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Tinker Bell Costume

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find all sorts of DIY Halloween Costume Ideas HERE.

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UPDATE: I finished the Peter Pan Costume and it’s available HERE.

Halloween is fast approaching…..and I needed to hurry and create something sweet for my little kiddos.
I have been looking forward to costumes, candy, imagination, and excitement since last year. And of course, I wanted my little munchkins to match…..well, sort of. Just fit together somehow. So the magic of Peter Pan has saturated my thoughts.
Today I’ll show you Tink….and tomorrow, Peter.
(I figured this was an easy outfit to throw on a long-sleeved white shirt underneath……and cozy white tights. Perfect for the cool Halloween evenings.)

And even if you already have a costume for this year…….consider creating one of these for your dress-up box. (Everything purchased for both costumes was under $3 a yard. This time of year is the perfect time to find unusual fabrics for a very great price. Even at your local fabric stores.)

Oooh, I can’t wait until next week. My little lady is so mad that I made her take it off after taking pictures. She so badly wants to flit around the room in her little “tinka-bell” costume. And man, nothing makes me grin bigger than seeing the splendor of imagination.





How to make Tinkerbell?
(There are so many parts to this costume that I’m trying to fit into one post so I’m trying to keep it as brief as possible. I’ll link to other tutorials when appropriate and am only posting minimal pictures for each part of the costume. If you have specific questions…let me know)


First, start with the bodice. I patterned it after an old swimsuit. Make a pattern by folding the swimsuit in half lengthwise to trace the front piece…..and then again for the back piece.

Then cut out your front and back pieces out of something stretchy. (Mine is a knit blend….not sure what it’s called. But it has a fuzzy texture…but stretches well.) Sew the front and back pieces together along the sides and bottom, with right sides together.

Then turn under the raw edges of the leg holes…..using a zig-zag stitch to allow for stretch.

Then turn under the arm sections, and the top front and top back sections.

Now, you’re going to create 2 flutter sleeves. Here is the basic shape of each sleeve. I needed sleeves that were 6 inches long (not width). But I made them 10 inches long to allow for gathering. At its widest point, they are about 3 inches wide.

Then make a casing for the elastic by turning under the long straight edge, about a half inch. Then thread a piece of narrow elastic through the casing. (I needed my should strap to be 6 inches long, so I cut my elastic piece 6 inches long as well. After attaching the sleeve and using some for the seam allowance, it will be a little less than 6 inches. But this will allow for some stretch and will keep the sleeves up on the shoulders, perfectly in place.)

Then sew the elastic along one end of the casing to secure in place, pull the elastic the rest of the way through, and sew along the other end of the casing to secure the other end of the elastic.

Pin in place and sew several time along the front and back corners of the costume. Repeat with the other shoulder. (I didn’t hem the other edge of the sleeve because this fabric is knit and doesn’t fray.)

Then cut out some of your same material for your skirt. My little girl is about 19 inches around the waist so I doubled that and made my strip 40 inches wide. And I made it about 14 inches long. Then I cut triangle cuts out of the bottom. Then I sewed the shorts ends together, to create a tube, one step closer to a skirt shape. Then I created a casing and inserted elastic, just like the tutorial here. (And I didn’t hem the triangle edges because the knit I used doesn’t fray.)

Then, I added some trimming to the waist of the skirt. Be careful if you are sewing on top of the elastic to stretch it as you go. Then if you let go, it will stretch back into place….and will ruffle up your trimming a little bit more. Otherwise, if you don’t pull the elastic, you sew your elastic in place and will restrict its elasticity. (The trimming looks like the strip above the skirt, already ruffled and ready to go. You can buy this stuff by the yard at the fabric store.)

Then I made a tutu to go under this skirt by using the tutorial here.

Then I made the wings by bending two wire hangers to the desired shape.

The I cut off the hook shape of the hanger and then slid cheap-o little knee highs over the hanger shapes and rubber banded them nice and tight at the base.

Then I placed a piece of cardboard under the ends and hot glued them into place. Then I put tons more hot glue on top, then place another piece of equal sized cardboard on top of that. Press the two pieces together firmly and hold until cooled. Make sure you used plenty of glue and that the wings are even and straight.

Then I ended up trimming the cardboard to be a little smaller and added some elastic for the arm holes. Then I wrapped the cardboard in the same material as the costume……….and hot glued it in place.

And I forgot to take pictures as I was making the wand. But I made it by gluing 2 cardboard stars to one end of a wooden dowel…..hiding the end of the wooden dowel between the two pieces of the stars. Use plenty of glue and press the stars together firmly. Then I coated the star in elmer’s glue and sprinkled plenty of glitter over it. Then I wrapped the wooden dowel with some sparkly ribbon. And then tied some sheer ribbon around the top, right under the star. All part of the magic!!

Sorry, this is the best picture I got……..just wasn’t thinking.

Whew, I think that’s it. (Let me know if you have any questions while making your own…..there was a lot I was trying to squeeze into this one post.)

Now let your sweet girl flit and flee around the house…..creating all sorts of magic and wonder right before your eyes.

Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. Keira says:

    It hink that this is so easy and inspiring.

  2. Lily says:

    Hi there, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this article.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  3. Diane says:

    I have almost finished this for Granddaughter – did Peter Pan for grandson – you are amazing – don’t have Granddaughter here to measure – how long elastics for wings? – did you glue elastic, as well? Thanks

  4. Christine says:

    Thank you! I just finished my daughter’s wings for her Tinkerbelle costume. I did a different dress because I am not confident with stretch fabrics or sewing kits (though I will try for my son’s Peter Pan pants) but the wings were perfect. Thanks so much!!!

  5. Jeannette says:

    Just wanted to share a safe wing stabilizer we discovered last year. The white under padding they sell for putting down laminate floors it is soft and safe but holds the wings up nicely. No wires to worry about just sew any sheer fabric into your wing shape cut the padding a little smaller and stick it inside. It even has a little shimmer to it.

  6. Carroll says:

    Wow! Finally I got a webpage from where I can in fact obtain
    valuable information concerning my study and knowledge.

  7. Hanna says:

    Hi, thanks so much for two great tutorials on Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. My kids are having a carneval in kindergarden today, and the costumes turned out really good. If you wanna see them, you can have a look here.

  8. Kristen says:

    I am in the process of making the costume for my daughter right now, and I’m having a problem with the skirt. The green part keeps rising up on the tulle. Any suggestions?

  9. mukadder says:

    hayran kaldım. Harikasın…

  10. Jill says:

    Very fun. Thank you. I hope to be able to use this some day (no girls yet…).

  11. lorence says:

    I love your work. You’re such a heaven sent. My sophie will be turning two on June,but as an overly excited mom,i’m starting to plan as early as now.hahaha. I chose tinkerbell as our theme.and planned to do her dress by my self. Thank you so much for giving a simple and easy to understand instructions like these. God bless you.

  12. cucicucicoo says:

    thank you so much for this! for carneval this year, i did both tinkerbell and peter pan based on your tutorials and i linked to you in two separate posts:
    thanks again! :) lisa

  13. Becca says:

    I used your tinkerbell costume to make my daughters, thanks for the great how-to! I learned a lot, and it turned out so cute! i even made felt & elastic slippers to cover her tennis shoes.

  14. pixie dust says:

    ooohh!!! sparkles!!! i do believe in fairiessss!! :)

  15. Ellie says:

    I looooove tink! I am using the skirt for halloween! thanks! :)

  16. Dessie says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for posting/teaching this! My 18-month-old is going to be tinkerbell this year for Halloween and I’m a less than beginner seamstress. This was easy enough for me to follow and make! HOORAY!!

  17. Jamie says:

    Did you sew your tutu to the skirt or use it as a separate piece! I LOVE this costume. THANKS!

  18. mich m says:

    i love this tutorial (and loads others) my 3 y/o had a fairies party this year so made this dress (with a few changes) everyone thought it was great, i also made a flower faries inspired tutu for my 1 y/o wich looked great too with soft wings of corse!

  19. Pandora says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I made for my daughter very similar costume. Thank you. Regards.

  20. Anonymous says:

    super, je comprends l'anglais mais ne le parle pas trop
    good !!! thank you !!

  21. Hamperific says:

    Great instructions… we have the same fabric is Australia called Panne Velvet. Great stuff!

  22. Molly says:

    I followed your great directions, tweaked a few things (ie. Used a beautiful sheer green fabric with sparklies for the wings) and created the most adorable Tinkerbell for my 3 1/2 year old daughter! Thank you so much! Will post a pic if possible.

  23. Mary says:

    I have a sewing machine at home but have only used it three times (until last night). I am not experienced with the machine, or with sewing period, but this costume was very easy to make! I completed the costume in 2 hours (from making the pattern to completing the sewing) and it looks great! Thank you so much!

  24. Anonymous says:

    The fabric you used is called "crushed penne" and is on sale at Joanns for 50% off!!!

  25. Christy, says:

    this really didn't take that much material, or so it seems. I may have to attempt this one

  26. Ashley says:

    Kim, have the stretch go width wise for the main bodice piece, so it expands with her belly as she puts it on. Make sure to make it big enough that it will stretch width wise but then still be big enough length wise. And the skirt doesn't matter as much since it's not fitted but I think I made it go width wise too. Good luck!


  27. Kim says:

    I really LOVE this costume! I am making it for my daughter this year. I bought some similar fabric that you show in your tutorial. The fabric is more stretchy one way than the other, does it matter which way I cut the pattern? Do I need the stretch so your belly can expand or do I need it to stretch lengthwise? Hopefully this makes sense. I tried to figure it out with clothes around the house, but it varied too much. Thanks for any help! kimlebaron at hotmail dot com

  28. Donna (formerly known as anon :p) says:

    Thank you! We're hitting Hobby Lobby w/coupon in hand today! :)

  29. Ashley says:

    Yes, measure the waist and then subtract about 2 inches. 2-4 year olds are generally about 20 inches around in the waist, so use that for a guide if needed. Good luck!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I'm new to using elastic-I see you used 6" of elastic for the 10" flutter sleeves, but how much elastic did you use for the waistband? Was it the standard waist size minus 2" measurement? Thank you so much!

  31. La buhardilla de Lo says:

    Cute, cute, cute,….and so easy.

  32. The Prudent Homemaker says:

    Love love love that you used knee-highs! Even the dollar store has those!

    Great tutorials!

  33. Ashley says:

    Christie Family – I bought all of that material at joann fabric. The main fabric is a knit that seems a little velvety……no clue what it's called. But it was a stretchy knit. And then I used tulle for the tutu. Um, I bought a yard and only used about 1/2 – 2/3 of it. And my daughter wears a 3T. Hope that helps!

    1. Anonymous says:

      In Australia that fabric is called ‘ crush panne ‘ . 100% polyester …..looks and feels like velvet , 150cm ( 60 inches ) wide and it is very reasonably priced .

  34. The Christie Family says:

    questions…where do you buy your material? and what size is your daughter and how much material did you buy? this will help me gage how much to get. I'm exited to make these for my kids! thanks!

  35. Ashley says:

    Perrine, yes you can sure link to my tutorial from your blog. Thanks!

  36. Perrine says:

    I really like your how to. I was wondering if I could translate it in French and add it to my list of how to as explained in my french post (
    Of course, your website would be quoted and there would be a link!
    Thank you,

  37. Bethany says:

    You are a genius. Your daughter's dimple is to die for. And may I now take this opportunity to thank your kids for choosing to be the same thing as my kids on Halloween. Thank. You.

  38. Jessica says:

    I have to say I always look forward to your blog everyday because I know you make something incredible. I had a pattern to make for tinkerbell but it didn't really look like her outfit she wears (in the picture but hey, it was 99cents!) at all so when I saw your tutorial I freaked out because it was seriously the most awesomest thing in the whole wide world. In fact, I bought all the fabric, etc. today and will start the costume tomorrow. I know it won't be as wonderful as yours but my girl will love it no matter what! Thanks for all your awesome tutorials. You are so talented and awesome! There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness!!! (okay, I'm a Kung Fu Panda crazy person…that's where it came from ! ha ha)

  39. Mitzi says:

    This makes my heart happy!! My little girl is going to be Tinkerbell (almost 4) and then I wanted my little boy (almost 2) to be Peter Pan. I had her costume but haven't been able to find one except online. Thank you for this helpful post!! I am on my way to make a Peter Costume!!

  40. Vicki says:

    I also wanted to let you know that the Children's Place has sparkly silver leggings for about $8 or something that I bought for my daughter's Tinkerbell Costume. :)

  41. Shanna says:

    Wow, You are so amazing! These are the CUTEST costumes ever, and I can't wait to have little ones to make adorable costumes for! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

  42. Jess and Jen says:

    You are so talented. That costume is adorable!

  43. Karin says:

    That's an adorable costume. She looks so cute!!

  44. Christopher And Tia says:

    This is exactly what my kids are dressing up as for Halloween this year. I made my daughter a no sew Tinkerbell dress and a pair of wings using the threadbanger tutorial. I don't know my way around a sewing machine. I did however, make my son a really cute peter pan hat our of some green felt, and paired it up with a green shirt and brown tights. Pretty cute :)

  45. Dalling Family says:

    Great minds think alike! I made Brielle a Tink costume too! But her is more of a basic Tink. I found a cute little tank and some shorts on clearance (1.50/ea) cut the bottom of the shorts off with zig zags, added a very thin green tutu, wings, and voile! Eli's is SOOO darn cute though…makes me feel bad for Bri's more rugged one. Oh well. :o)

  46. Wendy says:

    THAT is adorable!

  47. Marla B says:

    Use other colors of material and make different skirts for the other faries from Tinker Bell the movie!! Come on-What about the other faries!

  48. Lora says:

    Great Job! It's darling! The wings are a great idea. I might use it to make my little gal her ladybug wings.

  49. The McGuffin Family says:

    I love the costume!I just love your blog!

  50. Mike and Patti Price says:

    you saved my life today. My daughter wants to be Tinker Bell I made one yesterday (improvising from a few patterns) and messed up. This one should be easy! Thank You!! BTW I bought your Darla purse pattern a few months ago. I get so many compliments on my purse! love it!

  51. Juliet says:

    Wow, you are so amazing. I love tinkerbell

  52. Codi says:

    Oh so cute! I can't wait for Peter, maybe next year I can convince my super hero obsessed boys to be something else. Peter Pan is sort of a super hero, right? I'll have to send you a link to my blog when I get a pic on Halloween of my baby being a Mummy, so cute!

    Thanks again for your AWESOME creativity and willingness to share! Because of you I have been able to sew and not so afraid to attempt things!

  53. Angie says:

    This is so great! It's perfect for beginner sewers too! Thank you for posting! I bought a beautiful Tink costume from Lady Mantis Boutique on Etsy, but this would be so fun to do and let my daughter, Serenity, wear as an everyday dress up costume! In order to share this tute with my followers, I linked it on my blog.

  54. Emily S says:

    This is so cute!! I can't wait for my little girl to grow up so I can start dressing her up like this :)

  55. Kaitlyn says:

    My little sister is also being Tinkerbell, but we just went for a purple and green tutu with wings. Both ideas are so cute!

    I have a challenge for you, if I can do that. You see those cute moms in the grocery store with their cute coupon holders. Do you know what I'm talking about? Somehow they take those tiny accordian style folders and cover them with fabric, ribbon, and buttons and make them ah-dorable. I don't know how you would even begin to cover those plastic things, with modge podge? Please help if you can! Thanks!

  56. Cari says:

    The wings are genius! I've already made my little gal's costume but I am so making some of these wings just for fun. Thanks for sharing!

  57. Vicki says:

    VERY cute… Only I wish I had seen it before I made my own! :)

  58. Brittany says:

    You are so amazing! I love the wings. So creative. Thanks again for the great idea.

  59. Becca says:

    This is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see your Peter Pan! That is what I am making my son for Halloween too and I am in need of some ideas!

  60. Katie says:

    I LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing! Oh, and thanks for the links to your other posts. I want to make some of those leggings for my little girl RIGHT NOW!

  61. burkfamily1 says:

    That is so clever!

  62. says:

    Wow, that's impressive. I'll have to remember that for next year!

  63. My Little Cupcake says:

    This is so cute! My little girl is going to be a fairy too!

  64. Twiddle Thumbs says:

    Truly adorable and a great tutorial…and that's just what MaryAnne said…
    Well, I really liked this. Great photos as well!

  65. CitricSugar says:

    This costume is precious! I did a Tinkerbell one in uni but I used several layers of tulle "sewn" together with beading wire. They were only semi-stiff but stood up and out enough to be good wings and flapped pleasingly when I ran about in my ballet slippers!

  66. Tonya says:

    Such a sweet outfit! Great job, I can't wait to see Peter!

    1. alexander says:

      hello are all they say is part of Rosanny

  67. P says:

    Ooh, very nice work! I love her dimple, she's a very cute Tink!

  68. The Harris Family says:

    Very cute!

  69. Janna says:

    You did a great job! I'm impressed… as always. My son is being Peter Pan as well. The baby girl already has her Tinkerbell hand-me-down, and the older girl will be a mermaid from Tinkerbell. I'm gaining inspiration from you and am attempting to make the mermaid costume without a pattern. Yikes! :)

  70. Brenbren says:

    That is AMAZING! So cute and her little dimple is cute too!

  71. Kirsten says:

    So CUTE! I love making "matching" costumes for my kids. A couple of years ago Ashlee was Dorothy, Brynlee was Glinda the Good Witch and Landon was the Cowardly Lion…and I was the Wicked Witch of the West! It was so fun!

  72. Bonita Boutique says:

    Too bad I already have a costume for my girls… but next year!!! The dress up box HAS to have this…. lol

  73. Crissy says:

    adorable! My 10 month old is going to be tinkerbell for halloween too…her costume isn't as pretty as this one though! Great job!

  74. Kelsee says:

    This is so great! I will have to make one of these for my little girl for her dress up box! I'm making her a bunch of pretty dress up things for Christmas on the super cheap. Great idea! Thank you for sharing!!! -Kelsee

  75. Brook says:

    I love it!!! I think you should have a homemade costume contest so we can see what everyone has created! :)

  76. Tasha says:

    You are BEYOND amazing. I am in LOVE with this. Oh, if I only had a girl. Seriously, this is just DARLING. I wouldn't have wanted to take it off either if I was your little girl. I would have lived in that thing as a little girl. I cannot wait to see peter pan!!

  77. Lynette says:

    She looks adorable…what a lucky little girl!

  78. Sarah says:

    I LOVE it!!!!!! I'm totally making one for dress-up since we already have halloween costumes ready! thanks for sharing!

  79. Heather says:

    Super cute – I can't wait till I can reveal mine – its so funny! Its for my son and should be done soon.

  80. MaryAnne says:

    Adorable costume, and great tutorial!

  81. Mom's Place says:

    Oh how cute!!!! And so easy!!!! Can't wait to see Peter Pan!

  82. Megan says:

    i can't wait for peter pan! I am getting ready to make one for my son for halloween. Tink and Peter, I can hardly wait!

    1. alexander says:


    2. Julie says:

      Great – thanks for the basic ideas and sizes. Just in the middle of making 2 of these for friends daughters (aged 6). I found that the skirt wan’t full enough to go over the wonderful netting underskirt – so I added half again so more gathers and fullness. I also bought craft wire for the wings as considered this more flexible. I also added slippers by tracing around a shoe and adding 2 inches, running a casing for elastic around the top and a single pom-pom.

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