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Diaper/Wipes Case

YAY!!!! We’re up and running again. You never realize how much you use the internet until you don’t have it any more. I even rely on it to get my recipes for dinner some nights. I had all the ingredients Monday night for a recipe that I found online but then couldn’t make it without the internet. Darn.


So, my latest creation has been a fun one. (come on, which ones aren’t fun?? haha!) I have seen homemade wipes cases all over the place. (and directions too…..just google it, you’ll see) So cute. Nice and chic. Yup, everyone’s got one. But I have 2 kids in diapers: a boy and a girl. So I couldn’t decide whether to make it girly or boyish. Then, I decided to make it both. Along with some diaper cases… for each child in the coordinating fabric.



What you’ll need to make all 3 things:


  • 1/4 yard of fabric of each of the two colors
  • 1/2 yard lining, any color you like
  • 1 empty wipes case
  • felt
  • sewable velcro
  • ribbon/embellishments for wipes case
  • thread
  • hot glue gun
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
***Adjust quantities if you only want one diaper case.
***Also, measure your fabric and decide where you’re going to cut what, before cutting. You don’t want to waste fabric.


First of all, I am using the Huggies brand diaper wipes portable case. (If you can’t find any at your local stores, here’s a LINK to some on Amazon.) Measuring along the top, down to the middle of each side, I decided that I needed pieces of fabric that were 9 x 5 inches. So the diaper case, if you’re not sewing strips together, is pretty fast and simple. Just cut out a piece for the top and bottom that are 9 x 5 inches and then skip the next part.


If you do want the strips, cut 3 pieces of 2 x 5 inch rectangles, in each color. So you have 6 strips total. Sew them together, using a 1/4 inch seam. Iron flat.


Now, cut out 2 pieces of felt that are 9 x 5 as well. Glue your piece of felt to the top of wipes case, being sure to center it in the very middle of the piece of felt, and then trim around the felt. The felt doesn’t need to go down the sides at all. It serves its purpose of covering up that center opening thingy (you know what I’m talking about?) and makes the top slightly softer. Also it hides the glue marks. Then hot glue your top piece (your stripped together piece or your plain one) on top of the felt.


TIP: Just glue a little bit at a time so that your glue is nice and hot while attaching the fabric to the felt, creating a secure hold. Trim this fabric as well, but a little longer, making sure that it almost reaches the middle of the sides. Do the same thing to the bottom.


And it’s okay if it’s not perfectly straight or doesn’t line up with the middle exactly. See look, here’s mine. Don’t try to perfect this part…’ll get covered up anyway.


Then attach a wide piece of ribbon to the top, making it just as long as the fabric. Then glue some thin ribbon around the upper and lower edge, hiding all of those edges of fabric (and your ends of wider ribbon). Take your time and only glue a little at a time, to make sure your are attaching your ribbon to HOT glue. This will help it stay in place permanently. Just don’t burn those little fingers. Ouch.


I started and finished at the back, to hide the ends.


Oh yeah, glue (or you could hand stitch) some embellishments to the top. I added a fabric yo-yo from this project and a button. I’ve realized you can use these little yo-yo’s on anything. Cute.


Okay, on to the case.


To make one case you’ll need:


  • Front piece – 8 x 12 inches
  • Back piece – 8 x 15 inches
Cut out a front piece in your outer fabric and your lining fabric. And a back piece in both as well. So you’ll have 4 total pieces of fabric for one case. If you’re making two diaper cases like I did, cut out another two pieces of the front and two pieces of the back. Go it?


Now, we’ll begin with the outer fabric. Sew the front piece to the back piece, right sides together. (1/2 inch seam allowance)


Then sew along the sides and the bottom, where the two fabrics meet. Do the same thing to the lining. That extra section of pink sticking out, will become your flap.


Ultimately, what you’re going to end up doing, is attach the lining with the outer fabric at the openings, with right sides together. You’re not going to sew it closed completely, so that you can turn it right side out. So, place your front piece and your back piece together, with the right sides of the top flap together. Pin the two flaps together. Now, be patient with your fingers (and me) with this next part. You’re going to also pin together the sides (where they meet at the seam), and then your fabric jets out at a 90 degree angle. Pin it here (where the front opening/lip will be on your finished product) as well as about an inch in on each side. Your going to leave the rest open, so that you can turn it right side out. Sew all along here, taking your time to match everything up.


Here’s a picture of the front opening.
(Don’t let my pictures confuse you…..I switched between the pink and green cases because I kept forgetting to take pictures of the one or the other at certain steps. Sorry.)


***If these pictures are really confusing at this point, check out this post here. I made the Electronics Cozy the same way but just a smaller version. The concept is the same, I just showed a different way to do it.
(I realized these directions may be tricky after several confused commenters. So sorry.)


(Sorry, back to the pink) Be really careful while sewing the corners where that front opening meets the lining. I’m not talking about the corner on the flaps, though those should be precise too. I’m talking about 3 inches down, where the front edges meet. Make it a nice crisp corner or it will look sloppy when you’re all through.


Up a little closer, here’s the corner I’m talking about. Also, make a diagonal cut, almost to the thread. This will help everything lay flat when you turn it right side out.


Now trim all of your corners, so that when you turn it right side out, your corners will look crisp. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Sorry, I didn’t take a picture. But here’s a picture from the nursing cover tutorial.

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Okay, now turn the pink (or green) piece right side out, sticking a pencil down into the corners, to poke them out nicely. Then shove the the lining (brown in my case) down into the outer fabric. It should look more like a case now. Fold down the fabric at the opening and pin it into place. Iron if necessary.


Now, you’re going to sew all along this opening, really close to the outer edge.


Then, attach your velcro to the flap, and the front opening/lip.


Add your diapers.


And you’re done. If you’re anything like me……you probably have several diapers swimming around your diaper bag. Annoying when you’re in a hurry to find the right diaper. Now they are tucked away in their little cases, ready for a quick bum change. Perfect, really.


Ashley Johnston

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