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I’m Thankful for Today


I love having a specific day to say thanks.  It helps me remember to think about what I have. 


And that makes me happy. 


Right now, I am together with family.  And it’s comfortable.  I love chatting and laughing and reminiscing and, of course, eating good food.  And yeah, I don’t even mind the teasing and the old embarrassing stories that are shared.  And believe me, there are plenty to be told amongst all 7 of us siblings. 


I wasn’t going to hop on the computer at all today.  But I just had to for one second.  And say thanks.


Blogging has been such a great outlet for me.  And such a nice way to release some of these pent up ideas…….and share them.  Sometimes they’re crazy ideas and sometimes they seriously fail.  But you have all been so kind.  And so encouraging.  And many of you have even become friends of mine.  I know I say this a lot……but I seriously wish I could lasso you all in, cram you inside my family room, and craft/sew with you in person.  And talk and laugh and, well, of course eat treats!  ;)  (It may drive my husband crazy to have that much estrogen all in our house at the same time…..haha.)  But the closest way I can think of to have you all come over and work on a project together…….is to give away some of my patterns from my little pattern shop.  And then this Saturday at 3:17 p.m., we can all work on the same thing over Skype.  Haha……just kidding.  But we can pretend.


Anyway, the first 30 people (Sorry….the first 30 were already chosen)to leave a comment on this post (with their email address), can choose whatever pattern they want from my pattern shop here

And then I will send you the PDF file right to your email inbox.

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If I had a shop full of pre-made items……I’d send some of those too.  But I don’t.  Darn.


But I just wanted to somehow say an extra great big thank you


And I hope those of you who celebrate, had a wonderful Thanksgiving today.


!!!!!!Giveaway Closed!!!!!

30 winners were notified




Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with the craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. Marta says:

    I just found this and I love it!

    1. Anne says:

      Give credit where credit is due sister – I showed you!

    2. Marta says:

      HA! Okay okay!

  2. Jen says:

    Love your purse pattern and your blog, one of my fav’s!!

  3. Ashley says:

    I know that I’m waaaaay too late for the giveaway but I wanted to tell you that your blog is by far my favorite. You have taught me so much about sewing and have brought out a talent that I didn’t know I had. Thank you so much for teaching us new projects and basic techniques. You are so creative. I recommend your blog to every crafty person I know. Thank you so much for all the time you put into your blog. :)

  4. Rhonda Irizarry says:

    This is the best deal you’ve gotten from Raining Hot Coupons. I love it!!!

  5. heidi s. says:

    I missed out on the giveaway, but just wanted to say how awesome I think this was. You are extremely talented and what a giving heart you have! I’m so very glad I found your sweet blog! Would have loved that that little maddy dress, but will wait for the next time around. Keep up beautiful sewing!

  6. Becca says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Canadian, so we’ve already had ours long ago, but greetings to all your American neighbo(u)rs. I also nearly cried when I realized how much I missed this giveaway by. I love your blog, patterns, and neat ideas, Ashley! Thank you. p.s. If you are still giving away those patters… this wannabee creative new mom would love one!

    1. Becca says:

      *you not your and *patterns… :) They do teach us grammar in Canada, although sometimes we have different spellings than you.

  7. Luda says:

    I cryed when I saw this post and realized that I missed it. And for a long time have been wanting the boy booties because we are expecting a boy soon and would love to make him some of those booties. Could I get one too?? :(

    please please please please.

  8. Avvie says:

    Aw I’m too late.

  9. Valerie Nelson says:

    What a generous offer :) A little late for me, but what fun for the ones who saw this in time! Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!! You’re super mom!

  10. jan says:

    I am way too late, but still want to say ‘thank you’ too (for all the awesome stuff here) and Happy Thanksgiving & holiday season!

  11. Erin says:

    Too late for a pattern, but just wanted to say–happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful that your’e generous in sharing your talents with all of us.

  12. Marilou says:

    I’m sad I missed it! But I still love your site :)

  13. Katie says:

    Wow! Thanks for this!!! I love the little guy tie and would be thrilled to have the pattern!

  14. Raphaela Dias says:

    OOHHH I am so late for this post…. I love all your things, any girly pattern would be perfect for me…
    Well, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  15. Sonja says:

    Well, I missed that one by … a bunch!!! Oh, well, I hope your Thanksgiving was just awesome!

  16. Steph says:

    I really like your Darla Purse!

  17. Sonia Lopes says:


    It´s a wonderful thing to feel grateful:) I´m also grateful for the simple things I have in my life…for my family, my health and my work! Wish you all the best.

    I´m far from being in the first 30 but I´d like to say that I love the Abigail shoes! They´re so darling!!

    Sending you this comment from Portugal,

    Sonia Lopes

  18. Annette Ladle says:

    Thank you for your ideas and abilities to spark my own creative juices. You are appreciated. Thank you.

  19. Dorothea Dahmlos says:

    I know that I don´t win. But I want to say that I follow you ervery day from Hamburg/Germany.
    You´ve got great ideas.

  20. Kathy Patterson says:

    Even though I was out all day and was not a winner in your pattern giveaway – I STILL think you are terrific! Thanks so much for all you do!

  21. Vicky says:

    I’m nowhere near the top 30, but still want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and the wonderful creations you share. You’re fantastic inspiration for a sewing mummy like me! :)

  22. Heather Johnson says:

    I am thankful that you are so willing to share your talent and inspiration with all of us.

  23. Rae says:

    I don’t know if I’ll make it… a lot of people didn’t include e-mails, so….

    rae_adropofgoldensun @ hotmail . com

    If not, thanks for the daily inspiration, and I hope your holiday was great!

  24. Amanda says:

    Well, I may not be in the top 30 but I am still grateful for your blog so full of ideas and such. Thank you.

  25. Suzanne Rusly says:

    Ashley, finding your blog had made me dust off my serger & sewing machine. You are such an inspiration. For that, thank you…

  26. Shannon Haymore says:

    OH…I wish I was number 30:) I love your ideas and your blog!!! You are amazing!

  27. Melissa Witt says:

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and love your site!

  28. Jenn says:

    Thank you so much for all your cute creative posts. I love it! I have made so many fun things after being inspired by you, and it brings so much pleasure into my life. Thanks!!

  29. Brione says:

    Love, Love, Love your site!! I am not creative, so I use your creativity to help me on my way!!

  30. Janice says:

    First 30 ??? You’re way more popular/famous than that! Love your cheerful creations. Mary Poppins and Bert are terrific!!!

  31. Kerry says:

    Thank you for inspiring my creative energy. I might not be able to make things, but it is always fun to be inspired!

  32. Alexis says:

    I know I don’t get a pattern but I wanted to say thank you to YOU. You are an inspiration on so many levels and you’ve taught so many of us wonderful things. Today as I think about what I’m grateful for, I see you and your blog on the list. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  33. BrAndy says:

    Oh I missed out :( happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all the wonderful crafty tips!!!

  34. Rachel Q says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    rachelannjeanette at gmail dot com

  35. kelly says:

    I missed out too and only an hour after you posted! But love your blog. =0)

  36. Maryannne @Scrappy Gifts says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your inspiring blog! You’re awesome. Wish I was on earlier; I would have loved the tie pattern =D

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