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17 DIY Pet Costume Ideas that are Hilariously CUTE!

You know what’s just as fun as dressing up children for Halloween??  Dressing up your PETS!!!  Especially if your cat/dog/etc doesn’t mind being dressed up and/or decorated.  All it takes is a few supplies you may already have at home, to turn your favorite pet into something hilariously cute for Halloween!  Think beyond the norm and make the holiday fun for everyone! :)


Check out these 17 DIY Pet Costume Ideas……you’ll be amazed!



AT-AT Dog Costume via Facebook


Race Car Dog Costume via Lia Griffith


Double Dog Helpers Dog Costume via Wimp


K-9 Police Dog Costume tutorial via Lil Blue Boo



Dragon Dog Costume via Imgur


Where’s Waldo Dog Costume via Costume Works


Sparkly Pinata Dog Costume tutorial via Mod Podge Rocks


Raggedy Ann Cat Costume via Pet DIYs


Scuba Diver Dog Costume via Family Vacations



Mounted Cat-Moose via Eat Sleep Make


Princess Leia and Chewbacca Dog Costume tutorial via Sarah M Dorsey Designs



Chia Pet Dog Costume via The Flirty Guide


Flower Basket Dog Costume tutorial via DIY Candy

Cowboy and Horse Dog Costume via Petsmart

Jockey and Race Horse Dog Costume tutorial via By Stephanie Lynn


Lion Dog Costume via Top Ten Central


Aristocat Cat Costume via Imgur

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