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My budding seamstress…..well, kind of. ;)

Have you seen these darling Personalized Serving Utensils from Pick Your PlumUmmmm…..I think I have Mother’s Day gifts checked off the list.  Or hmmmm, maybe a wedding gift.  Or neighbor gift. Or……I’ll stop.  :)  I just thought they were too cute to not share.



Also, one more thing.  Amy, over at Mod Podge Rocks created a brand new site called Washi Tape Crafts You all know my love for Washi Tape……but a whole site dedicated to crafting with it????  Adorable!

. . . . .




We are last minute packing right now.  Do you know what that means for the Johnston’s??  Well, grab and dump, grab and dump…  At this point, it doesn’t matter what goes into what box.  Just deal with it later. :)



And what do my kids do while I’m “last minute packing”?  (shared on Instagram this morning @makeitandloveit)

(And yes, that is a HUGE “old school” TV that came with the rental, that they are glued to.  Don’t worry, it won’t do permanent damage. ;) )


. . . . .



Anyway, I actually have a fun little project to share……but, well, the images weren’t done to share it today.  I had to pack the linen closet this morning instead.  Booooo.  Believe me, I’d much rather edit photos. :)  So, I’ll get that up on Monday because it’s thiiiiiiiis close to being done.



But, one more funny little thing.


A few days ago while I was packing, Elli came up to me and said, “Look mommy, I’ve been sewing like you! 


She excitedly told me all about making herself a new dress.  She told me about the Target bags that she used, where she cut it, how she used the handles for straps, etc.  (I’m just glad she didn’t take off her other clothes, to rely on her creation for any sort of coverage…..that would have been a problem. ;) )

 (Obviously I wasn’t packing the family room [which is behind her] at the time.  So glad that room is now finally checked off the list. :) )




I asked her what the jumbled beads on the front were for and she told me that it was an attached necklace.  “Ahhhh.  I, see it now!”




And then she showed me the “diamond” at the end.  (Yes, that’s a gum wrapper…)



It made my heart smile.  Reaaaaaaally big.  I hope she’ll always enjoy making clothing.  Plastic or not! :) 


But it also reminded me that I have some KID SEWING PROJECTS up my sleeve to share in the near future.  Remember how many of you requested Kid Sewing Projects when we were voting on the next project for me to make??


Well, they’ll start popping up in the near-ish future.

. . . . .



Anyway, I’ll be back next week with more normal stuff that I have saved up.


Onto more box loading. 




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