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Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

First of all……this was not my idea. I know that I saw it on a blog but I cannot track it down. I’m pretty sure it was after looking at a blog, after someone commented here and mentioned that I go check out something they make, or to just check out their blog……………or something.


But I had to make this project for one reason. My husband. He has been bugged by our little mini dry erase board for months and months. Maybe even years. I have avoided getting a big ‘ol white board because I didn’t want the big thing plastered on my wall. And yes, he wanted a huge biggy one. So once I saw this project on someone’s blog, (it was a little different……only using the glass, not the frame I think) I thought it was perfect. Not so offensive to the eye. So thank you to whoever thought this up. It’s quite a nice compromise for me and my husband.


All I did was hot glue some fabric around the inside mat of a 14 x 18 inch frame, put the glass back in, set the fabric covered mat back inside the frame, return the back section to its spot, and then hang.


**You are actually writing on the glass that you put back in the frame. It wipes off just the same as a dry erase board. So nice.


So thank you for the idea whoever you are. And please, write me a comment if this is your idea. I love it.



Happy weekend everyone.


Hope it’s a sunny one.


(I need me some sun. And some blooming tulips. Is anyone else in love with tulips?)


(Edited on 3/9/2009:

We’ve got a link!! The original creator of this idea can be found HERE. That’s exactly where I roamed when I saw this idea. So thanks Maren for letting me know! Everyone else seems to love it too.)

Ashley Johnston

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