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Skirt Alterations – Long to Short…with added Flowers/Ruffles

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Okay, one more project using the Go! Cutter that I shared other projects with you here and here.
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 Have any extra long skirts laying around?
Or have you seen any on the clearance racks at the stores that were never purchased last winter/spring?
(I got mine at Ross for $8 last week.  Ross has been my dear friend lately…)
Well chop that long skirt off…
…and use the scraps to liven up that skirt.

With some large flowers at the bottom…


And a narrow ruffle to hide a seam.   
(You could add the ruffle even if you aren’t hiding anything.  It actually grew on me after placing it there.)

Oh, and there are no flowers on the back (maybe uncomfortable to sit on?….but you could give it a try), but the ruffle goes all the way around.


 A nice and light new skirt.  

Ready for a couple more months of summer…

Would you like to make your own?
Even if you don’t have the Go! Cutter….

I found this 3-tiered skirt at Ross like mentioned above.
(Raid your closet or the thrift store too…)

I then cut the bottom tier off, making sure that the skirt would still be long enough.
Then fold over the bottom of the skirt a 1/4 inch, then another 1/4 inch, then sew into place.
Then, I cut the gathering stitch off that bottom section, then folded it in thirds width wise.  
I placed the fabric on the 2 1/2 inch die cut
Then placed the mat on top, and rolled it through the Go! Cutter
After it rolled through, and unfolded the fabric, I had 3 nice and long 2 1/2 inch wide strips….ready to be used.
****Remember, if you don’t have the cutter, just cut the bottom section of your skirt into 2 1/2 inch wide strips.  No biggee.….the cutter just saves time.
 Then I folded the strips in half lengthwise, with wrong sides together, and sewed along the raw edges, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Then I turned the tubes right side out and pressed them flat, with the seam along one edge.  (Need help with turning a tube right side out?  Click here.)
Then I made a basting/gathering stitch down the center of each strip and pulled the end string to gather each strip up a bit.  (Need help with gathering?  Click here.)
Then select where you’d like to place your flowers.   Begin making the first one by placing one end of the gathered tube down on the skirt and begin making a circle.  Cover the raw end with your circle and then begin winding inwards.
Continue winding the ruffle inwards, pinning as you go, making sure to use enough ruffle to give the flower fullness.
Once you reach the center, tuck enough raw end underneath and trim off what you don’t need.
Then unwind the flower except for the first circle and place the flower and skirt underneath the needle of your sewing machine.  Start at the first end of the ruffled tube and back-stitch a few times, the continue sewing over your ruffle in the circular shape.
Then add more of the ruffle back to where it was placed originally, and keep sewing along the top.  You will adjust your foot and fabric as you go but there is no need to lift up your needle.
Continue until you are almost at the center, tuck under your end, then sew over the top of that, making sure to secure everything in place.
On this flower, I never cut off the excess to begin with, so I had extra length at the end.  I just cut it off after finishing sewing.  Just wanted to show you the finished center……but ignore the tail that hasn’t been cut off yet.

 I did the same thing with the other 2 flowers and attached them right where I liked them.
Then I moved onto the ruffle.  Since my skirt had 2 tiers remaining, I wanted to cover that seam with a ruffle.  So I began at one side and pinned the ruffle right over top of that seam……
…..and pinned all the way around.  
Once I was back at the beginning, I tucked under the raw end…
….and pinned it down.
Then I placed the skirt back under the sewing machine and stitched right over top that original basting stitch, securing the ruffle to the skirt.
Nice and ruffled.

And…ready to wear.
(Once again, I got that little mannequin form at a clothing store in the mall that went out of business.  Keep your eye out for one.  Makes a great place to place your projects, while trying to adjust and alter them…)

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