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Twitter Tweet Tweet…

Remember how I told you a few days ago that Facebook and Make It and Love It are friends now?
(found here)
Well, Twitter and Make It and Love It have become fast friends as well.
(I feel like I just dropped my toddlers off at preschool and am happy they had a good day!)
Follow @MakeItAndLoveIt or click here…….and keep your little self updated Twitter style. 

Or you can click on that sweet little “t” over on my side bar.


See it?

I am having more fun on these social media sites than I probably should be.
And I’m sure there are rules about enjoying them like this but………goodness, where have I been?
And yeah, how many ways does a person need to keep updated on one site?
Well, this way, you can pick your favorite.  Believe it or not you non-tweeters…….some people are exclusively on Twitter and have asked for a simple way to enjoy updates.  Holla.  I’m all about it.
So pick which route suits your little fancy best……..and follow along as I crazily share what I’m doing in my little craft room.  Or craft mess.  Or craft chaos.  You know what I mean.
And then tell me how it’s going in your own little craft-your-heart-out world.


  1. Lisa from Craftified! says:

    I'm definately a follower here, FB and twitter.. although I think the twitter link on the post doesn't work.. :)

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Ashley! Your blog has been a huge inspiration and you have also been so kind to give me a little guidance in starting my blog. I will be sharing an award with you tomorrow at Tangled Happy. I would love if you stopped by to see. Thanks! Sara :)

  3. Nursemom says:

    That's awesome but I only follow the blog so PLEASE make sure you keep it up to. I love looking at it every day for some little tidbit to keep me occupied while the little ones nap.

  4. Anja says:

    But you'll still blog – for those of us non-facebook and twitter types – right!?? :D

  5. Holly Days Closet says:

    Now I'm following both and your blog

  6. Ashley says:

    Really? All the links click through for me? Which one is it? The click "here" link or the little blue "t" link?


  7. Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan says:

    Link is not working… but I found you! following your lovely blog as @goaskkatie

  8. Lavinia Creati-Vita says:

    I´ve just join twitter to!
    Have fun with that!

  9. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    (The link in the post doesn't work, but the sidebar one does!

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