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It’s for FREE…

***Giveaway Closed***

Yup, it’s giveaway time again!!!

And we’re back to a girly giveaway. How’s that sound?!?! (Next time I’ll have to dig up a giveaway for us grown ladies.)

This is a 3 part giveaway. (But you get all 3)

A pair of darling 3T capri’s………all sauced up at the bottom! (Old Navy……brand new, never been worn except for the 5 minutes my daughter had them on for the photos.)

A matching, adjustable, polka dot belt.

And a fun/flirty little purse……..just for your little lady!

(By the way, my daughter is growing out of 2T’s but not quite into a 3T, so these 3T capri’s are a bit big on her. So, they could be used as a 2T but would fit much better on a 3T sized girl. Just so you know.)

Would you like one for your own little girl? (Is she just a baby? Save them for a few summers.) How about the little neighbor girl down the road? Or maybe your niece/granddaughter/cousin is dying to have something like this? Go ahead, enter to win.

This giveaway is just like the rest. Get ready…….

How to enter?
  • Leave me a comment with your email address.
Want to be added in again?
  • “Follow” this blog. (Already are? You’re automatically entered in again. Just remind me.)
Another entry?
  • Put my button on your blog. (Already have one? Just remind me in another comment.)
Okay, just ONE more entry……
  • Mention this free giveaway, with a link, in a post on your blog. (And then tell me you did so. Don’t have a blog? Tell me why you’d like to win.)

The giveaway closes on Wednesday, Mar. 18th at 11:59 p.m. (mountain)

Oh, and have a happy weekend everyone. The sun is out today……so it’s going to be a good day, I’m sure!

Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!


  1. Rigby says:

    Sorry I got so excited I forgot my email address:

  2. Rigby says:

    I love your stuff and am a follower!

  3. hayley says:

    also, i added you to my bloglines!

  4. hayley says:

    love your blog!! just found it yesterday! can’t wait to look at all of it!!

  5. The WIlloughby Family says:

    Love these!! So cute and creative!!

  6. Alyna says:

    Great blog! My best friend has a little girl that would look so cute with the capris and purse! My email is lymeach @ gmail . com

  7. Corey and Katherine says:

    too cute! love all your stuff. larsonck@ sonic dot net

  8. Cassie and Chad says:

    So dang cute! Pick me Pick me!

  9. Onofrychuk Family says:

    Im a follower now!!

  10. Stacy says:

    Those are so cute! Hope I win!

  11. DA Phillips says:

    Oh and I follow your blog…

  12. DA Phillips says:

    This is my first post My email is

  13. DA Phillips says:

    I love your blog… I put your button on my blog… and I used to be in your ward.. Andrea and Devin phillips… How fun. My email is

  14. Mental P Mama says:

    I love these, and have the perfect little girl for them! What a wonderful site….I’ll be back!

  15. Monette and Mark says:

    And I have your button on my blog

  16. Monette and Mark says:

    my daughter LOVES any type of bag pick me! fishygirl at hotmail dot com

  17. Jennie Moore says:

    count me in! LOVE IT! Want IT!

  18. MiChElLe says:

    Those are soooo cute! My daughter would die for the purse! The pants would be adorable too!!

  19. jeanie says:

    What a fun giveaway. This would be perfect for my 3-yr-old granddaughter!
    I’ll become a follower after I’m done leaving this comment.

  20. Jer, Rach, Kol and Ella says:

    I love your projects. I can’t wait to get started on some like them! I also follow your blog.

  21. Ashlyn says:

    How cute! My neice would look so cute in this stuff!
    I hope you do a tutorial for the pants and the purse!


  22. Lauren says:

    I truly do love your site. It inspires me to try to do more with my creative energy!

  23. summerdays says:

    I love it so cute!

  24. Michael and Brenda Smith says:

    I love these items!!!! I gave you a shout out on my blog….I am already a follower…I have your button on my blog…and my e-mail address is

  25. pitcherfamily says:

    What a great idea and cute purse. My baby girl would look great in it in a few years. :) My sister Kristin told me about your blog.

  26. MegJill says:

    Just found your blog. Great giveaway! Just like everyone else, I’d love to win those! I have a 3yr. old and 8 month old, both girls.

  27. Darin and Carolyn says:

    i also left a post on my blog about it

  28. Darin and Carolyn says:

    way cute!!

  29. Andy and Micah says:

    These are so cute my daughter would love them

  30. Craig and Heidi says:

    So cute!
    And I have your button on my blog!

  31. Elizabeth Farnsworth says:

    Super cute. My niece look so cute in this outfit!

  32. The Tinsley Family says:

    Even though my little girl is only 4 months, it will fit her eventually. Too cute! I follow your blog and have your button!

  33. Ashley Hancock says:

    I love your site, I am following your blog, and I also added your button to my blog.

  34. Aubry Tucker says:

    I just found out about your blog through my sister. So cute! I would love to win! And why: Well i currently dont have children, but i have a neice who is just that size and would look so cute in those jeans:) Email:

  35. Doug and Laura says:

    since i don’t have any daughters, i’ll just enter once, but i do have a neice coming soon! love this idea! can’t wait to have girls of my own.

  36. tina says:

    following now!!!

  37. Jenna says:

    Love them!

  38. tina says:

    love it!
    atwwalker @ hotmail . com

  39. jeanine says:

    I would love to win this for my neice!

  40. Jer and Myaela says:

    and I just put a link to your blog/giveaway on my blog!

  41. Jer and Myaela says:

    oh, I forgot to leave the link to my blog! =)

  42. Jer and Myaela says:

    haha, so I totally don’t know you, but I saw the link to your giveaway on a friend’s blog, and you stuff is sooo cute and I’m excited to try some of your project ideas. =) my email address is , I am now following your blog, and although I didn’t add your button, I have added your blog to the list of blogs I read on my page so all my other friends can see, lol. =) Anyway, I’m way excited for your project ideas, even if I don’t win!

  43. Logan & Lora Schenk says:

    So cute!

  44. The Hughes Family says:

    I love your blog!

  45. Sassy says:

    oh…..yes…I am now a follower…cool!

  46. Sassy says:

    I have not only added the button earlier like I mentioned in an earlier comment but now it is also POSTED…WOO HOO….I’m feelin’ L U C K Y!

  47. Rick and Jenny Runyan says:

    Those are all so darling! You are so talented!

  48. The Savage Family says:

    Super cute! You are so creative! I put a link to your site on my own. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration.

  49. Sassy says:

    Those are the cutest and I have a couple little grandaughters and their moms trying to win….I have put your button on my blog and as soon as St. Patrick’s is a little further into the day…well because I just put a post on for it…I will also do a post for your give a way….but the button IS THERE!!!! WOO HOO…MAY THE LUCK OF THE IRISH BE WITH ME!!!!

  50. stephanie says:

    and my email address is :)

  51. stephanie says:

    i would love to win!! i am following your blog and i will put your button and i will post!! what a fun are very talented!!

  52. Tiffy says:

    Holy cow you are kidding these are so so so cute!!

  53. Harris Family says:

    I just found your blog through another friend’s, and I love it. I became a follower today, did a post about the giveaway, and added a button on my blog! Let me win!!! My daughter would look too adorable with all this cool stuff!

  54. Jaime says:

    You inspire me daily!! Hope I am the lucky one!!

  55. Andrea says:

    I am also a follower!!!! YIPPEEE~!!!!

  56. Andrea says:

    i love these and my daughter right now is thinking that it is the perfect time to wear capris even though it is still a little chilly out!

  57. The Lasleys says:

    This is absolutely adorable!

  58. Diane Conn says:

    What a cute pair of pants, my daughter would never take them off!

  59. ASAY FAMILY says:

    Mentioned the link in a post on my blog!. I love the purse!!

  60. ASAY FAMILY says:

    I put your button on my blog. I would link my blog but it is set to private.:)

  61. ASAY FAMILY says:


  62. ASAY FAMILY says:

    This is so cute, and its the perfect size for my Daughter!!!

  63. niKKi says:

    Yeah another CUTE giveaway, you are great. Ok soooo I have posted this giveaway on my blog, I follow your blog, I have your button on my blog what else can I do?? Oh yeah here is my address so when I WIN you can email me…haha. Thanks!

  64. Simply Lulu Boutique says:

    I love your stuff, I follow you on my business blog AND my personal blog! Does that count for double? ;) My little Lu would l.o.v.e that purse! Thanks for the wonderful tutorials!!!

  65. Abby says:

    Would love to give these to my very stylish niece!

    ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

  66. Em and Ms says:

    Those are so cute and would look adorable on my little girl.
    emilyspurgeon at gmail dot com

  67. Dallin & Ashley says:

    I made a special post, just for you, on my blog :)! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  68. Dallin & Ashley says:

    I have your button!

  69. Dallin & Ashley says:

    I follow your blog!

  70. danette says:

    THis outfit was made for my three year old. She loves the color purple and she loves to carry around a purse. So a purple purse would be her dream.

  71. The Burk Family says:

    Hey Ash! Man you sure get a lot of comments on here! But I am your number one fan, and I follow your blog! I am proud to say that we were V.T. companion!

  72. Carianne says:

    I follow you now!

  73. Carianne says:

    This is so cute! You are so creative!

  74. Steelefamily04 says:

    My daughter would be so cute in these. they are perfect for this summer. Hope I win

  75. Devin and Andrea says:

    and I already follow your blog!

  76. Devin and Andrea says:

    I also have your utton on my blog

  77. Devin and Andrea says:

    This is so cute! my email is bowmana24 at gmail dot com.

  78. Dalling Family says:

    Wow you already have a lot of comments here, but it’s worth a shot. Put me down for all of em. Bri would love the set!

  79. Misti says:

    These would be darling on my daughter.

  80. Laura & Rusty Jensen says:

    I would love this for my neice for her bday

  81. Melissa says:

    k here is the last one…I blogged about it on my blog! Yippie I hope I win!!

  82. Sarah says:

    I love this blog and I follow it as well.

  83. Melissa says:

    Three in a row…nice!! LOL just letting you know that I put your button on my blog!

  84. Melissa says:

    Just reminding you that I FOLLOW your blog!

  85. Melissa says:

    OH my gosh those are so stinkin cute!! I really want them!! You have such great ideas!

  86. thechristensens says:

    crap…the e-mail address.

  87. thechristensens says:

    These are so cute! Love it.

  88. Amanda says:

    Hey Ashley YOu know I love your blog. I won the last time so that wouldn’t be fair to others if I won again. So I thought I would just leave a comment and say I love that purse my little girl saw it and said she needed one :) So maybe you can help me out with that.

  89. Bacchus Family says:

    This is for my niece. My email is and I am a follower (see pumpkin patch pic). I have a son so feel free to do more boy give-aways. :)

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