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Recipe Re-visited: Chewy Caramel Popcorn (and a video peek into our Sunday evening)


Sunday evening seems to be snack time in this house.  We’re all home, dinner is done, games/toys are all sprawled out……..and it’s time to pull out recipes, ingredients, and every dish we can add to the kitchen sink (because I can assure you the dinner dishes haven’t been washed yet).  And something that we make A LOT on Sunday evenings, is chewy caramel popcorn.  It’s really quick and very simple…..and the kids love to use the air popper.  If you live nearby, we sometimes try to pawn it off on neighbors, so watch out!  The recipe makes a ton, so it’s better all around if we don’t try and eat it all ourselves. ;)


I posted the original recipe for this over 3 years ago (wow, that long ago?!!), and mentioned that it came from a college roommate of mine (yes Katie, we still LOVE it!).  This isn’t your regular ol’ boring crunchy corn.  This is chewy and delicious and crazy addictive.  And will remain chewy the next day. 





For all you crunchy caramel corn fans….SEE?!!  You better look elsewhere. ;)




Also, we really love adding things to this recipe.  One of our very favorites, is chopped up Almond Joy.  I know….sugar attack.  But the nuts in there give it some protein, right?! ;)  But you can add almost anything.



Find Chewy Caramel Popcorn recipe HERE.



While we were eating our caramel corn last night, Connor and Elli were chomping away at the table and Chloe was in her highchair, eating mini marshmallows.  She can chew regular popcorn just fine but caramel corn is a little more tricky.  So she needs a few more teeth before joining us.  (She’s no dummy.  She would have known that she was getting ripped off if we tried to give her boring ol’ crackers or something.)


Here’s a peek into our night, simply because this 20-month-old of ours makes us laugh.  ALL of us.  (P.S. Just to clarify, Chloe’s nickname is Coco.  Just in case you were wondering who this Coco kid was! ;) )




Ha!  That little Chloe cracks me up.  She has all sorts of sass!  You want to know my favorite part of the whole video?  1:05-1:15…….I could laugh at that all day!!


After laughing about it last night, it reminded me that Elli used to do the same thing when she was little.  She wouldn’t say “one”, she’d just skip right to “two”.  I think they both figure, “why say it again?  You’ve already said it??”  Ha.


Anyway, dig through those cupboards, gather your ingredients…….


………and enjoy your Caramel Popcorn.   We always do!




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