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Gift Guide: 36 Retro Toys to LOVE all over again!

Doesn’t it seem like the toys we played with when we were a kid were SO MUCH COOLER???  I know, it probably has a lot to do with the childhood memories that are linked with those toys…..but I also think the toy industry had to work a lot harder to make an entertaining toy because technology wasn’t as advanced.  I had so much fun looking for all these old retro toys that I remember owning (or wanting) and finding that some are actually still available!!!

Wouldn’t it be fun to re-introduce some of these retro toys to your own children?  OR, it would also be really fun to give one of these toys to a grown-up who grew up with these toys! Just think of the memory lane your recipient would travel. So fun. :)

***If you click on the name of the toy listed above each picture, it will link you over to see more information about the toy, to read reviews, availability, etc.




Care Bears





Calculator Watch


Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots


Rockin’ Rider Pony


Kermit The Frog Puppet


Play-Doh Fun Factory


Rummikub Game


View Master 3D


Lincoln Logs


Hot Wheels




Lego 50th Anniversary Set


Rocking Horse


Pop Beads


Glo Worm


My Little Ponies


ABC Wooden Blocks and Cart

Horse Stable and Accessories


Bristle Blocks


Rubiks Cube


Slap Bracelets


Perfection Game


Rock Tumbler


Lite Brite


Pogo Ball


Pound Puppy


Garbage Pail Kids


Simon Says


Connect 4


Wild West Cap Gun


Mr Potato Head


Tinker Toys

Moon Shoes



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