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Embellish Plain Shoes {with recycled purse leather/hardware}


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Ooooh, I love me some shoes.


And there are some seriously lovely shoes in the stores.  When I want to feel fancy, I kind of have a thing for a few rhinestones on the toe, a bit of fringe, maybe a crushed fabric flower.  Whatever it is, it adds a little interest to those plain feet.  But the more glam you find on the shoes, usually the higher the price tag.  And, well, that bugs me.  (Because we all know it doesn’t cost the manufacturers that much more to add it on.)



So forget overpaying and gather a few things to glam up your own shoes (or as shown here, for a little girl).








And since I found the purses at the thrift store, it only cost me a few dollars to fix up these little beauties. (I’m not kidding, hurry over to the thrift store now.  Or dig up some old purses from the back of your closet.)  The buckles came off the old silver purse and the bow came from cutting up the black purse. 




Pretty quick and easy transformation.


And if bows aren’t your thing, try making some ruffles, or some fringe, or even a flower of some sort.  The fabric you’ll find on old purses is so perfect for this.  And really, comes in so many colors and textures.



You may start finding reasons to decorate all your old shoes in your closet.  It’s slightly addicting.




Would you like to transform your plain shoes into glam shoes?



First of all, you probably aren’t going to find the exact hardware that I found but look around, you never know what you’ll find at the thrift store.  But if your heart is set on buckles……..check the craft store or the sewing section.  Or use a big rhinestone right at the center of your bow.  Or make a flower and put a rhinestone at the center of that.  Really, the options are endless.


But, to show you how I made these little glam bows, I first cut some square shapes out of the black bag.  And if you find leather or faux leather, you won’t have to sew (or fray check) the edges because they won’t fray.  Bonus.


Then I cut the buckles off the silver purse.


Then slid the black fabric through the buckles.


Then I made sure the bow was a good size for the shoe.  Check.


So then I used a heavy duty glue to adhere the bows to the shoes.  I pinched them in place with clothes pins, which worked great. 



And now those little bows aren’t going anywhere.




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