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Nursing Cover

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Have you seen the Nursing Covers/Hooter Hiders that are so popular right now?? Have you seen how much they COST?!? Some are upwards of $40. Yeah, I know. It’s okay…. Here’s a tutorial to teach you how to make one yourself. I made mine a little different, with alternating fabrics……..and double sided. This way, you get to choose what kind of mood you’re in while nursing. Ahhhhh, the choices. :o)


What you’ll need:


  • 1 1/8 yard each of 2 different colors of coordinating fabric. (Go crazy….get creative!)
  • 2 – 1 1/4 inch D rings
  • 14 inches of 1/2 inch wide boning (Make sure it’s stiff enough to hold out your fabric but not too stiff that it won’t bend the other way when you make your nursing cover reversible.)
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
It’s time to start measuring and cutting. (You’re going to be cutting along the width of the fabric, having the selvage along the ends of each of your strips.)
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  1. Cut one piece in each color of fabric, 2 1/2 inches wide, for the neck tie. (total: 2)
  2. Cut 2 pieces in each color of fabric, 2 1/2 inches wide, for the thin strips.
  3. Cut 1 piece in each color of fabric, 4 1/2 inches wide, for the bottom section.
  4. Cut 1 piece in each color of fabric, 5 inches wide, for the top section.
  5. Whatever is left will be for the middle section. Lay them on top of each other and trim them to be the same exact size. (Mine ended up being almost 20 inches. If you have way too much left, your cover will be really long. So keep that in mind.)
***NOTE: All seams are sewn at 1/2 inch, unless otherwise directed.


***And just an itty bitty warning. There are tons of pictures. Sorry to make you scroll through them all. I hope they help.


Lay out all of your strips on the floor, for both sides, to make sure you have cut the correct amount and to put them in order.


Sew the strips together in order, one side of the cover at a time.


Then iron all of the seams flat. You’re going to then trim the edges, that more than likely are not perfectly lined up after sewing each strip together.


Then, put your two finished pieces together, right sides together, making sure that your bigger top sections (the 5 inch sections) are placed together and the bottoms are at the bottom. Trim the sides a little more if necessary, to ensure that they are the same size, and pin them in place.


Then sew these 2 pieces together along the left and right side and the bottom, leaving the top open.


Set this main section aside and sew the two neck tie strips together, right sides together. Leave one end open and sew the other end closed… on a curve, like this.


Trim the corner and turn right side out.


Press and then top stitch, close to the edge. You’ll have something similar to this.


Set that aside and grab your main section again.


Take a breath, you’re getting closer……


Now you are going to fold your main section in half, horizontally. The open edge will be at the top. You are going to place a pin at the center at the top, where you just folded….as a reference.


Now open it back up and measure 7 inches to the left of the pin and 7 inches to the right of the pin, and place a pin at those two spots as well. (If you click on the picture, you can get a closer picture showing that my pins are 14 inches apart.


Now, sew along the top of your nursing cover from each of those pins, out to the corners, leaving the 14 inch space open. But your seam allowance is going to be one inch.


So now your main section is sewn all the way around, except for that 14 inch opening, right??


**Now you’re going to make a casing for the 14 inch piece of boning.


First, fold down the top piece of fabric edge, all along the top. You’ll just fold down 1 inch, right where you just made that seam all along the top. And then where the opening is, measure an inch down and fold it. Pin it like I did below and then go press it. **Only fold down the edge of the top piece of fabric.


This next part might seem a little tricky. But that’s only because it’s hard to explain in writing.


Like I stated before, we are making the casing for the boning. You will be making 3 seams. The fourth side of the casing is the folded side (that you just folded and ironed). Sew the left end of the casing first, stitching down 3/4 of an inch.


Then sew along the bottom of the casing, opposite the fold, for 14 inches. Make sure you are sewing 3/4 of an inch away from the fold so that the boning will fit inside comfortably.


***NOTE: Only sew through the top piece of fabric (blue in my picture) and move the bottom (green striped piece) out of the way, while making the casing.


Now, slip the piece of boning into the open end of the casing. (It should slip in there with plenty of room………with 1/4 of an inch to spare.)


Then, stitch that last end closed, securing the boning into the casing.


Phew, you did it!!


Okay, now you’re going to clip the 4 corners of your nursing cover, turn it right side out, poke out the corners to a crisp angle with a pencil or something pointy, and then iron the whole thing flat. Be careful while ironing near the boning. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to melt it but I’d suggest not trying it!!


Next, you’re going to add the D rings to your straps.
Cut your strap piece into 2 pieces. The curved end piece – 28 inches. The D ring piece – 10 inches. Slide the 2 D rings onto one end of the 10 inch piece and fold down 1/4 inch.


And then fold it down again, but an inch this time, and make a seam close to the folded edge.


Now, place the raw ends into the opening of your nursing cover, at each end. Pin securely in place. (Make sure you have the right color of the strap facing up.)


Stitch the straps into place, sewing 1/4 inch from the inside edge of the casing.


Now, you are going to sew around the entire nursing cover, 1/4 inch from the edge. Be sure to not sew through the boning while sewing along the top. Actually, you probably won’t be able to sew through it…..your needle will probably break. So be careful not to break your needle while sewing along the top edge.


You’re done!! Well you are if you know how to use that D ring. Need some help? This is how it works……..(The curved end is in my left hand.)


And then pull it tight. DONE!


And look, your other side is just as fabulous.


Now go feed that cute baby. He/she’s been starving while you’ve been making your cover.


OR, you might be making this for a friend. So go try it out in the mirror……and then send it off to some lucky lady!!!

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  1. Wendy M. says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just finished one to give as a gift to my niece-in-law- it turned out great, thanks to your detailed instructions. (I wish I had known about these when I was nursing my kids… :-)

  2. Zue Yusof says:

    Dear Ashley, that is definitely a good idea for a gift. I’ll sew this for my sister, who recently gave birth to a cute, pretty lil girl. Thank you for the tutorial! :)

    Zue from Malaysia.

  3. SharonH says:

    Oh I was so happy to find your tutorial! My daughter and I were just looking at these in the store and I absolutely choked at the price! She’s expecting our first grandchild in December and I can’t wait to yank all that fabric out of long-neglected storage and start sewing again! I’m curious to find out how the box strapping mentioned in a comment above works, as I’m all about upcycling anything that’s free!

  4. SewPro says:

    I am so excited to find this! Unfortunately, I just finished nursing our last baby a couple of months ago. I so wish I had known about these 20 years ago! I only started seeing these in the last year or two. I will definately be making these for the newly pregnant moms that I know. Thanks for your dedicaion and for sharing your knowledge and skills with us!

  5. Erin says:

    Is the boning necessary? I am just wondering before I attempt to make this. Thanks!

  6. Harmony says:

    I would DEFINITELY suggest a super lightweight cotton. The kind that's nearly see through, but not quite. Since you make this reversible you won't actually see through it, and then it would be airy enough. I live in FL, and believe me… you do NOT want something that's heavy covering you and your little guy!!

  7. Aly says:

    A friend made me one that I have been using and it's been fine for now, but it doesn't have the adjustable neck strap. I am so excited to make one of these, but i was curious if you, or anyone else around here, could give me an idea of what fabric to use. The one that I have is also pretty warm when it's warm outside. My little guy and I get kinda sweaty and since we're planning a trip to Florida next month I was hoping to make one that might be a little cooler. Any ideas?

  8. Leandra says:

    Can you tell me the specific brand/type of boning you used? I looked at some at Joann's today but they don't look like they will bend in the other direction when reversed. Thanks!

  9. Johnson's Times Two says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I made one tonight. Turned out good. Few things had trouble with a little but it isn't super noticeable.

  10. NicoleAnnes says:

    This is a fabulous well written tutorial. The directions are very easy to follow and very complete. Thank you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me what the finished size is suppose to be?

  12. injanuity says:

    Hi Ashley – just wondering with the finished cover are you able to peek through the top to see the baby? I'm assuming that's why you have boning? Thanks!

  13. Ashley says:

    Flannel would work just fine too. And if you're using flannel and cotton, that would work too. Just be SURE to wash and dry all fabrics before starting!


  14. The Asay Family says:

    I found some really cute flannel on-sale. Do you think flannel will work for this? What if one of my fabrics is cotton and the other is flannel? Will I need to do anything different?


  15. Ashley says:

    Hey Christina, I don't have mine here to measure anymore, but I think it turned out to be about 25 inches long. But, if it's too long for you, just don't make the center piece as big…..just make it several inches shorter (for the front and back piece) and the rest of the directions will still work great for you.

    Good luck!

  16. Christina Sobrido says:

    Just found this blog and I love it. I'm trying to make this for my little one.I unfolded the fabric and turned it long ways. It ends up wrapping around perfectly so nothing hangs out. The problem is I have fabric going almost to my knees.

    Can you tell me how long the cover is from top to bottom with or without the seam allowance? I must have missed it in your post
    Thanks so much!!!

  17. Annie says:

    I just made this and I love it! I didn't have one with my first baby and so I decided it would be really nice to have one for my second! I can't wait for baby to make his appearance so I get to use it!

  18. Kim says:

    I have only made one, but I added thin quilting material in strap for extra padding. My friend loved it.

  19. Jenn says:

    I love this! I learned how to make it at a local sewing class, they got the pattern here. (with your permission) I have since made 3 of these and they fly out the door!

    Here is a link to my pictures if you want to see how they have turned out!

  20. Ashley says:

    Schea, the neck band goes on the long side, at the top. Good luck!

  21. Schea says:

    Oops! I think I mixed up my left/right/top/bottom! Should the neck band go on the long side or the short side. Besides my silly error, I think it is SO adorable

  22. elm says:

    I am trilled to say I used your measurements and created my own!! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!!!

    You can see my nursing cover at:

  23. Synergy Girl says:

    I really REALLY want to figure out how to make this…can't you come show me how??!! I am hoping my super fabulous and talented neighbor will understand the directions and help a mother out…I will let ya know how it turns out!!

  24. Teryn says:

    I just finished mine! Just in time as I'm due in about 3 weeks. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I actually ended up just sewing a contrasting strip over top of the main fabric instead of piecing them together. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I would never have figured out the casing for this double sided version without you. I posted on my blog and linked back to you at

    Thanks again!

  25. Ashley says:

    You can leave it that wide or make it more narrow. Whatever works best for you. I like it really wide because sometimes I like to tuck it around me if someone is sitting right next to me. But that's just preference. Also, it becomes more narrow after you sew the two pieces right side together and turn it right side out.

    But do what you like best!

  26. LeftHandedLady says:

    I am ready to sew this, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything….do we leave the width at 44 inches? Isn't that super wide?

  27. Kayla says:

    I did it, I did it!!!! :) Thanks for the tutorial.

  28. Harmony says:

    A nice re-purposing tip or two: use an old sheet (or two) for the fabric instead of buying fabric. OR get an old sheet or two from the local thrift store to use instead of buying fabric. It usually ends up being cheaper and you can make matching burp cloths, diaper bag, sling, whatever.
    Also, if you have recently bought a new large appliance or t.v. you can use the strapping that's wrapped around the box instead of going out and buying boning. OR you can go to places like Sears or some such similar store that sells large appliances and ask them for their strapping. They will likely be thrilled to give it to you.

  29. Markell says:

    I totally forgot to cut the extra 20 inches off, it makes for a huge cover, but the girl I'm making it for is super modest, so no way will anything peekout, I all so used overall hook ups for a little change, turned out super cute.

  30. Carol says:

    Thanks for the awesome pattern, I love your website! I made two and posted photos on my website: , linking back here to give credit where it's due. I hope that's okay!

    (my JoAnn's didn't have boning, but Hancock did)

  31. Ashley says:

    Kelly, boning is really stiff, almost plastic looking stuff. You can find it at most fabric stores. I got mine at Joann's I think. Good luck!

  32. kellynedward says:

    This is an awesome idea! I'd like to make one for a friend, but tell me: what is boning and where do you get it? Thanks! I love your blog! It's full of so many great ideas!

  33. Karin says:

    Hope you don't mind if I link to this… I just made a cover on my own and your tutorial is the closest I found to how I did mine, mainly because it's reversible (and the seam for the straps is at the side, not running down the middle!). Nice job. Love the added detail of the contrasting stripes.

  34. Robyn says:

    I've made three of these now — one for myself and two for baby shower gifts. They're a HUGE hit and so easy to make! Thanks so much for sharing the directions.

  35. Ashley says:

    Mia, if you want to skip the strips……..use 2 pieces of fabric that are 43×32 inches. Then follow the rest of the directions the same way. (You can make it bigger or smaller and it will still work great too.)

  36. Mia says:

    Hi – I'd like to make this, but without the strips of fabric. (Just one fabric per side.) Can you tell me the finished dimensions of the cover please? By the way, I love your blog! Thanks.

  37. Ashley says:

    Hi Robyn,

    You need 1 1/8 yard of each fabric. And good luck……I'm excited for you to try it out. You'll love it.

  38. Robyn says:

    Planning to try making this this weekend — very excited! Some of my friends have this type of nursing wrap but I was too cheap.

    One question, though: is it 1 1/8 yards of each fabric, or 1 1/8 yards total? Forgive my cluelessness… newbie here. :)

  39. Katelyn says:

    yea! I finally got it done. I’m not sure if it will ever get done in 45 mins – maybe my second one – but it sure looks cute! Thanks!

  40. Southcott says:

    i love these i just made one for my friend today and it only took me like 45 mins for the whole thing. and they look really cute too.

  41. Marci Ward says:

    Just made it and LOVE IT! I am making another one and I was wondering if I change the size of the 2 1/2 inch strips to make them bigger and then discount it in the middle section…will that mess with anything else?

  42. Nikki says:

    I make these all the time as baby gifts but I have NEVER tried one that is double sided…I hope it isn’t too hard…I have two more friends that are about to have babies- better get sewing!

  43. Eric, Cori and Q says:

    Love the new shoes on Etsy….I think my darling little daughter needs to have some!

  44. Ashley says:

    Oh gosh……sorry Lauren. Selvage is the uncut edge of the fabric on the right and on the left, if you’re looking at it on the roll at the fabric store. It’s the ends that are finished and will not fray. (usually has the brand printed on it) Got it??……now go get some fabric. :o)

  45. Giles Fam says:

    Selvage?? I don’t know if there is hope for me :(

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