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No-Sew Love: 50 fun projects to make WITHOUT a needle and thread

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I guess I can officially say that I birthed 2 babies during the summer of 2014. One in human form and the other in book form. (In case both of these are surprises to you…..more on baby Oliver here and more about “No-Sew Love” here.)  And let me just say — I’m so crazy excited that both are here!


No-Sew Love is available for pre-order NOW at any of the links above (many include e-reader versions). Also, it will be available in stores August 5th, including Jo-ann Fabric, Hancock Fabric, (and possibly a few more that I’m not sure about yet…eep!) and other local Indie Bookstores in your area (to see what stores carry it locally, click on the “Indie Bound” icon above, enter in your zip code, and your local bookstores who carry it will be listed).


No-Sew Love is a 256 page book, stuffed with colored step-by-step photographs throughout, similar to the tutorials I share here on my blog.  All 50 projects are truly NO-SEW and don’t require a single stitch of thread.  So, any person (even those without one ounce of sewing skill) could create items that look like they’re sewn, but aren’t!  Projects include throw pillows, grommet curtain panels, simple clothing, holiday decorations, tote bags, table runners, and even accessories for you!  Ahhhhhhh………so much love went into this book.  I really hope it’s helpful to some (or many) of you — or someone you know.  Especially those who’d really like to try their hand at something they thought they couldn’t.  Because truly, there’s nothing that beats that feeling of, “holy smokes……I actually made this!”



Check out my “NO-SEW LOVE” BOOK REVIEW for more pictures and a sneak-peek inside the book!

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Materials for No-Sew Love can all be easily found at craft and fabric stores (and even online) but I wanted to share with you my favorites.  No secrets here (and no, none of these are sponsored)….just a few brands that I have had the most success using.


  • DOUBLE SIDED FUSIBLE ADHESIVE TAPE, 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch widths:  I have tried many, many brands and my absolute favorite, hands-down, is Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick Fusible Web Tape.  It’s slightly sticky, which helps it temporarily stay in place until you’re ready to iron it permanently in place.  I used these 2 widths throughout the book and like having them both on hand.  I have found this brand to be available in many craft stores and several places online.

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  • HOT GLUE GUN AND GLUE STICKS:  I have used many glue guns, and I don’t necessarily feel that one brand is better than another.  However, I strongly encourage buying one that has two heat options.  Glue sticks that aren’t heated up fully are sometimes useless and don’t fully bond to the surface you’re working with.  The brand that I have used for years, is AdTech, for both the glue gun and the glue sticks.

1glue gun

  • FUSIBLE ADHESIVE SHEETS: The brand that I prefer and use the most is Thermoweb Heat’n Bond iron-on adhesive.  It comes in rolls or in folded sheets and lasts a long time.  (This brand offers a variety of types but I have always used the “sewable” type so that I can use it for both sewing and no-sew projects.)

1heat n bond

  • FREEZER PAPER:  This stuff was designed to wrap around meat before placing it in the freezer.  However, crafters discovered its usefulness when they figured out that it would iron temporarily to fabric, creating precise templates and pattern pieces.  One side is paper, while the other has a glossy finish and adheres quickly to fabric with the use of a heated iron.  Freezer paper is generally found in the grocery store, near the foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper.

1 freezer paper

  • SNAPS AND SNAP HAMMER TOOL:  This is my preferred tool for attaching snaps.  It’s a long metal shaft that has a round end that fits over one side of the snap pieces. You hit the hammer at the top of the shaft, and the round end helps compress your two snap pieces together.  I have purchased snaps with the included hammer tool from many craft/sewing stores (in a variety of brands) but haven’t had as much luck finding it online.

1 snap tool


  • EPOXY GLUE: My favorite brand is Amazing Goop, Craft.  It’s permanent, waterproof, dries pretty quickly, and is paintable.

1craft goop


  • DECOUPAGE SEALER: This is a glue, sealant, and varnish, all in one.  It works as an adhesive but is also great to apply over things to give them a nice sealed finish.  My favorite brand is Mod Podge, and matte is the variety I use the most and for most surface types.

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Hopefully that helps!



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