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Loving these Personalized Pillow Cases (plus, a 60% off coupon code)

My kids love when anything at all is personalized with their own little name on it.  In fact, they like to label and claim ownership over anything they can. Connor and Elli like to write their names in their books, on their picnic lunches when we’re headed to the park, inside their backpacks, on their tubes of toothpaste (I know…weird), etc.  Chloe even likes to write the letter “C” on everything.  She can write most of the letters of her name…..but she just sticks with tagging her first initial on everything she can!


That’s why, when we received these personalized pillows in the mail from Pillows2, my kids about flipped!  Once they saw that the pillowcase had their very name on it, and it was ALL THEIRS, some serious excitement exploded in this house.  And as we unfolded each pillowcase and I showed them what was on their individual pillows, they were thrilled!  (I’ll admit, they’ve never really had fun printed pillowcases that they actually sleep on……well, ever.  So, this was kind of a big deal!)


Yes, we finally found a super hero pillow case that Connor and I both loved! Simple and far from obnoxious (like most you find at the store).  His favorite part though….his name!




The pillowcases are made of the softest fabric you’ll ever put your cheek on.  And the personalized design that is added to each of the pillows, is actually dyed right into the fabric, and not a screen print.  So I’m excited that the vibrancy of the images will be sticking around for along while!


Because these designs on here are just way too cute!  And work perfectly with their bedding!




Oh, and pillowcases open in the back, (like an envelope closure) …so that pillow isn’t going anywhere.  And I didn’t realize how much I would love this for my kids, until we tried these.  No more sneaky pillows coming out the ends of their cases.  (The fabric is sturdy enough to keep it’s shape and be decorative……but is also incredibly soft for sleeping.)


I have to say though, the pillowcases I got for Steve and I, are my favorites!  Both of our home states….right on the pillowcases!  And you’re even able to select right where you want the little heart to be placed.  We just happen to both be from the lower right hand corner of our states.  Arizona and Idaho — united!!!




So much fun.  We’re all in LOVE!


And the coolest part about this — THE PRICE!


Pillows2 has decided to offer you guys, my readers here at Make It and Love It, a discount to purchase a few of your very own personalized pillowcases!




Yep, 60% OFF…if you buy 2 or more!  So, that’s TWO pillowcases for $24…plus, FREE SHIPPING (plus as many more of the cases that you want, each at the 60% off price)!  Will ship in 2-3 weeks.


Pretty amazing deal!!!  Just GO HERE and be sure to use the coupon code: 2love




Oh, and because I can hardly stand all the cuteness, I just have to share these “perfect match” cases.  The perfect couple gift!


Haha…..cookies and milk?  Hilarious.



Or how about peanut butter and jelly?!?!  Cracks me up!



There are so many choices to choose from.  And you better believe they have your little girls’ favorite princesses… (plus several others)


Oh, and PLENTY of designs that would be really fun for boys!!



Okay, I better stop!  Because there are so many designs to look at……it’s really hard to pick favorites!


I really love a good deal though — so hopefully this will be helpful to you guys too!  Because nothing is cuter than a fun personalized gift for the kids in your life!  (Especially for $12, rather than $30.)  And wouldn’t this be fun to send off to your kids in college?  Or even to save until Christmas next year for your nieces/nephews/ grandkids/etc.




This deal won’t last forever……….so HURRY over and snag a few cases HERE for 60% OFF and FREE SHIPPING!!! (Will ship in 2-3 weeks.)


The 60% OFF…is if you buy 2 or more!  So, that’s TWO pillowcases for $24…plus, FREE SHIPPING (plus as many more of the cases that you want, each at the 60% off price)! 


And then enjoy your sweet snuggly personalized pillowcases!!!!



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