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How the ‘ol Health Plan is going…


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Here’s what’s going on with me and my New Year, New Me plan lately.



My Goal:  To fill up several water bottles and place them in several different rooms.  And then sip on them all day long.



Reality:  I usually only make it through part of one.




My Goal:  Snack on items such as these.



Reality:  Sneak a few of these from the freezer as I walk by.  Num-num.  (Why do we put “off limit” food in the freezer?  Like we’re really not going to eat it.  Ha.)




My Goal: Put these on 5-6 days a week.  Oh, and use them.



Reality:  I wear the above shoes about 3-4 times a week but thoroughly enjoy wearing these just as often, if not more.




Haha.  I know, I have some work to do. 


However…….I really don’t feel like I have to be perfect.  I am doing way better than I was in December.  Actually, I’m doing better than I was all of 2011.  So that is something to be happy about.  I have been known to say, “Ooops, I messed up and ate too many calories this morning.  I guess the whole day is ruined.”  (I know I’m not alone…….as humans, we’re cruel to ourselves at times.)  But I’m getting so much better at not doing that.  Most days that I mess up or am not absolutely perfect (since the beginning of 2012), I just kinda go with it.  And it’s been so freeing.  I definitely feel less pressure from myself now that I have eased up on the “All or Nothing” mentality.   Whew.  This fresh start has been just what I needed this year.



I also used to feel like if I wasn’t sweating and pounding the pavement, I wasn’t doing any good.  But I have been following Alysa’s expertise and have been doing more strength training and more flexibility training, along with the aerobics.  And if that’s all I fit in one day, that’s all I fit in.  And then I congratulate myself.  And it has felt good.


Just this last week, Alysa assigned Flexibility Training as the homework to focus on.  I have done the full rotation of flexibility exercises 2 times since last week and plan to keep it going.  It’s funny how even simple movements and stretches make your body feel even a tiny bit stronger.  And I honestly call it a good day when that’s all I fit in.  Small successes are still successes.


(*image is of Alysa, found here)



Anyway, I’m not perfect.  But I’m still hanging in there.

(I guess I better eliminate the temptation and throw the chocolate chips in the trash.)



How are your New Year’s resolutions going?



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