email! :)



. . . . .



stand alone zipper pouch









Supplies Needed:

  • ¼ yard of Main Fabric (medium/heavy weight fabric works best but a lighter weight fabric can be used it interfacing is attached, to make it sturdier.)
  • ¼ yard of Lining Fabric (light to heavy weight fabrics can be used)
  • 9 inch zipper (a longer one can be used and cut down)
  • coordinating thread



  • Cut 2 of your Main Fabric, 10 inches wide by 6 inches tall.
  • Cut 2 of your Lining Fabric, 10 inches wide by 6 inches tall.
  • Cut 2 Zipper Ends from your Lining or Main Fabric, 2 by 2 inches.


**The finished pouch is 9 inches wide by almost 4 inches tall.

**Keep in mind that the amount of pictures/instructions may seem excessive, but this is to help even the most inexperienced sewers.



Begin by cutting out all of your pattern pieces, per the instructions above.




Fold one of your Zipper Ends in half, with the “right” side of the fabric facing out, and iron flat (shown on left).  Then, open it up and fold the two side edges in towards the center fold you just made (shown on right).  Iron flat.

 zipper ends


Trim the top end of your zipper off so that there’s only a ½ inch of extra zipper fabric at the end.  Open up the Zipper End you just made and sandwich it around the 2 ends of your zipper (shown on left).  Pinning the two ends of your zipper together may help you keep them in place.  Then, sew the Zipper End in place, about an 1/8 of an inch or closer from the edge (shown on right).

 sew zipper ends


Make sure your zipper is closed and then cut off any excess zipper past nine inches.  (Measure from the Zipper End that you just sewed in place…all the way down to 9 inches.)



Attach the other Zipper End the same way as the first one.



Now, place one of your Main Fabric pieces down in front of you, face up.  Place the zipper on top, face down.  Line up the edge of the zipper with top edge of the fabric.  Center the zipper on the fabric, leaving a ½ inch space from each end of the fabric.  Unzip the zipper halfway, to help get it out of the way while you’re sewing.  (You may have to move it again while sewing in a future step.)



Now, place your Lining Piece face down, directly on top of the Main Fabric piece and zipper.  Line up all edges and pin all 3 layers together along the top (where the zipper is).  Make sure the zipper stays even with the top edge of the fabric and stays spaced evenly on both sides.




Using a zipper foot, sew along the top edge of your fabrics, using a ¼ inch seam allowance.  Take the pins out as you go and be sure you are sewing through all 3 layers.



Your seam should look like the one below.




Now, open up your fabric and expose the zipper.  Fold the fabric layers back and out of the way of the zipper. 


Then place your other Main Fabric piece down in front of you, face up.  Place the zipper face down and line up the un-sewn side of the zipper along the top edge of this 2nd Main Fabric piece.  (Just like you did with the other long edge of the zipper.)




Place the other Lining Fabric piece on top, face down.  Line up edges and pin in place, just like you did with the first side.  Sew in place the same way as well.


Now, open up the fabrics and expose the zipper.  It should look like this:




Use an iron and press the fabric flat around the zipper.




Before doing anything else, UNZIP THE ZIPPER HALFWAY.  (Otherwise, you will sew the bag inside out and won’t be able to unzip it.)




Then, fold your fabrics back onto each other.  Grab the two Main Fabric pieces and place them together with “right sides” together.  Pin them together.  Do the same with the Lining Fabric pieces.



Be sure that you line up your seams, so that the fabrics meet correctly on the sides.




Next, sew all the way around the pouch, using a ½ inch seam allowance.  However, leave a 4 inch opening on the bottom of the LINING pieces.  (And when you’re sewing along the sides near the Zipper Ends, be careful not to sew through the Zipper Ends…….just right next to them.)




Next, grab one of the bottom corners and pull the front fabric away from the back fabric and fold it flat.  Make the tip nice and pointy while lining up the seam that’s now running along the front, even with the seam that’s running along the back.  Just feel it with your fingers and line both of those seams up.  Iron the tip flat.

 making corners



Then, measure in 1½ inches from the pointy corner (not the excess fabric but the corner inside of the seam) and mark with a line (shown on left).  Draw a straight line right at that mark, perpendicular to the sewn side seam (shown on right).

marking corners



Sew a seam right on top of the marked line.




Repeat with all 4 corners.




Then, begin turning the bag right side out, through the opening you left in the lining…




…until it’s completely out.




Now, iron each corner so that the bottom will stay boxed out.  Be sure to iron the lining corners too, so they’ll stay open better once it goes to the inside.




Next, fold the opening of the lining towards the inside a ½ inch.  Iron flat.




Sew the opening closed with your machine, sewing as close to the edge of the fabric as you can and also making sure to sew through both layers of fabric.




Stuff the lining towards the inside of the pouch and manipulate it until it sits inside evenly.  You also may have to poke out the corners of the zipper just a bit.  Just use your finger and push it out as much as you can.




To help the bag stand a little better…iron very gently (meaning, don’t press down too hard or for too long) on each of the corners.  Only iron where the seam is because you don’t want extra creases extending beyond the corner.




Press the iron very gently and briefly along both sides too, to help encourage the side shape to take place and for the pouch to sit correctly.




And that’s it.



Time to stuff with your favorite items.


Or make for a friend/neighbor and stuff with some small gift items!




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